[from left to right: Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Feathertail sit in line with Nightcloud standing at the far right]

A look at Crowfeather’s loves: Who will he choose in StarClan? by Fallenfeather

Fallenfeather wonders who of his past mates would Crowfeather choose in StarClan.

Art by Cherivinca

Hello, everyone!! It’s Fallen, and I would like to ask you a question.
Have you ever wondered which she-cat Crowfeather would choose
when he passes? Well, I have been wondering this ever sense
I read The New Prophecy and Power of Three.
Will he choose his childhood crush Feathertail,
or will he choose his ThunderClan love who he had three kits with, even
though he never got to watch those kits grow up as his own? What about
Nightcloud?? (I think we all know the answer to that one 😛)
Okay, okay, I’ll shut up now and let you read my article! *SPOILER WARNING*

Do I really even need to say it? Crowfeather never even loved Nightcloud the
way she thought he did!! No, I worded that wrong, he never loved Nightcloud
as a MATE. He wanted WindClan to trust him again after his crazy and complicated
affair with Leafpool. He knew that if he found a mate in his clan, that would
prove that he is over his beyond border loves. So, he chose a she-cat that was
quite fond of him at the time, Nightcloud. I don’t think he ever intended for their
relationship to go so far, and for them to have a kit. He neglected their son Breezepelt,
because he was not the son of the true cat he loved. But deep down he felt
sorry about the way he treated him, and in Crowfeather’s Trial he made peace with him
and Nightcloud. Admitting that he never loved Nightcloud as a mate, and that from
now on he would be a dad to Breezepelt and treat him the way he should have been
treated all along. So that scene in Crowfeather’s Trial (which is one of the best books ever 😛) showed that, him and Nightcloud will not be mates in StarClan.

Ah, yes, Crowfeather’s first love. The she-cat that started it all. Whenever Crowfeather was feeling down, Feathertail always cheered him up. They first started to
bond when they went on the Sun-drown-place journey. Crowfeather trusted her
the most out of the group of journeying cats, he even trusted her more than
some of his clanmates!! She was also part of the tribe’s prophecy, she was the
silver cat that would save them all from the mountain lion, Sharptooth. But fulfilling the
prophecy costed her, her life. She died saving Crowfeather (paw) from the lion.
Her death hit him hard, it hit everyone hard. After that, Crowfeather gave himself the warrior suffix “feather” in her honor, and spent a lot of his time
sulking about what him and Feathertail could have been, and he
blamed himself for her death. As you can clearly see, Crowfeather obviously
cared a lot about Feathertail. But the question still remains, are his feelings
for her still lingering in his heart strong enough for him to choose her in StarClan?
Well, Crowfeather later found out that Feathertail wanted him to
move on and that she approved of his and Leafpool’s relationship,
and if I’m remembering correctly she is also in the Tribe of Endless Hunting,
which is the tribe’s ancestors. She is allowed in StarClan, but for the most part she
is in a different starry territory. So this means that, even if he did choose her in StarClan he would probably barely even see her because she would be too busy watching over her brother Stormfur, and his new tribe kin. So this basically proves that Crowfeather
will not choose Feathertail in StarClan, for she has moved on.

So that leaves Leafpool, Crowfeather and her first started to connect on
the quest to the clans new home, the lake. They decided, sense their love was
forbidden that they would leave the clans behind. But it didn’t take long for Leafpool
to realize that she needed to go home to ThunderClan. She loved Crowfeather,
but she also loved her calling as a medicine cat. So that was basically when
their relationship ended. In Crowfeather’s Trial, Crowfeather had said many times
over that he is done with love, and that he does not have romantic feelings for
Leafpool anymore. But I would contradict this because for one, Crowfeather always
seemed to have her at the back of his mind. It was like, every time ThunderClan
had an issue, he was always worried if she was okay!!
So what I’m thinking is, the whole time he was just trying to convince himself
that he doesn’t like her anymore, but he really does.
Lastly, at the end of The Last Hope, he forgave Leafpool for lying about their kits
Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. He also told her that he didn’t regret falling in
love with her, or being the father of her kits.
It is pretty clear that Crowfeather really did have feelings for Leafpool, and
that he may still.
So, I predict that Crowfeather will choose his girl Leafpool in StarClan 😛

Well, that’s it!! Who do YOU think Crowfeather will choose when he passes? I’d like to
hear your thoughts in the comments.

Bye! ~Fallenfeather

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  • Crowfeather should choose Feathertail. He made it clear that he doesn’t love Leafpool anymore in Crowfeathers trail (And Leafpool doesn’t deserve him) He only got together with Leafpool because he was grieving Feathertail, and if he had run away with Leafpool he would have realised that. But I would be happy if he chose both!

    • I desagree! Feathertail was too old for him. It was more like a high school crush. She is also most of the time in the Tribe Of Endless Hunting, so, if he would choose her, (which is NOT gonna happen) she would be too buisy to watch over Stormfur and his family, Crowfeather would barely see her. And, in Twilight, Feathertail sent a message to Crowfeather, in which she says not to grieve her.In Squirrelflight’s Hope, it is shown that Crowfeather always loved Leafpool, it was like, every time ThunderClan had issues, he was worring if she was ok! (Also, Leafpool DESERVES him)

      • no, I disagree Feathertail loved him but I think if Feathertail was still alive it would be a brotherly love, rather than a romantic love. Feathertail is great but Leafpool loves and would care more about Crowfeather, I think if he chose Feathertail he would constantly been thinking about Leafpool, bc he would see her around but with feathertail he wouldn’t see her as often.

