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Things That I Wish Never Happened by Scorchflower

Scorchflower lists events they wish had never happened in the series.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin (Warriors Illustrator)

Hi! My first article 😀 I am Scorchflower sorry if that’s a name in the books, haven’t read them all yet. In this article I will be listing 10 things that I wished never happened to the characters in Warrior Cats.

1- Cinderpelt: I REALLY wished that she never got hit by that monster and broke her leg but she did make a great medicine cat and got to relive a regular life. I still wish she got to be a warrior sooner.

2- Tawnypelt: WHY’D SHE HAVE TO LEAVE THUNDERCLAN?! I mean, I understand the fact that she felt unwelcomed there but I REALLY would’ve liked it if she stayed in Thunderclan. (Sorry to Flamepaw, Tigerpaw, and Dawnpaw!)

3- Lionblaze and Heatherpaw: I am half-relieved and half-sad that Lionblaze (Lionpaw at the time) decided to stop meeting Heatherpaw in the cave. Sad because they didn’t get to meet anymore and relieved because if they continued they would be discovered and might’ve actually drowned in the caves.

4- Leafpool and Crowfeather: I’m really not sure whether I wanted them to run away and be together or if I wanted them to never even have the idea in the first place. I kinda wish they stayed in their clans because I was so sad when Cinderpelt died and I don’t entirely believe it was Leafpool’s fault but i’m sure i’m NOT the only one that wants to know what Cinderheart would be like if Cinderpelt never died.
5- Brindleface: Her death is what I and probably many other fans think is what fueled Ashfur’s EVIL. It was a terrifying thing that happened to her (not mentioned in case younger kids are reading). But I think, didn’t Ashfur also lose some siblings at an early age? I think that and losing Brindleface affected him a lot.

6- Feathertail: I felt that she was too nice and Crowpaw loved her too much for her to die but she did :T Anyway, I guess that her death went well with the plot because if she lived then Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze might never have been born and uh… I know he’s not real but I kinda like Jayfeather <3 Still, I think she could’ve lived in the situation she was in but nope.

7- Silverstream: Okay sorry I know most of these are deaths but that’s how I feel. I’m pretty sure that she could’ve been saved and it’s sad that Feathertail and Stormfur never got to know their mom. I guess this is more of an “I don’t understand” part. How can she die from having 2 kits?

8- Tigerstar: Okay this is Tigerclaw. I wish he was NEVER born. But he’s had a HUGE impact on the story and I feel like if he wasn’t here then most of the story wouldn’t be the way it is or wouldn’t even EXIST. I absolutely hate him and so do many others but you gotta think. Without this guy, there wouldn’t be all this craziness: Him training Lionblaze (turning the poor lil guy into an absolute beast), the battle with Scourge might not have happened (shrug), and Redtail and Oakheart wouldn’t have died (well wouldn’t have died so early). Boom.

9- Brokenstar: I wish he hadn’t died the way he died. I mean, he DEFINITELY should have died but the way he died was so cruel. (read the books because I don’t wanna be the one to say it). But yeah he totally deserved to die.

10- The Forest: Okay I know this means hating myself but this makes me hate the whole human species. The machines were tearing all the trees and rock out the ground. All this destruction resulted in many deaths (and the rabbits were poisoned! Nasty). Humans are just so destructive! I bet that the destruction of the forest was probably to build another coffee shop (no offense Starbucks, I love your cake pops).

Anyway that’s it from meeeeee. I might make more articles I might not. You can only hope (shrug). I really hope you enjoyed this and look out for more and if you agree with any of these or have any ideas for articles that you want ME to do then let me know in da comments. Bye! -Scorchflower

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  • Just so u know, The way cats die from having kits (Even 2 of them) is because when they give birth, there is a little blood (not gonna go into that in detail) but if there is a excessive amount of blood because of a hard kitting, then the cat can die of blood loss, and sadly, I believe that is how silverstream died.

  • *Dotc spoilers*

    The thing in Warriors that I wish hadn’t happened the most was Turtle Tail’s death, because she’s my favorite character.

    End of DotC spoilers

    You’ll Be Back

  • So I just wanted to say real quick, on point 7, you said that you didn’t really understand how a cat could die from only having 2 kits? It doesn’t matter how many kits she had, it could have been just one. Sometimes when kittens are born the mother can lose some blood and in Silverstream’s case it was 1. too early for her kits to have been born and 2. She ended up losing a lot of blood.

    Secondly, on the Brokenstar point, I DEFINITELY think he deserved to die the way he did.


    So I don’t know if you were talking about how he died via deathberries or when Yellowfang killed him during the Darkforest battle, but each time I believed his death to be necessary. I mean, we’re talking about a cat that killed his own father, sent countless kits into battle and killing them then or during training, and who blamed the killings of two kits on his own mother who was innocent and got her exiled. Not to mention the fact that he helped in training and fighting with the cats that wanted literal genocide on all the clans.

  • I think you simply forgot to mention this, but do you WANT Mistystar living forever!?!?!?

  • I couldn’t agree more with the Cinderpelt and LionXHeather thing! Especially with the monster accident with Cinderpelt cause it literally made her life very sad and it prevented FireXCinder, like common, it’s really cute!

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