A look at Crowfeather’s loves: Who will he choose in StarClan? by Fallenfeather

Fallenfeather wonders who of his past mates would Crowfeather choose in StarClan.

Art by Cherivinca

Hello, everyone!! It’s Fallen, and I would like to ask you a question.
Have you ever wondered which she-cat Crowfeather would choose
when he passes? Well, I have been wondering this ever sense
I read The New Prophecy and Power of Three.
Will he choose his childhood crush Feathertail,
or will he choose his ThunderClan love who he had three kits with, even
though he never got to watch those kits grow up as his own? What about
Nightcloud?? (I think we all know the answer to that one 😛)
Okay, okay, I’ll shut up now and let you read my article! *SPOILER WARNING*

Do I really even need to say it? Crowfeather never even loved Nightcloud the
way she thought he did!! No, I worded that wrong, he never loved Nightcloud
as a MATE. He wanted WindClan to trust him again after his crazy and complicated
affair with Leafpool. He knew that if he found a mate in his clan, that would
prove that he is over his beyond border loves. So, he chose a she-cat that was
quite fond of him at the time, Nightcloud. I don’t think he ever intended for their
relationship to go so far, and for them to have a kit. He neglected their son Breezepelt,
because he was not the son of the true cat he loved. But deep down he felt
sorry about the way he treated him, and in Crowfeather’s Trial he made peace with him
and Nightcloud. Admitting that he never loved Nightcloud as a mate, and that from
now on he would be a dad to Breezepelt and treat him the way he should have been
treated all along. So that scene in Crowfeather’s Trial (which is one of the best books ever 😛) showed that, him and Nightcloud will not be mates in StarClan.

Ah, yes, Crowfeather’s first love. The she-cat that started it all. Whenever Crowfeather was feeling down, Feathertail always cheered him up. They first started to
bond when they went on the Sun-drown-place journey. Crowfeather trusted her
the most out of the group of journeying cats, he even trusted her more than
some of his clanmates!! She was also part of the tribe’s prophecy, she was the
silver cat that would save them all from the mountain lion, Sharptooth. But fulfilling the
prophecy costed her, her life. She died saving Crowfeather (paw) from the lion.
Her death hit him hard, it hit everyone hard. After that, Crowfeather gave himself the warrior suffix “feather” in her honor, and spent a lot of his time
sulking about what him and Feathertail could have been, and he
blamed himself for her death. As you can clearly see, Crowfeather obviously
cared a lot about Feathertail. But the question still remains, are his feelings
for her still lingering in his heart strong enough for him to choose her in StarClan?
Well, Crowfeather later found out that Feathertail wanted him to
move on and that she approved of his and Leafpool’s relationship,
and if I’m remembering correctly she is also in the Tribe of Endless Hunting,
which is the tribe’s ancestors. She is allowed in StarClan, but for the most part she
is in a different starry territory. So this means that, even if he did choose her in StarClan he would probably barely even see her because she would be too busy watching over her brother Stormfur, and his new tribe kin. So this basically proves that Crowfeather
will not choose Feathertail in StarClan, for she has moved on.

So that leaves Leafpool, Crowfeather and her first started to connect on
the quest to the clans new home, the lake. They decided, sense their love was
forbidden that they would leave the clans behind. But it didn’t take long for Leafpool
to realize that she needed to go home to ThunderClan. She loved Crowfeather,
but she also loved her calling as a medicine cat. So that was basically when
their relationship ended. In Crowfeather’s Trial, Crowfeather had said many times
over that he is done with love, and that he does not have romantic feelings for
Leafpool anymore. But I would contradict this because for one, Crowfeather always
seemed to have her at the back of his mind. It was like, every time ThunderClan
had an issue, he was always worried if she was okay!!
So what I’m thinking is, the whole time he was just trying to convince himself
that he doesn’t like her anymore, but he really does.
Lastly, at the end of The Last Hope, he forgave Leafpool for lying about their kits
Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. He also told her that he didn’t regret falling in
love with her, or being the father of her kits.
It is pretty clear that Crowfeather really did have feelings for Leafpool, and
that he may still.
So, I predict that Crowfeather will choose his girl Leafpool in StarClan 😛

Well, that’s it!! Who do YOU think Crowfeather will choose when he passes? I’d like to
hear your thoughts in the comments.

Bye! ~Fallenfeather


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      • Yeah, I get that. I like Feather x Crow too! To be honest, I won’t be that upset if he chooses her. And he could choose both too (I’d like that solution the most)!

    • actually,that’s not a bad idea! because im sure feathertail AND leafpool will be fine with it! i actually made a article saying i thought feathertail,now i should re-do it!

