Comparing Rain & Darktail by Stormpaw

Stormpaw compares Rain and Darktail.

Art by XxHimmelxX

Hi! Welcome to the “comparing Rain & Darktail article.” I think that with how Rain acted when he was alive that he would have been as bad as Darktail if he hadn’t died too early. But Rain was also lazy, and Darktail is not.
In Thunder And Shadow he was being shown as lazy when Violetpaw said in her thoughts that she had caught him and Sleekwhisker sunning themselves when they were supposed to be hunting, and Darktail observed him bringing back smaller and weaker prey. Rain had even refused to go on a patrol when Darktail asked him to, and if that’s not being lazy then I don’t know what is. And he was about to take the fattest prey when he had brought back the smallest prey, so I think he deserved it when Darktail said he couldn’t eat. He also wanted to take over the ShadowClan camp before Darktail did. And Darktail’s plan to wait worked out well, didn’t it? Since Rowanstar never made a move against the rouge cat’s and more of his clan kept joining them, then it made Rowanstar look weak and Darktail was able to get most all of ShadowClan to join him, and he got the ShadowClan territory. But if Darktail had driven ShadowClan out when Rain had told him, then they wouldn’t have gotten all of the ShadowClan recruit’s.
So Rain is dumb and lazy, while Darktail is not, and being dumb and lazy doesn’t exactly mix with being a good villain, does it? But Rain is equal with Darktail in ruthlessness.
Rain and Darktail are after two different things also. Rain was after power, and Darktail was after vengeance. Darktail wanted to make Onestar suffer, while Rain pretty much wanted to rule the forest just like Tigerstar. So Rain tried to kill Darktail. Then when he saw Violetpaw there, he tried to kill her too, but Darktail saved her by killing Rain.
I think Darktail is the better villain, but I also think Rain is worse than Darktail. Darktail only wanted to destroy the clan’s to make Onestar suffer, because he was hurt knowing that his father hadn’t wanted him. I think if the black-and-white tom had grown up in a clan, that he would have been a good and loyal clanmate.
But Rain wasn’t like that. He just wanted to kill cat’s and tortue them for the want of power. So I think Darktail has the better excuse. Even Tallstar wanted revenge! And was willing to kill to get it. But he was still very much a loyal warrior.

And that’s all I have to say about Rain. Sorry this article was short, but Rain did have a short life in the warrior series. So thank you for reading and hope you liked it.

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