My favorite leaders to my least favorite leaders by Raven song

Raven song lists their favourite and least favourite leaders from the series.

We all know there are some bad leaders in Warriors, and we know there are some amazing leaders. In my opinion… I am going to list the leaders from Warriors from my favorite to my least favorite. So first up to bat is Bluestar. Bluestar does have a sad life. She looses her her mother, her sister, her father, one of her kits, and her mate. Bluestar does do this for a particular reason… If she didn’t give up her kits Thistleclaw would’ve became leader. I imagine all the clans would be in peril. So she did do it for a good reason.

Second in line is Firestar. I like Firestar. But…. Reality check, so he is sorta overrated if you know what I mean? He beats Longtail when he is only 6 moons old, no physical knowledge of fighting, when he’s a kittypet, and he’s only just a kit…. I understand why this was in the book cause he is a prophecy cat. Which I’m ok with.

Third cat in line is Scourge. Some people may disagree with me…. Yes some people say that he is a monster! AND HE SHOULD NEVER BEEN BORN. But have you ever thought of Scourge’s childhood? I just read the Rise of Scourge. Scourge used to be my second to least favorite. But when I read the Rise of Scourge my opinion about him changed. Also spoiler alert… So He had two siblings,,, Socks and Ruby. Socks and Ruby were mean to Tiny. They would never let Tiny play with him and they even scared him off. Just by saying “The Twolegs want us not you! Do you know what happens to unwanted kittens? They get thrown in the river!” So Tiny was scared and well he ran out to Thunderclan territory. He encountered Tigerpaw/claw, Thistleclaw and Bluefur. Tigerpaw attacked him because Tiny was on Thunderclan territory. He is saved by Bluefur and he ran off to the city. Now we know why Scourge was like this. But he’s pretty horrible when he’s leader

Fourth cat up is…. Leafstar! Leafstar may be new to some people. But I’m not here to shame Leafstar about the names she made. She’s just cool.

Fifth cat is Mistystar. She’s like immortal. But I feel sorry for her when Stonefur died. Also I love when she is turned into deputy after Tigerclan is no more.

Sixth cat up to bat is Bramblestar. Nothing much to say. But one name I cant understand that Bramblestar gave. Twigbranch.. Yeah its a great name but when you put into reality…. TWIGS ARE SMALLER BRANCHES. I don’t blame Erin Hunter, cause the prefix Twig is pretty hard to match. I don’t mean to offend anybody, especially if the mods are reading this.

In seventh place is Pinestar. I understand why Pinestar would leave his clan to be a kittypet. I’m pretty sure it’s stressful when you’re leader and you have a kit to take care of… Well the only reason Pinestar in 7th place is because he broke the warrior code.

8th place is DUN DUN DA DUNN! Doestar. Doestar has little book time. She is showed in Pinestars Choice. Yes I read the book… She is only 8th cause……….. She just is. (Because I like her name)

LEADING UP TO 9TH PLACE WE GOT Oakstar. So People are probably wondering who Oakstar is.. He is showed in Mapleshade’s vengeance. Now I sorta despise him. Even though Mapleshade lied that she was mates with the leader’s son, and she was actually mates with Appledusk of Riverclan. She didn’t deserve being exiled. Number one, he exiles Mapleshade AND HER KITS. He could have let the kits stay.

Speaking of Mapleshade’s vengeance. In 10th place we got Darkstar of Riverclan. She didn’t let Mapleshade stay in Riverclan. But let Appledusk stay. Mapleshade has a very sad life.

11th place is Windstar. The first leader of Windclan. Because he cast out Moth Flight who was following a feather which she thought was leeading her somewhere. Windstar ended up exiling Moth Flight because he thought it was foolishness following a feather. Which leads to the first medicine cats of the clans.

12th place is Tigerstar/claw. You know what Tigerstar has done. I don’t even have to explain.

13th place is Brokenstar. COME ON TRAINING KITS UNDER THE AGE OF 6 MOONS. Who would ever think of that. Oh Brokenstar did…

14th place is Blackstar. He kills Stonefur, he believed Sol, and so much more.

15th place is… Clear Sky. Aka Skystarrageamus. (Sky-star-rage-a-mus)

Thats all the leaders I could think of. Some of you would agree with me some wont.

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  • Twigfrost would have been perfect and make sense. Twigclaw/fang/heart are offensive. Twigfur/pelt is just boring.

    • Apparently she was supposed to be Twigshade… but the authors that controlled warriors changed it

    • Bramblestar gave Twigbranch her name to show how she had grown to be a better cat, just like a twig grows into a branch. I wish I could quote Bramblestar when he gave Twigbranch her warrior name…

  • Nice article! Some of my favorite leaders are River Ripple and Tall Shadow. And some of my least favorites are Raggedstar and Hailstar.
    Right Hand Man

  • Several mistakes/problems with this:
    1. Mapleshade never told anybody that Oakstar’s son was the father of her kits, everybody else just believed so and she went along with it.
    2. Moth Flight was following a moth, not a feather.
    3. Moth Flight wasn’t banished by Windstar, rather she left of her own accord after an event (not trying to spoil) in Moth Flight’s Vision.
    4. Windstar was a she-cat, not a tom.

    • In the stories of the clans it said Moth flight was following a feather :p I didn’t read Moth Flight’s Vision. But thanks for clearing up that she followed a moth