  • I think he would choose feathertail if she was in Starclan, but since she’s not, I think he’ll choose Leafpool ! great article !

    • Welp, thank you for at least saying that if Feathertail was in StarClan then he would chose her! <3

  • Great article, but I have to disagree.
    First of all, when Feathertail was already in the Tribe of endless hunting, she visits Leafpaw and tells her that it will be many moons before she and Crowfeather will be together again. So even though she is not is StarClan- she stills says that she and Crowfeather will be together in StarClan. I believe that Feathertail will switch- she’ll mostly be in StarClan when Crowfeather joins StarClan, and she will sometimes visit the Tribe of endless hunting. Plus, if you had a choice, would you live with your friends and family in the afterlife, or with a bunch of strange cats you don’t know? Probably with friends and family! I don’t think Feathertail is in the Tribe of endless hunting- I think she can walk the skies freely whenever she likes to, and if Crowfeather joins StarClan then she can always be together with him, and they can walk the skies together! <3
    Plus, remember how mean Crowfeather was to Leafpool? Leafpool deserves better, like Mothwing! But no- she had to get Crowfeather, and now she will have to stick with him in StarClan too. In Crowfeather's trial, there were many hints that Crowfeather would chose Feathertail, like:
    Crowfeather stood still, stunned by shock, while Feathertail padded forward, twined her tail with his, and nuzzled him affectionately. He could feel the warmth of her pelt and taste her sweet scent as it wreathed around him. He could hardly believe that this was only a dream.
    “I’ve missed you,” he choked out.
    “I’ve missed you, too.”
    -Crowfeather, and Feathertail, in a dream, Crowfeather’s trail page 197
    Leafpool hadn't loved him for seasons, and if he was honest, his love for her had faded, too.
    – Crowfeather, thinking, Crowfeather’s trail page 244
    So, great article, I love how you analyzed every character, but if the only reason that keeps Crowfeather and Feathertail apart is the Tribe of endless hunting, then they will easily find a way to be together! <3
    I think Crowfeather will choose Feathertail!

    • I disagree. Crowfeather’s love for Feathertail disappeared in my opinion,as he felt nothing as Feathertail twined his tail and pressed her against him. Also,the faded quote is just Crowfeather’s thought. Feelings are hidden usually,and his feelings appeared in Squirrelflight’s hope when Leafpool died.

      • *Goes into FeatherXCrow defending mode*
        I don’t think his love for Feathertail is faded. He thinks about her lots of times during his super edition! And if you think about it:
        “I’ve missed you,” he choked out.
        -Crowfeather, and Feathertail, in a dream, Crowfeather’s trail page 197
        It doesn’t really sound like Crowfeather doesn’t love her anymore! 😛
        And you are right! But let’s not forget that Squirrelflight’s hope was written by a different author then Crowfeather’s trial. They might have different opinions! And what matters is what happens in Crowfeather’s perspective, not what another cat sees from their own perspective. 🙂
        You made some really good points though! It was very hard to defend them! <3

    • I hope you’ll excuse me for arguing with you suddenly. I just don’t have anything better to do now.

      Yes, she probably can, but she must roam the Tribe of Endless Hunting’s grounds, as well, and I really wouldn’t like that with my partner. Honestly, if I were talking with him, and he says, Oh, I need to go now. Bye! I’d probably feel rather blank and what…?

      It’s called hiding feelings, I think. Mothwing is just Leafpool’s friend, and besides, that was ages ago. He was really kind and loving towards her.

      Crowfeather’s Trial. Ugh, I hate the thing.
      Crowfeather only knew Feathertail in his apprentice days, years ago. The idea he has of her now is a much romanticized version of her. I’m not saying it’s an obsession he has, but he doesn’t know Feathertail. He only knew her for two moons. While with Leafpool, she was with him, loving or not, for many years. Leafpool could be with him, while Feathertail couldn’t, and Crowfeather took a much more bold step for her. CrowLeaf happened while they were both rather mature, at least an adult, while CrowFeather happened when Crowpaw hadn’t developed a full personality.

      Squirrelflight’s Hope shows Crowfeather still cares for Leafpool. His blue eyes are wide with concern when he hears that Leafpool’s in a cave, and his pelt ripples with grief when he hears of her death.

