Being A Medicine Cat Wouldn’t Have Made A Difference For Alderheart by Stormpaw

Stormpaw shares why they think Alderheart’s decision to become a medicine cat wouldn’t have made a difference.

Official cover art by Owen Richardson

You all remember Alderheart when he first became an apprentice. It was hard for him to concentrate, but he was determined to be the best apprentice. Then Bramblestar decided that since he wasn’t progressing that he would be a medicine apprentice under Jayfeather. But being a medicine cat takes a lot more focus and concentration then training as a warrior. And Alderpaw wanted to be a warrior, not a medicine cat, so how would training as a medicine cat be easier? It’s not. Instead of remembering some fighting moves and hunting techniques, he had to remember the name’s of thousands of herbs and what they looked like and what they were for. So all that you had to have to be a medicine cat, he was lacking; except for the fact that he cared about cats. But he could have been a warrior that cared about his clanmates. Nothing wrong with that.
So if Erin Hunter hadn’t wanted him to be a medicine cat, then it would have been the same whether he trained as a medicine apprentice or as a warrior apprentice. He would have become a good and loyal warrior, but of course Erin Hunter wanted him to be a medicine cat, so he excelled in being a medicine cat rather than a warrior. But the reasons that Cinderpelt and Jayfeather became medicine cats are very matter-of-fact. Cinderpelt couldn’t train as a warrior anymore because of her leg, and Jayfeather couldn’t train as a warrior because he was blind. But Alderheart… Alderheart becoming a medicine cat just didn’t really make any sense to me. He would have made a great warrior. And even after he’s a full medicine cat, he wishes that he could help and join the battle against Darktail in Shattered Sky.

“ He was uneasy, too, about his own rule in the battle to come. Although he had long ago stopped dwelling on his failed apprenticeship under Molewhisker, he still felt guilty that he couldn’t fight alongside his clanmates. I’ll be there to help the warriors who are injured, he told himself, but it wasn’t enough. “

The last sentence shows that he must still regret not being able to be a warrior, or maybe he’s just guilty like it says. But tell me below if you agree & hope you enjoyed the read.

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