Interviewing BlogClanners about Spottedleaf – what are their opinions? by Coldheart

Coldheart interviews BlogClanners on their opinions of the ThunderClan medicine cat, Spottedleaf.

Art by ElskaFox

Hello again! It’s me, Coldheart, again, talking about Spottedleaf! So let’s get going! First, lovely Sandpaw(frost) is telling us how she feels about Spottedleaf.


Interview 1#

Guest: Sandpaw(frost)

(Me) “So, how do you feel about Spottedleaf?”

Sandy “Spottedleaf is a great cat, she served ThunderClan well as a medicine cat, and she was a helpful guide in StarClan. My opinion on Spottedleaf though, she’s an okay character. The reasons why I like her is her personality, and she’s a wise StarClan cat. The reason why I dislike her is that I don’t really ship Firestar x Spottedleaf, I feel like she kinda stole Firestar from Sandstorm. (Sorry Firestar x Spottedleaf shippers 😛 )”

(Me) “ Yay! Thank you. It’s okay to feel whatever you want. But I ship FirexSpotted so much because he LOVES her, and Spottedleaf deserves it.”

(Me) “Now I just would like you to tell me who do you ship with Spottedleaf, how you feel about FirexSpotted, (Warning: Sensitive topic about SpottedxThistle, please don’t read if you don’t want to) how you feel about SpottedxThistle and basically her relationships.”

Sandy: “Fire x Spotted…is an okay ship. But as I’ve said above, I think she stole Firestar from Sandstorm. And their ages are a huge difference, which is not okay in my opinion, like Blossomfall and Thornclaw, and Leopardfoot and Pinestar (sorry to people who ship them :c). I know some people hate Thistle x Spotted, and TBH, me too. It’s just…Thistleclaw kinda made Spottedpaw fall for him, and he was just doing that to make her train in the Dark Forest, and that’s not okay for me. So overall…I don’t ship Spotted x Thistle or Spotted x Fire, but I ship Firestar with her more than Thistleclaw.

(Me) “Thank you! If you have a problem with age differences, that’s perfectly fine. I agree with all the Thistleclaw things. He basically kind of did. (Let me re-read Spottedleaf’s Heart….)”

(Me) “Lastly, how did you feel when she died and what do you think about her relationship with Sandstorm?”

Sandy: “Welp…I read the prophecies begin a long time ago, but it was quite sad. But I was kinda glad she couldn’t take Firestar from Sandstorm. I actually…dunno about her relationship with Sandstorm, but in Firestar’s Quest, Sandstorm was angry that Firestar still loved Spottedleaf, but Spottedleaf saves Sandstorm in the battle in OoTS.”

(Me) “Spottedleaf’s death was heartbreaking for me. I’m just glad I didn’t cry because if I did I’d feel sooo awkward. But thank you for everything!”

*End of this interview*

Interview 2#

Guest: Dovepaw/stream

(Me) “So, how do you feel about Spottedleaf?”

Dove: “I feel she was a very interesting character, for sure. She didn’t have a lot of buildup, for starters, but she acted as a good cat. In general, I used to confuse her fur color, haha. But shipwise with Firestar, I’d say Sandstorm would be a better choice, being as he knows Sandstorm better and she stays alive throughout the entire thing. But some people say she was a Mary Sue, but I believe she wasn’t, just misunderstood, ya know?”

(Me) “Whatever we do, let’s get over ONE thing. SPOTTEDLEAF ‘AINT A MARY SUE! I’ve seen so many MAPs on YouTube that show her as evil, and I’m like what? Liking someone isn’t evil! Anyways, he loved her back, THAT’S mainly why I ship them. Had Spottedleaf not died, I’m sure she’d have Firestar as a mate and had kits.”

(Me) “Thank you! Now, how do you feel about her relationships? Ex: SpottedxFire, (please do not read this if this subject bothers you) SpottedxThistle, and who do you basically ship her with?”