      • Let’s start with the fact that Feathertail has a really good personality. She is kind, and has lots of empathy. I hardly think she would just suddenly run off, and leave Crowfeather sad.
        He was really kind and loving toward her?
        It seemed to me like Crowfeather treated Leafpool like an object, not really caring for her feelings. He rushed her into the relationship and asked her to leave her life behind after them only meeting five times. Crowfeather was never pleased with her.
        Crowfeather’s trial was amazing. It showed how Breezepelt became close with Crowfeather, and all of Crowfeather’s thoughts on his forbidden relationships. True, in Squirrelflight’s hope there are hints that Crowfeather still loved Leafpool- but what matters here is Crowfeather’s perspective, not what others cats see and think about him.
        Crowfeather and Leafpool weren’t together for many years. The only time they were together was when they met in secret, and then the two days when they ran away together. After that they just saw each other at gatherings, but they had no bonding time.
        Feathertail and Crowpaw were actually together a lot more- because the whole two moons they were on the journey, they never left each other’s side. Maybe Crowfeather and Leafpool looked at each other more, but they weren’t together more.
        I think Crowfeather only took a bold step for Leafpool so that he wouldn’t lose her. He probably thought she was much safer by his side then in the Clan.
        So, Crowpaw was going to be made a warrior when he left with the traveling cats. He traveled two moons- so was about 14 moons when Feathertail died. He was a full grown cat. And not even 1 moon passed after he got together with Leafpool. He was just a few weeks older when he was with Leafpool then he was when he was with Feathertail. When he was with Feathertail he was already an adult. And Leafpaw only saw him in his depressed state at first. So she couldn’t have seen his true personality then.

        • Oh, and:

          His pelt ripples with grief when he hears of her death- but what happened when Feathertail died? He fell into depression. I think he took Feathertail’s death much harder than Leafpools. Even if he did care for Leafpool- it seems as if he might love Feathertail a bit more still.

          • Yeah, but he fell in love with Feathertail and then she died. Not that much time passed.
            However, Leafpool died after many moons, not right after they ran away together. And we don’t know what Crowfeather’s reaction to Leafpool’s death was because he was in WindClan, and we don’t get a PoV there.

            I think Crowfeather loves Leafpool and Feathertail equally, but I still like Leaf x Crow (for no reason at all 😛 )

        • Leafpool and Feathertail’s personalities are actually rather very similar. They’re both gentle and kind.

          He didn’t treat her like an object, and there must’ve been some offscreen meetings. Like, in Leafpool’s Wish, we see a whole new scene of them playing. Leafpool actually agreed with the idea of leaving and wasn’t forced to.

          He was thirteen or fourteen moons old when Feathertail died. Feathertail died in Moonrise, the second book, and when Crowfeather and Leafpool fully develop their relationship is Twilight, the fifth. More than a moon passed, since the Clans actually moved to the new territory, passing the Tribe and kittypet places, and actually adjusted in the new area, even withstanding the rebellion Mudclaw drew up.

          Leafpool helped Crowfeather get out of his depressed state.

          And for your added remark about Crowfeather’s different responses of their deaths, I’ll say that he matured. He was a Crowpaw when Feathertail died, and there was no need to hide his feelings, since there were only four cats around him, his new friends. But in the time of SqH, he’s a very old senior warrior and has learned to control his feelings.

          Since Feathertail was only with him for a very short time, only two moons, and died after that, and Leafpool could be with him for a few moons, and he could keep “seeing” her for years after that, I think Crowfeather and Leafpool’s relationship would be healthier than Crowfeather and Feathertail’s.

          • Great defending!
            I definatly think Feathertail and Crowpaw’s relationship was much healthier then Leafpool and Crowfeather’s. (I submitted an article on that yesterday 😛 )
            The scene where they were playing was just a dream. It didn’t really happen- Leafpool just dreamt of them playing together.
            Though Leafpool and Crowfeather did “see” each other more then Feathertail and Crowpaw, they didn’t spend as much time together, knowing each other’s personality’s, and that is what matters here. How much they interact, and get to know each other, not how much they stare at each other.
            And when did Crowpaw yell at Feathertail? When did they fight? Not once! Crowpaw always stopped himself because he loved Feathertail more then he felt angry. His love won him over. They spent much more time together then Leafpool and Crowfeather- yet Crowfeather and Leafpool fought, and Feathertail and Crowpaw didn’t.
            And remember how Crowfeather uses Feathertail’s name to make Leafpool feel bad? That doesn’t sound very kind to me. Or healthy. :/

            • He didn’t. I’m sure he didn’t. Did he say, “Ohh, Leafpool, y’know, Feathertail was more kind to me!”?

              Fighting is natural. I fight with my best friend more often then some random friend I sometimes say hi, hello, how are you today? because I don’t know her enough to engage her in a fight. Fighting makes a couple healthy. It makes them talk over there issues, and so they don’t have every single angry thing about their partner bottled up inside them.

              As I said before, Crowfeather developed a full personality and got more mature after he experienced Feathertail’s grief. It’s confirmed he couldn’t have developed his own person with Feathertail.

