Defending Bumblestripe by Thornfeather

Thornfeather defends Bumblestripe’s actions.

Art by an attempt at fighting cat designs (tumblr)

Hello fellow wattpadders! (Embix edit: Wrong site there…)

i’m going to defend bumblestripe.

He pressured her!!

Though she did feel a bit pressured,i believe it’s her fault. She didn’t make it clear in the first place. Let’s take an example. When Squirrelflight knew Ashfur’s feelings later,she cut a line between them and made it clear she didn’t like him. All Dovewing did was…nothing. just feeling that she doesn’t like him,and not talking it or speaking it out loud. not even making signs.Anything CLOSE to a sign is declining when Bumblestripe wants to go on a hunting patrol with her.Or just not meeting gazes. it’s obvious to US because we’re readers,and we know all about the tigerdove thing and all her feelings. But to THEM? no. Do you know why Bumblestripe is making his feelings so obvious to her? because he wants them to know about his feelings and make a yes or a no,because that’s reality. but Dovewing just knows his feelings,hiding her feelings,and that just makes Bumblestripe think ‘doesn’t she get it..?’ and makes it obvious more.

And all that makes Bumble’s companions think ‘…? doesn’t Dovewing get it? Why isn’t she saying yes or no when he is making it so obvious?’ and they start telling her about Bumblestripe’s feelings,then she feels uncomfortable,the Dovewing lovers call Bumblestripe a jerk and it’s a full circle again. If i was Bumble,i wouldn’t like being called a jerk because i made it obvious and the person i like doesn’t make it clear.

This is the reality. I actually get why Dovewing just stood there. I can see that she was being kind and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. but sometimes talking out is needed much. and it’s clearly not Bumblestripe’s fault for that.

‘Bumblestripe pressured her on front of purdy’s corpse!’

Ok,first let me correct one thing. He never pressured her. He asked her,not pressured. not every of his movement is pressuring and he just asked her out. period. and with the front of purdy’s corpse thing,i don’t deny it. But every cat has faults,even Dovewing, and please. it was AFTER Purdy died. Not when he was dying or right after dying. some time has passed, then he asked her. I know it was not the best time to ask her,but i don’t really think he knew she and Purdy was close,and it was after some hours(even though there are no hours in warriors xD) Purdy died it was ok to ask her,as the others seemed mourning but not too mourning as much as right after Purdy died. It kinda makes sense to me actually How he saw things.

He was mean to her when she left with tigerheart!

I know, and i’m not surprised by that. the main reason Bumble loved her was because he thought she was loyal and lifesaving. but instead of being loyal,he broke one of the most important warrior codes. i can see why he was hard to her on the raging storm.

Ok that was the end of my article! Have a good day!

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  • Ok, first, I’m not sure, but I think he brought up KITS at purdy (who was a close friend of Dovewings) funeral. That is highly disrespectful, and Dovewing gave hints she was uncomfortable discussing mates and kits, (which is like being happy and talking about marriage and children at a friends funeral) even if they werent clear he shouldn’t have manipulated her into acting all hurt when dovewing refuses, as if she isn’t allowed to have a say in this. He also kind of made her go into patrols and walks together by not letting her have a say and bounding off before she could go. If they were humans this wouldn’t have been acceptable, so why should it be in a universe where cats think like humans?

    • Your only thinking in Dovewing’s point of view. It was several hours after Purdy was dead,and i think he was only trying to end the sentence,because it was like,his only chance too? I know it’s not good,But his intention wasn’t bad. You say manipulate,but he WAS hurt when Dovewing refused. Why do you think it was ACTING? He didn’t make her go to patrols,and Dovewing never made it clear of her feelings. Why is it Bumblestripe’s fault when Dovewing didn’t make it clear?

      • Actually, Dovewing clearly told Bumblestripe several times that she didn’t want kits. She made it clear, but Bumblestripe continued to pressure her. Which is wrong.
        You’ll Be Back

        • No,she absolutely didn’t. She told him the time when Bumblestripe asked her last. Before that,she never made it clear.

  • Honestly though, Dovewing made it pretty clear with her clear discomfort. She didn’t want to hurt Bumblestripe’s feelings.

    It’s just disgusting how he asks about kits at a funeral.

    • She didn’t. We only know it because we’re readers. But seriously,Dovewing never made it clear. He just finished his sentence,before he couldn’t. I’m not saying it’s right for finishing the sentence when cats are mourning,but it’s not disgusting. He just doesn’t have any tact,and it’s disgusting how people treat him like the most bad guy in the universe.

  • I feel like this article has been posted quite a few times in the past.

  • Nice article, but I still am not a huge fan of Bumble. You brought up some good points, though!

  • Bumblestripe is just mean. He continued to pressure Dovewing SEVERAL TIMES after she told him she wasn’t interested in being his mate/having kits, then made her feel bad about it, and tried to guilt-trip her into being in a relationship with him.
    You’ll Be Back

    • No,he’s not. He never pressured her. Just because she FELT uncomfortable doesn’t always mean he pressured her. Dovewing is the one who felt bad. Just because she felt bad doesn’t mean Bumblestripe manipulated,and guilt-tripped her. She never told Bumblestripe when she felt uncomfortable,and told him afterwards,and he didn’t pressure her after that,because she left with Tigerstar the second. Trust me- He’s not the bad guy.

  • I’m just gonna put meh opinion here: I think that Bumblestripe was sort of pressuring Dovewing into having his kits. BUT Dovewing was so MEAN to him! Rosepetal had to scold him for that. (I have no idea if BumbleXRose is a real thing because it’s been almost a year since I read the Omen Of The Stars books. 🙁 ) So… Yeah. Dovewing was mean to Bumblestripe, and I think you are right to defend him.

  • okay but..

    Bumblestripe literally lied about a leak in the warriors den to get a chance to sleep with Dovewing, when they weren’t even together. That’s creepy and messed up. Also, bumble talks to Dovewing’s mother in an attempt to get them together. That’s going against boundaries..

    Asking her to have kits at her friend’s funeral is extremely disrespectful not only to Dovewing, but to Purdy as well. He should’ve known better, and he should’ve waited to ask her.