Dove: “I think SpottedFire is a big no no. XD I ship SandFire, as I said before, because I believe Spottedleaf didn’t live long enough to actually be with Firestar, and even if she did, their personalities, in my opinion, would clash. Secondly, she’s a medicine cat. I know forbidden love isn’t really all too bad, because it’s what one feels in the heart, but Thunderclan has had enough of those 😛 . I think she was better off without a ship, tbh.”

(Me) “Thanks! Like I said above, I ship FirexSpotted and some of the reasons are also above. If I’d discuss all the reasons we’d be here for a day. I personally think the time they had together was amazing, and another reason why I ship ‘em. She (do not read if you are sensitive about SpottedxThistle) wanted to be Thistleclaw’s mate! So I think her personality would fit anyone.”

(Me) “Lastly, how did you feel when she died and what do you think about her relationship with Sandstorm?”

Dove: “I feel neutral about her death. I never got into her character specifically, but I really liked her after reading the first set of books :P. But her with Sandstorm, I believe their relationship would be awkward I suppose, being as Spottedleaf visits Firestar in dreams, and Sandstorm doesn’t typically like that, being his mate and all.”

(Me) “That’s sad. Like said above, I was a MESS when she died. I’m happy you like her. Yeah, I bet. But poor Spottedleaf is *sniff* *tears* dead. Thank you!!!”

*End of this interview*

Interview 3#

Guest: Blueflower

(Me) “So, how do you feel about Spottedleaf?”

Potato: “I think I’m neutral but positive 😛 Does that make sense? I like her, I think she’s a nice character, but she’s not in my top ten cats.”

I definitely like her a lot more now than at the start of Warriors! She was very average back then. It’s cool to have normal background cats, but I think it’s because they had such a big focus on her (Firestar’s crush and all) that it seemed strange that she was just… sort of there?? But yeah, Spottedleaf’s Heart gave her more of a character! She’s cool! (also very nice to draw!)”

(Me) “Glad you think that! I’m never going to ship SandxFire though, NEVER!!!(*Spooky dramatic music*)”

(Me) “Thank you! Now, how do you feel about her relationships? Ex: SpottedxFire, (please do not read this if this subject bothers you) SpottedxThistle, and who do you basically ship her with?”

Potato: “Not a SpottedFire fan, it was just a crush (or it should have just been). Also, it was weird that most of the relationship was just him flirting with her ghost 😛?? I don’t know, it just felt like they needed drama, and a ghost girlfriend is pretty dramatic. SpottedThistle is horrific. Of course, age gaps are fine, if everyone involved is a consenting adult, but this wasn’t, obviously. Just gross and predatory. There’s this Mapleshade x Spottedleaf AU that’s actually super adorable!! So I do kind of ship her with an AU Mapleshade!”

(Me) “Just a crush? That crush could’ve been mates if she’d lived. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SHIPS FIREXSPOTTED??? MaplexSpotted sounds…… okay if her story had been changed. I really agree that SpottedxThistle is just… gross.”(Potato informed me this, in case you were wondering too. AU means alternate universe. So it’s like changing parts of Mapleshade’s story!)

(Me) “Lastly, how did you feel when she died and what do you think about her relationship with Sandstorm?”

Potato: “For her first death, I don’t remember my reaction. Probably more shock that someone got killed. But now, I’m pretty neutral about it. But she died a noble death, I respect that.

Her second death was written well, I think it was a nice way to wrap up her story. Though, I do think that killing her off just because of “who will he choose” was very cheap. Firestar had a wife and kids, I would hope that he wouldn’t need to make a choice.

Her relationship with Sandstorm is… strange to put it nicely. Honestly, I sympathize with Sandy a lot. I’d feel pretty weird if my husband was constantly visited by the ghost of our old doctor. Of course, I do feel a bit bad for Spotted, but I feel like she needed to back off a little. Their relationship was just awkward”

(Me) “Thank you Potato! I’m happy you respect her death. I still ship FirexSpotted though. I don’t know, I’m on TPoTs. But from what I know without Spottedleaf things would’ve been BAD. Example? Spottedleaf helped Leafpool find the Moonpool. Their relationship is indeed awkward.”

