Warrior Villains and Jerks’ Names Taken Literally by Cedarpaw

Cedarpaw takes a look at the names of some of the antagonists from the series.

Art by ninetail-fox

As you have seen in the article, I will be taking warrior jerks and villains’ names seriously. I like the good cats too much for them to be here, plus this article would be a mouthful I will put the names in alphabetical order.

Appledusk-so a fruit can be come a time of day? It must be magical!
Ashfur-this cat is going to be in Starclan unless he uses superglue to keep himself together, I feel bad that he is made out of soot, cinders and ash.
Blackfoot-can anyone guess to color of this cat’s feet?
Breezepelt-or this cat can blow Ashfur’s pelt away, oh no!
Brokentail-how is his tail split? halves?fourths? no one knows
Brambleposter-Brambleclaw plays among us? how does he never get crewmate?
Clawface-either this cat is very scarred or he can use claws that are hidden in his face
Clear Sky-I thought the sky was blue, not transparentDarkstripe-I feel bad for him, his tripe is always brooding
Darktail-same with him, but it’s his tail that’s brooding
Gorserunner-so plants now have legs?
Harry(Sol)-How much does he shed?!
Hawkfrost-Where can we find this in Costco? I have never had a hawk for dinner
Hawkheart-Apparently his heart is extremely loud and can fly very quickly. It also has a beak and likes to eat mice.
Lizardstripe-her stripe is a reptile, okay…
Maggottail-Will the his tail turn into a fly?
Mapleshade-are trees evil?
Onestar(Onewhisker was a good cat)-That star must be really lonely
One Eye-He would look cool with an eyepatch on
Rainflower-prettiest weather I have ever come across, it’s raining petals
Scourge-he’s already one, he’s a bad boy.
Snowtuft-How does that one part of his body not get hypothermia?
Slash-this cat was named after a fighting move
Tigerclaw-his claws must be roaring a lot and they are also orange and striped
Thistleclaw-his claws are sharp plants, ouch
Tom-if this cat was a girl, would he be called she-cat?

I hoped you have enjoyed this article as much as I have enjoyed writing this article and trolling the villains, I’m sorry that this may be a bit rude. Anyway, Cedarpaw out, annnnnnd cut.

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