My favorite and least favorite characters by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by Vialir

Hello warriors, kits, apprentices, elders!
My name is Mountainpaw, and I am new to this Clan, and this is my first fan article. So I thought writing about my favorite and least favorite characters would be a nice introduction. I’ll start with my least favorites. Number one will be the character I hate most, and I will explain why. And do not be mad at me…..this is my opinion!

5. Hawkfrost.
Personally, I do not hate Hawkfrost. What I do hate is that he was made evil just because his father was Tigerstar. And after reading a Shadow in RiverClan, it was pretty upsetting to find out he really DID turn evil after Feathertail’s message that heritage does not matter and you have to judge cats for who they are, not who there parent’s were. I thought it was a really nice message, but, instead of sticking to it, Hawkfrost DOES become evil. Just because. And that really deflated the message of “do not judge a book by its cover” So, all in all, I do not hate Hawkfrost, but the way he was used.
4. Snookthorn
I completely understand his decision to leave SkyClan. The only thing that upsets me about this character is that he broke his promise right after he made it. He listened to Leafstar’s words, and said “I do” And right after, he broke it. He had the right to leave the clan, and I understand him, but then why did he say “I do”?
3. Brokenstar
I think this choice is pretty obvious, but I had to put it in. He made kits kill an apprentice,
and did not even care. He was very cruel, but he had a second chance given to him. And what did he do? He threw it out the window. Or should I say threw it out the den?
2. Bramblestar
He was ok as Brambleclaw, though a little plain. But when he was leader…He is a horrible, unfair leader, and treats his mate and deputy like fresh-kill. He does not really take in note other cats feelings, especially Squrrielflight’s. And once again, the problem with Tigerstar’s kits.
1. After hard thought, I chose Ravenwing.
Sure, he was a fine medicine cat, and Mapleshade was kind of too trusting in her clan mates, but Ravenwing…. First, he told Oakstar Mapleshade’s secret. Frecklewish I kind of understand. because she was blinded by her broken heart for her brother. When she found out that her friend’s kits were actually not her brother’s, but his killers, she snapped. She was not able to see that Mapleshade loved Appledusk before Appledusk killed Birchface. But Ravenwing had no connection to Birchface, and just betrayed Mapleshade because he could.

Ok, now for my favorite ones!

5. Jayfeather
Sure, he is super grumpy, and some people hate him because they say everyone is trying to help him and he just lashes out. But you have to see it from everyone’s point of veiw. To Jayfeather, he can smell and hear and feel everything the others can, and even better. And he has the rest of the warriors going around, treating him like a kit when he is perfectly capable. I love characters with personality, and Jayfeather is choke full with it.
4. Leafstar
Leafstar is fair and kind, and strong and wise. She had her paws full with her kits and her clan, but she handles it well and stands tall on all four paws. Who would not enjoy reading about this strong leader?
3. Leopardstar
Ok, I know most people hate her too. But I actually like her. She was a young and foolish leader at first, blinded by ambition. But she stood up again, admitting her mistakes and saying sorry to Feathertail and Stormfur. She learned from her flaws, and fixed her clan. And RiverClan stood tall once more.
2. Squirrelflight.
I did not enjoy Squirrelpaw too much. She was stubborn and ignorant. But as a warrior, Squirrelflight is wise, strong, and independent, but not too much. She is another character who does not lack any personality!
All right! Time for my number one favorite character…DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

I LOVE Feathertail. She is intelligent, independent, wise, strong, brave, kind, caring…
She lived through a terrible period in her apprenticeship, when she was in TigerClan.
But she stood tall, and helped fight off BloodClan with fierce loyalty. She is ready at the command, and I think she would have made a fine leader. After reading A shadow in RiverClan, I conformed! Feathertail is the best! She selflessly sacrificed herself for her true loves life, and for the life of the tribe. I cannot tell you how bitter that scene was for me. But, Feathertail lives on in the books, in our hearts, in our minds. Feathertail is truly an inspiring character, who will always make number one on my list.

Alright, thank you for reading, I had tons of fun writing this!
And do not never speak to me again if you disagree. Everyone has their opinions!
Thanks again!
Till the next gathering!

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  • “Sure, he is super grumpy, and some people hate him because they say everyone is trying to help him and he just lashes out.”

    Mousefur: Is that challenge I hear?

    • YES! Mousefur spews common sense. And just her being there shows us the common sense of Mistystar’s age. I just read Spottedleaf’s heart, and she and misty are the same age!