*End of this interview*

Interview 4#

Guest: Twilightrose

(Me) “So, how do you feel about Spottedleaf?”

Twilight: Let’s start with the controversy why don’t we XD. I don’t really feel anything about Spottedleaf? She’s a character I’ve always been…meh about. She only existed to make Firestar interesting, or, in general, to be ‘pretty’. Everything about her is just to feminine from the way she’s described, to the role she plays in the series (being a gentle Medicine Cat and Firestar’s wanna-be-lover-AFTER SHE DIES). There’s nothing feminist about THAT, and I’m not sure I like it 😛
There are things I like about Spottedleaf (namely her interactions with Tigerstar, in both life and death), her courage, and she IS a good Medicine Cat, and is what I envision when I think of that position 🙂

(Me) “Lots of people don’t. Like said above, she did a LOT of good things. I think she existed for more than Firestar’s love interest and to be ‘pretty’. Again, she did a LOT of good things. She loves Firestar, is that a crime? Like seriously, from what I heard, Sandstorm wouldn’t have been alive had Spottedleaf not died a second time for HER. It was either to be alive with another cat in StarClan, or get killed a second time. And she chose the LATTER. What a brave, selfless cat. Thank you, Twilight.”

(Me) “ Now I would like you to tell me who do you ship with Spotedleaf, how you feel about FirexSpotted, (Warning: Sensitive topic about SpottedxThistle, please don’t read this if you’re sensitive to this) how you feel about SpottedxThistle and basically her relationships.”

Twilight: “I don’t ship anyone with Spottedleaf. Firestar + Spottedleaf has no real chemistry, apart from Firestar pining for Spottedleaf, and Spottedleaf guiding him.
It’s just…not a deep relationship. Definitely, not as deep as Firestar + Sandstorm. And Spottedleaf + Thisleclaw is just….NO. Thistleclaw never loved Spottedleaf, and it’s clear Thistlecalw was manipulating her. Everything about it just reeks ‘child abuse situation’.
(Sorry if these answer aren’t good, my brains been half dead today, and I don’t have the energy to make them ‘article worthy’ answers :P)”

(Me) “I agree with everything except the FirexSpotted isn’t good. I already said a lot above, and I’m pretty lazy right now, so I’m just going to say that was a good interview. It really was. Thanks Twilight!”

(Me) “Lastly, how did you feel when she died and what do you think about her relationship with Sandstorm?”

Twilight: “I had no emotional reaction when she died being honest RIP :P. For me it was just ‘oh she’s dead’. I did feel a little sorry for Firestar but otherwise, like many things about Spottedleaf, it was just ‘meh’ for me.
Sandstorm was aware of Spottedleaf’s existence ??? 😛 I did not know that 😛 :P”

(Me) “Thank you for everything, great answers! Like I said above, lots of things wouldn’t be the same if Spottedleaf hadn’t died 2 times. Like Sandstorm would be dead.(sooner, but anyway)”

*End of interview*

Interview 5#

Guest: Meadowpaw

(Me) “So, how do you feel about Spottedleaf?”

Dawny: “I love her! I think she’s a very gentle, kind she-cat. But I do think she was a bit forced to be a med cat when she wanted to be a queen and have a mate. I forgot his name, but in Spottedleaf’s heart, she didn’t seem to want the life of a medicine cat and she only did it so that that one warrior would stop going after her as Spottedpaw”

(Me) “I’m happy you do! Well, I think she did it because she part wanted to, and part wanted Thistleclaw to GO AWAY. I mean, I would do it too.”