              • Those weren’t Crowfeather’s exact words. He did use Feathertail’s good name to make Leafpool feel bad, though.
                Fighting isn’t healthy. I’d agree with you if you would have said discussing and sharing their problems is healthy. Because that is. But
                fighting means people say things they don’t mean- they hurt the other emotionally. But discussing their problems or overcoming their anger- like Feathertail and Crowfeather is healthy!
                Crowfeather deneying he ever loved Leafpool, or Leafpool yelling at him when she was excepting kits- it doesn’t sound very healthy to me.
                Intresting. I haven’t fought with my best friend for a long time. But with my friends who I don’t know too well I fight all the time! 😛

                It was also confirmed by the Erins that Sweetpaw was still alive when they buried her. It’s also confirmed by the Erins that Crowfeather will chose Feathertail in StarClan because first love always wins. It’s also confirmed by the Erins that Tigerstar loved Goldenflower more, and another Erin confirmed that Tigerstar loved Sasha more.
                You can’t believe everything you read.

                • I’d like to see a quote, if you don’t mind, please.

                  But you have to fight. If you don’t fight, well, I can’t see any relationship which doesn’t involve fighting. I haven’t had a full-out fight with my friend, but we occasionally talk to each other about our problems with the other, and personally, I think it’s natural for any relationship to argue. I mean, if I’m angry at my mother and it goes over to yelling, does that make my relationship with my mother less healthy? I mean, Crowpaw and Feathertail didn’t fight because they weren’t together long enough to fight.

                  Crowfeather denying the CrowLeaf situation was natural, for a whole lot of cats were watching. You can expect him to say, “Oh, yes, I loved Leafpool!”. I’m almost positive he would’ve denied Feathertail, too. Leafpool was panicking. People can do that.

                  Kate said Crowfeather would choose Feathertail, but that’s not entirely confirmed, since he’s not dead. Could you link a source, please? They are all the Erins’ opinions, but still, it’s pretty obvious, to me, that Crowpaw didn’t really have struggles before Feathertail died etc., and then he matured more. He didn’t have much friends in WindClan, and he made some during the journey.

                  As I said before, Crow & Feather knew each other a very short time, so it didn’t develop much.

                  Eh. We’d better agree to disagree or else this thread is going to get really thin XD
                  It was really nice debating with you!

                  • You’re right! 😛
                    This is getting really thin!
                    It was nice debating with you too! Thank you! <3

  • Avatar 🤩Lafayette and Angelica are easily the most impressive rappers in all of Hamilton. 🤩 (Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢) says:

    I really hope Crowfeather chooses Leafpool. I love Leaf X Crow.
    You’ll Be Back

    • And I really hope he chooses Feathertail! ^^
      (Could I ask you something? In which book do Grey Wing and Turtle Tail meet?)

  • Hmm… I’m not sure who he’d choose. I don’t really have an opinion (I often don’t have strong opinions on ships 😛 ).

    I absolutely adore both Feathertail and Leafpool as characters, though! They’re in my top-tens. <3

  • I completely agree!
    In Crowfeather’s trial, there was a lot of evidence that show his affections for Feathertail- but also for Leafpool. And yes, Feathertail needs permission to go to Starclan which means he will have a hard time communicating with her. It is because when Leafpool had her kits, Feathertail said she need permission to go to her. If she can roam the skies freely, it does not mean she need permission.
    * I didn’t post a full rebuttal on Mountainpaw’s argument because it is a spoiler for our article.

    • <3
      If you were a warrior cat, and you went to StarClan- but you had the choice to got to StarClan, where your friends and family are, or the Tribe of endless hunting- where you don't know anybody, which would you chose? Probably StarClan!
      And remember, when she went to Leafpaw to tell her to send a message to Crowfeather? She didn't say she was in the Tribe of endless hunting- or that she needed permission to go there- but she did said when Crowfeather would join StarClan they would be together. So she can't really be in the Tribe of endless hunting- I think that she says that so the weight of choosing between Leafpool and Feathertail doesn't crush Crowfeather. <3
      I can't wait for our article to come out! 🙂

  • Nice article!
    Well, I think crowfeather’s passionate love have been getting less-fiery throughout the series, so I don’t really believe he would have much feelings left for leafpool. Also, this meeting have been..well…quite sudden? I mean, they suddenly get to know each other and then love. And nightcloud? I totally agree with you with that one. Two of them are done. They are totally fine with friends now, but they don’t have feelings with each other and had too many things to have feelings for each other.
    I personally like crowxfeather, ’cause feathertail and crowfeather had understood each other and had bonded quite stronger as they journeyed. So, I think maybe crowfeather will choose feathertail?