  • Hi, Mountainpaw! I must say, great article!
    Ravenwing- I disagree. He is just doing his job. Sure, he might not be a saint but still it was his job. Starclan gave him a prophecy, he couldn’t just ignore it. I don’t like him either, but admit he was doing the right thing.
    Hawkfrost- Totally agreed! I think he was a normal cat (like Thistleclaw) who had fierce ambition that led him to his downfall. His father kind of used him, but he never knew. I think the reason why he ignore the message of because of his heritage. If he accept the message, people might look him as a soft “kittypet”.
    Bramblestar- Um, idk. However, I don’t like the ship SquirrelXBramble. I wish StormXSquirrel happened, but Erin Hunter makes it so complicated.
    Brokenstar- I hate him! I don’t understand the reason that people blame Lizardstripe on making him evil (yes I know she kind of abused him) but I think she is not different from Ivypool. She didn’t want kits, and suddenly somebody mates her. So, she was just like a non-married mom.
    Snookthorn- No idea who he is. Following your summary, yes I think he is bad. But I still have a soft spot for kittypets.
    Jayfeather- Never really liked him. For some reason.
    Leafstar- Best leader!!! I like her so much, she is like a female version of Firestar though. Also, BillyXLeaf has chemistry!
    Leopardstar- Hmmm, I don’t know. I think your article turn me kind of.

  • Feathertail- Okay, I am going to full rant mode.
    Majority of the people put Feathertail on their favorite list. I am tired of seeing this. I don’t like her, she is just mary sue without anyone noticing. Except she was in love with a windclan cat, she was basically the definition of Mary Sue. Everyone hates Spottedleaf because she is Mary Sue, and love Feathertail because she is Mary Sue?? You might hate me, blogclanners, but she is meh. She is like perfect without flaws and everything (almost). I must admit, she was a nice character. Yes, I know she save the forest by saving the tribe. But there are more plenty cats who save the forest that people hate like Squirrelflight, Ivypool, and more. Also Spottedleaf. You might think I am Spottedleaf lover, but I am not. If it wasn’t for Spottedleaf, Sandstorm will be death, Firestar will be grieving, and Tigerstar can take this chance to kill the fourth cat and take over. Yet, everyone hates her for being a stalker. In conclusion, she was not my favorite cat but I still respect your opinion.
    P.S: Mountainpaw, you might disagree but I like LeafXCrow more!!!!

    • Actually, most people put Feathertail on their most hated list, because she is too “perfect”. The only favorite and least favorite character article on BlogClan I saw with Feathertail in it, had her in the least favorite characters part.
      And, most people hate Spottedleaf too.
      And that isn’t true. Having a forbidden mate isn’t the only flaw she has:
      1. Feathertail yelled at Purdy and didn’t even apologize
      2. She gave away their weaknesses to the Tribe of rushing water the moment they met with them
      3. She grew up without parents, and her Clanmates mad at her because she was half-Clan
      4. Got into a forbidden romance
      5. Her one true love dated with another cat not long after she died
      6. Her mom died
      7. She died. Perfect characters live forever.
      8. She yelled at her brother
      9. She wouldn’t give anyone a second chance
      10. She isolated herself from her Clanmates
      11. She was mad at Hawkpaw just because Tigerstar was his father
      12. She was mad at Sasha because Tigerstar was her mate
      13. Greystripe told Fireheart that Featherkit was stubborn and bossy, just like her mother. Stubborn and bossy! As a kit! <3
      14. Feathertail gave RiverClan prey to ThunderClan and attacked her own Clanmate.

      But I also respect your opinion! <3
      P.S: It's fine! 😛 We both have our opinions! Because I like FeatherXCrow more! <3

  • Nice Article!!!

    I agree with Bramblestar. He was okay as a warrior- desperate to prove himself to ThunderClan, but when he became leader he treated his mate like a piece of fresh-kill. I feel sooo bad for Squirrelflight. I hate how he went all lovey-dopey with Jessy and made Squirrelflight feel bad. YES I agree with Feathertail! I have no idea who Snookthorn is, and I agree with Hawkfrost and Brokenstar as well.

    *Foxheart, Rainflower, Lizardstripe and Palebird deserves to be hated*


  • Nice article! I agree with almost all of these.
    Here’s my top five favorite/least favorite lists!
    5. Yellowfang/Rainswept Flower (tie)
    4. Hawkfrost
    3. Graystripe
    2. Gray Wing
    1. Turtle Tail

    Least favorites
    5. Ashfur
    4. Frecklewish (The ThunderClan one)
    3. Tigerclawstar
    2. Rainflower
    1. Tom/Brokenstar (tie)

    Right Hand Man