(Me) “Thank you! Now, I would like you to tell me who do you ship with Spotedleaf, how you feel about FirexSpotted, (Warning: Sensitive topic about SpottedxThistle, please don’t read this if you’re sensitive to this) how you feel about SpottedxThistle and basically her relationships.”

Dawny “I think she’s older and more committed to being a medicine cat by then, but if she weren’t a medicine cat, I would totally go for FirexSpotted”

(Me) “I’m tearing up right now. :`)”

(Me) “Lastly, how do you feel about her dying and relationship with Sandstorm?”

Dawny “I think that it was a sad death, but it was necessary for the plot. If she stayed then Yellowfang wouldn’t have as much use and Firepaw/heart/star would’ve spent too much time padding after a she-cat he can’t have instead of realising his love for Sandstorm. I feel like Sandstorm’s and Spottedleaf’s relationship is a little confusing, but in the end they worked it out and Spottedleaf even encouraged them to be mates. And, since Spottedleaf is super dead now, Firestar doesn’t have any sort of confusing choices to make in StarClan.”

(Me) “Eh I’m not going to protest because I’m only on TPoTs and stuff and I might just be a little lazy. 🙂 Anyways, thank you Dawny for this fantastic interview!”

*End of interview*

Interview 6# (Final interview!)

Guest: Ebonyrain

(Me) “So, how do you feel about Spottedleaf?”
Ebay: “I think Spottedleaf was a good enough medicine cat on her own. She came from an arc where medicine cats and StarClan were still pretty mysterious, so it makes sense that we don’t know much about her as a whole. I mean, personality-wise she’s nothing special. She’s supposedly kind and pretty, and originally wanted to be a warrior, but her simple personality made sense at the time. Back then most stereotypes hadn’t been done yet, so characters didn’t need much to stand out like *cough cough* power of three superpowers *cough cough.* I never really thought Firestar needed to have a romantic interest in her, as I don’t think it propelled any plot elements or added anything to the story besides Sandstorm being jealous in Firestar’s Quest. Sure Spottedleaf post-mortem was close with Firestar and helped out with prophecies and visions, but I don’t think that had to do with anything romantically? Definitely a plot point and detail I never liked. Overall, I think Spottedleaf is a cool character and definitely a good first introduction to the medicine cat lifestyle. I don’t really get why she’d be so controversial besides her novella, and even then what happened in that book wasn’t really her fault.”

(Me) “I think that if Spottedleaf hadn’t liked Firestar, then she wouldn’t help him so much. Case in point, loved ones appear more often in some cats’ dreams. (Ex: Moonflower and Snowfur always appeared to Bluestar, not someone like ahhh who to put…… Pinestar)”

(Me) “Thank you Ebay! I would like you to tell me who do you ship with Spotedleaf, how you feel about FirexSpotted, (Warning: Sensitive topic about SpottedxThistle, please don’t read this if you’re sensitive to this) how you feel about SpottedxThistle and basically her relationships.”

Ebay “While I feel that the novella in general could’ve shined a light on situations like that as a whole, I don’t believe it did that whatsoever, so instead it’s just turned into a controversial unnecessary plot point. I suppose that’s a theme with stuff about Spottedleaf- unnecessary. I think something like this could’ve done better if it was just all around executed better, or if it was in a form that was meant for older audiences, which the series is clearly not. Thistleclaw did not get any punishment, and Spottedleaf learned no lesson. It added nothing to her personality except for the fact that she originally wanted to be a warrior… which is an already used and overdone idea. ”

(Me) “I agree. Thanks Ebay! Lastly, please tell me about how you felt about her dying(the second time) and relationship with Sandstorm.”

