What I find Annoying about Warrior Cats by Creekkit

Creekkit shares what they find annoying about the series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Creekkit here, and I am going to mention one of the things I find annoying about Warrior Cats: A Warrior Cat tom who loves a she-cat only because she is ‘pretty’. For instance, Firestar and Spottedleaf which I am against because this is sort of just because Spottedleaf is a pretty she-cat who smells really nice.
This is why I love BristleXRoot, because they love each other for who they are not what they look or smell like.
Here are some examples of a tom loving a she-cat for being pretty(Which I am against)

Firestar and Spottedleaf- I feel that Firestar only loves Spottedleaf because she smells nice and is pretty.

Mousewhisker and Minnowtail- this one doesn’t even really count, because it is such a small thing but almost every description for Minnowpaw is ‘soft fur’ or ‘pretty’ and that is fine, other than the fact that that’s kind of the only reason Mousewhisker loves her.

I am NOT going to put Heathertail and Lionblaze on this list because I don’t think Lionblaze loved her just because she was pretty, so let’s just leave that as a runner up along with Bramblestar and Jessy.

Alderheart and Velvet- So, OK, Velvet is a pretty she-cat who is very loving and gentle and soft, but is that all there is to her, as well, Alderheart is a med cat so this is against the med cat code. Also, if Alderheart wanted a mate, I think he should choose a bit of a more break the rules, sharp ,strong, brave she-cat, which might add a bit of a different side to Alderheart personality, hint, hint, not saying any names…(Oh, I just realised the cat I was thinking of died so this can never really become canon.)

That is all on my list for now but I might do a part 2 later, when there are more new books which may add another 2 cats to my list. If you disagree, that is fine, this is just my opinion and most of these books I haven’t even read in ages so I may have forgotten a few things, I hope you enjoyed reading-

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