Cat’s Who Actually Look Like Their Parent’s & Why Twigbranch Truly Needed To by Stormpaw

Stormpaw lists cats who look like their parents and one cat who doesn’t.

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It’s not uncommon for a cat to not look like their parents. Some cat’s get their coloring from their mom’s parents, or from their dad’s parent’s, and some look exactly like their mom and dad or have mixed color’s from their mom and dad. But Twigbranch needed very much to look like her father and mother so that Hawkwing could recognize it was his daughter when she went to find SkyClan, and so that Twigbranch could recognize her kin. Twigbranch is gray like Hawkwing and has green eyes like Pebbleshine. So Hawkwing instantly took notice of her since she had the same color pelt as him, and the same color eyes as his mate. But Violetshine who is Twigbranch’s sister only has the same coloring eye’s as Hawkwing; because she wasn’t the one who went to find SkyClan, so she hadn’t needed to look like Hawkwing and Pebbleshine as much. Now let’s see where Violetshine got her coloring. So Pebbleshine’s mother is Tinycloud, and Tinycloud’s brother’s are Rockshade and Bouncefire. Rockshade has black fur, so that’s where Violetshine must have gotten her black spots. And then she got her white from Tinycloud.

Now that we’re done talking about Twigbranch and Violetshine, let’s start with cats who look like their parents.

Breezepelt is black with amber eyes; exactly like his mother Nightcloud.

Stonefur has blue-gray fur & blue eyes like Bluestar

Mistystar has gray fur & blue eyes like Bluestar

Whitestorm is white like Snowfur, and yellow eyes which are close to the color of amber; which was the color of Thistleclaw’s eyes.

Now let’s take a look at the cats that don’t look a lot like their parents and got their coloring from a different cat in the family.

Needletail is silver-gray with green eyes. Her mother Berryheart is black-and-white with blue eyes, and her father is brown with green eyes. So Needletail got her green eyes from Sparrowtail, but she must have got her silver-gray fur from Mistcloud & Kinkfur. Kinkfur is Sparrowtail’s mother and has gray fur, and Mistcloud is Sparrowtail’s sister and has pale gray fur. Scorchfur also has gray fur and is Berryheart’s father.

Sorrelstripe is a dark brown she-cat with blue eyes. Her father Lionblaze is a golden tabby with amber eyes, and Cinderheart is a gray tabby with blue eyes. So as with Needletail; Sorrelstripe did get her eye-color from one of her parents.
Cinderheart’s father is Brackenfur, and Brackenfur is a golden-brown. So is his brother Thornclaw, and Seedpaw, (Cinderheart’s sister). So even though Sorrelstripe isn’t golden-brown, she still could have gotten her brown from them.

Dawnpelt is a cream she-cat. Tawnypelt is mottled tortieshell-and-white she-cat, and Rownstar is dark ginger. And Dawnpelt either has brown or amber eyes, but Rowanstar has amber eyes so she might have her father’s eye-coloring.
I couldn’t find any cat’s with a cream-colored pelt on either side of her family though, so the closest I can think of where she got her cream color from is Goldenflower who is Tawnypelt’s mother. Goldenflower is a pale ginger tabby. And pale ginger is close to cream.

And that’s it for this article, thanks for reading <3

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