    • I disagree. First, Feathertail was made warrior probably before Crowfeather was even born. Second, Feathertail would have probably rejected him because if even if Feathertail lived, the erins confirmed that she would have broken up with Crowfeather and become mates with Reedwhisker. Third, Leafpool deserves him, its Crowfeather that doesn’t deserve her. Leafpool abandoned her Clan to be with Crowfeather and then he rejected her! What kind of dude does that?!!! Fourth, he might be grieving for Feathertail, but remember he said “I love Feathertail! I really do! And do you know how much I hate myself for loving some cat else?!” or something.

  • I believe that he will be in a polyam relationship with both Feather and Leaf!
    My best boy deserves all the love

  • In my opinion, Crowfeather would probably pick Leafpool.

    Nightcloud has been mates with him, but they never truly showed they loved each other. They kept on arguing and when Nightcloud had Breezepelt, Crowfeather didn’t even care for him! Crowfeather and Nightcloud also stopped being mates in Crowfeather’s Trial, yet Crowfeather STILL wanted to be with Nightcloud. In my opinion, even if Nightcloud agreed, Crowfeather and Nightcloud would still be arguing.

    Feathertail was only Crowfeather’s crush. Feathertail also had a crush on Crowfeather, but she was more loyal to RiverClan than Crowfeather. The erins also confirmed that she would break up with Crowfeather and go back to RiverClan and become mates with Reedwhisker. Also, Feathertail was way too old for Crowfeather. Over the moons, there were proof shown that Crowfeather’s love for Feathertail was fading. So, in StarClan, Feathertail might reject Crowfeather, or Crowfeather’s love faded completely.

    Leafpool might be the right cat for him. She always cared for him, and Crowfeather cared for her too. And even if Crowfeather was furious at Leafpool, when she died, Crowfeather had tried to hide his emotions. Leafpool was a medicine cat, but it was clear she also loved Crowfeather. Crowfeather defended Leafpool and her kits(not Breezepelt) before.

    This is why I think Crowfeather would choose Leafpool(or have no mate at all since he lived his life okay without one).

  • Will Leafpool be allowed a mate in Starclan? She went back to being a medicine cat. Other than that I think Crowfeather would choose Leafpool. They have kits together, and they never really stopped loving one another. Over the years they managed to build a friendship and have a strong respect and love for one another. And Crowfeather often thinks of his times with Leafpool. Those things mean more than a short “high school romance” he had with Feathertail- despite the affection the two had at the time. However– if Leafpool isn’t allowed a mate I think Crowfeather would be very happy to get to know Feathertail again.

  • Actually, in A Light In The Mist Crowfeather chooses Leafpool over Feathertail, he is seen looking wistfully at her but when he meets with Leafpool he is seen brushing his pelt against hers to the point his pelt looked like it has stars in them, technically choosing Leafpool already. And for those people who haven’t read The Broken Code, Crowfeather does not die but he visits Starclan after Ashfurs death.

  • I agree that Crowfeather should choose Leafpool. They loved each other enough to meet in secret and break the warrior code, too.

  • I agree! It should be Leafpool! Anyways I hate Nightcloud. And I like Feathertail, but she’s not the one!

  • I think he will choose Leafpool.

    Because both Nightcloud AND Feathertail are older then him. If you look at the wiki and the books, you see that both Feather and Night were warriors, while he was an apprentice. And leafpool was an apprentice at the same time as him, or maybe just a quarter-moon or moon younger, which isnt much of a difference.

  • I think Crowfeather will pick Leafpool. I have to say, it’s a shame because I really liked Feathertail and I was rooting for her and Crowfeather’s love. I like Leafpool, but I don’t think they should have fallen in love with Crowfeather, and Crowfeather shouldn’t have betrayed Feathertail. Speaking of Nightcloud, I pretty much loathe her.

  • I don’t know what would happen if Crowfeather ended up in StarClan, but my ideal (fictional) would be…

    ”Suddenly, another refulgent cat moved.
    – Feathertail! –
    cried Crowfeather. Feathertail . He suddenly felt very awkward as Leafpool was trembling nearby, clearly hoping that Crowfeather would reject Feathertail. He got the nerve to shoo away Feathertail, who was quietly approaching.
    And then felt that he could not do it.
    – Feathertail! – he exclaimed and rushed forward to her.
    – Crowfeather.
    – said Feathertail quietly.
    – You don’t have to choose me. You can stay with Leafpool..

    “Feathertail…” he whispered and buried his nose in her silver-striped fur.
    – I can’t reject you.
    – Crowfeather, it’s your choice.
    – I know what I’m doing. And I choose you. i loved you I mourn for you. My warrior name is Crowfeather. I choose you.
    Feathertail snuggled up to him.
    – I know how difficult this decision was. Thank you my love.
    – Feathertail… will you forgive me? I betrayed you loving Leafpool.
    – Of course, I’ll forgive you. You needed comfort then.

  • Spottedfang She/ her| tribe name: spotted leaves fall on a fang bitten stone. 🎶 planting roots in my dream land, my house of stones, your Ivy grows and now I’m covered in you🎶|🐺 says:

    FeatherxCrow 4eva

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