Ebay “Clearly Spottedleaf died for the sake of drama and so that Firestar wouldn’t have to “choose” between her and Sandstorm in StarClan. It wasn’t a big plot point, and so I’m pretty… undecided on how I feel about it. I mean is it sad? Maybe, but Spottedleaf died really early into the series and I don’t think people really had the chance to get “close” to her character. I mean you’ll see Spottedleaf fans like yourself, but I feel that you all try to defend her name rather than are actually huge fans personality-wise (correct me if I’m wrong). Like I’ve said before, she has a pretty stereotypical personality. So of course by the time she died a second time, it’s almost like she’s dying for the first time again since we’ve been able to get to know her slightly better since then from other books and super editions. But… she was already dead, and by OOTS was only used for prophecies so… her death wasn’t what I was sad about since Firestar died during the same battle.

Sandstorm and Spottedleaf… their “rivalry” wasn’t used at all except for when Sandstorm like, ran away in Firestar’s quest so… once again I don’t like- really care about it? It could’ve been used for much more, but it wasn’t.”

(Me) “Maybe. I like Spottedleaf because I feel that she deserves better because she’s so nice and stuff. And because she was so stubborn and proud when she was a young apprentice, and then so wise and kind when she got older. Yeah, I agree. Thank you Ebay, and that ends this interview and article!”

*End of interview.*

Well, there you have it folks! Sandy’s, Dove’s, Twilight’s, Dawny’s, and Ebay’s perspective on Spottedleaf, her relationships, her dying, and yeah whatever else because I forget. 😛 I’m very sorry to the other people I promised to interview on secret pages because I forgot what secret pages, we got a new Tavern, and I’m more comfortable on Message Walls. Big thanks to Sandy, Dove, Twilight, Dawny, and Ebay for letting me interview you!

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  • Ahh I was waiting for this to come out! Awesome job!!!

  • great article! i personally love spottedleaf! she’s not in my top 10 tho-
    i like spotted x fire but i like cinder x fire and sand x fire more

    ( oh my gosh i LOVE cinder x fire)

  • 💙I really like Alexander’s friend group in Hamilton💙 (Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢) says:

    Nice article! I personally quite like Spottedleaf. I kinda ship Spotted X Fire, and in my opinion it’s in okay-ish ship.
    You’ll Be Back

  • Wow… that’s long. I hate SpottedxFire, but very nice article!

    Stormi wants to see what's beyond her home

  • *whistles* Wow this must have taken so much work! Amazing article!
    I liked Spottedleaf in the prophecies begin, but when she died she became insufferable.

  • I love Spottedleaf and Sandstorm. I DON’T GET WHY PEOPLE HATE SPOTTEDLEAF!!! I started loving her when she said: “Even you know better than to fight with a medicine cat, Tigerclaw.” Must I say anymore? Also, does anyone else think Sandstorm just kinda became NICE all of a sudden?? And did anyone else ship Sandstorm and Dustpelt before Sandstorm started liking Firestar????

  • Great article!
    I respect your opinion, but I do not like Spottedleaf or ship SpottedFire.
    In my mind (completely subjective opinion incoming) ‘paws are around 13-17 in human years and warriors 18+. Medicine cats get their warrior name much later, around 20-21 human years maybe. Going by this logic Spottedleaf is around 22-23 (I think, I’m not completely sure on between-book gaps. Firepaw around this point I envision being 15-17. To me this felt more like a weird crush, and after Spotted dies she just dream-visits Firestar whenever she has an excuse, despite the fact that he is dating/married to Sandstorm at this point. I find that the whole “sacrificing her life to save sandstorm” thing is just to stop the whole love triangle awkwardness from starting up in Starclan, and feels out of character for Spottedleaf. I will admit that she may have changed, being up in starclan to contemplate things but I do not feel the Erins had the intention of anything beyond not making things awkward after Firestar dies.
    I like SandFire, but it is not an outstanding ship in my eyes. It certainly has some flaws, I just think that they do love each other and had decent chemistry.
    That said, I completely value and respect everyone’s opinion on this matter, and It is fine if you ship SpottedFire, not ship SandFire, or like Spottedleaf, I just do not agree with you.

    gosh that was long lol

  • Cool interview! I like Spottedleaf, but she’s not in my top 20. And you can see my ship with her in my name:)

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