The Sad Stories of the Tortoiseshells by Flowermistle

Flowermistle points out a pattern in the tortoiseshell characters from the series.

Art by meadowllark

Today, when I accidentally opened up warriors wiki’s tortoiseshell cats page, I found out that most of them were main characters, or at least, a little bit main characters – and they are often cats with tragedies.

1. Blossomfall
Blossomfall is a ThunderClan she-cat. Her sister, Briarlight, was paralyzed in a tree-falling accident, and so her mother Millie always fusses about her and cared less about Blossomfall. Due to the hatred and envy in her heart, Blossomfall was invited to join the Dark Forest army – but she’s not tricked to join like other cats, because once she told Ivypool that she “knew what she’s doing but can’t stop.” In the end, after the Great Battle, she became a loyal warrior but was still questioned by some of the other cats.

2. Lilyheart
Like Blossomsfall, Lilyheart is also a ThunderClan she-cat. When she was young, the Clans were fighting in the Great Battle, and her mother Sorreltail died taking care of her and her sister, Seedpaw. Next, when she was apprenticed, the Clans met a huge storm that flooded the ThunderClan camp, and the cats have to move to the underground tunnels to live. But, one day, as Lilyheart and Seedpaw went into the flooded forest in an attempt to find a piece of wood, Seedpaw was drowned saving Lilyheart’s life. Few moons afterwards, Lilyheart’s mate, Snowbush, was hurt in a rockslide accident and then died of infection. So literally her mother, sister, and mate all died.

3. Mapleshade
Mapleshade was yet another ThunderClan cat, but was exiled from her Clan by untrue accusations and was even abandoned by her mate, Appledusk. All her kits died and she went to the Dark Forest, where she trained Ivypool, the spy that eventually betrayed her. In the Great Battle, she tried to kill Sandstorm for everything she has, but then killed Spottedleaf instead of her and was chased out of the battle. But caution: the book never mentioned that she’s dead!

4. Marigoldkit
Actually, there’s not much to say…it’s a ShadowClan kit killed by a mysterious cat or fox and then was blamed to Yellowfang, which caused her banishment.

5. Poppyfrost
Another ThunderClan she-cat. Her sister, Honeyfern, was a big fan of Berrynose, and they eventually got together. Then, as Honeyfern died trying to save Briarlight from a snake, she revealed her feelings about Berrynose and they became mates. But Berrynose was too overprotective over Poppyfrost (maybe because he already lost Honeyfern) and made her very distressed, and she went to the Moonpool to find Honeyfern, which caused her almost killed by Breezepelt, if Jayfeather’s not there in time to save her.

6. Redtail
As ThunderClan’s deputy, Redtail was killed by Tigerstar 1.0 by his ambitions to become leader. His death was later been claimed by Tigerstar that he was killed by the RiverClan deputy, Oakheart, but Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw finds out the truth and sent Tigerstar to exile. He was later very grateful to Firestar in his leader ceremony.

7. Spottedleaaf
Yes, it’s the well-known ThunderClan medicine cat. When she was still young, she had a crush on Firestar (at least, maybe.) Then she just died in a battle that Brokenstar caused trying to steal Brackenkit and Cinderkit, killed by Clawface. And in the later books she just tried to send prophecies to everyone and was killed again saving her crush’s mate.

8. Tawnypelt
Finally, a ShadowClan cat. Well, not really. She was a ThunderClan cat once, born to Goldenflower and Tigerstar 1.0, and was mocked by other cats because of the treacheries her father has done. She then switched Clans to ShadowClan and had Dawnpelt, Flametail, and Tigerstar 2.0 with Rowanstar. In the afterwards books, Dawnpelt was killed by Darktail, Flametail was drowned, and Tigerstar died once, while Rowanstar died too…

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed it!

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