My Favorite & Least Favorite Ships by Stormpaw

Stormpaw lists their favourite and least favourite ships from the series.

Art by Shegananigans

I’ll start with sharing my favorite ships. First up is… Hawkwing & Plumwillow! In the super edition: Hawkwing’s Journey, both of their mates had gone missing. And Hawkwing was glad to be there for Plumwillow when she was going to have Sandynose’s- her mate -kit’s. Hawkwing & Plumwillow raised the kit’s together, and Hawkwing was pretty protective of them. It was so sad that right when Hawkwing was thinking of becoming Plumwillow’s mate, Sandynose returned! It might sound like Hawkwing was betraying Pebbleshine, but he wasn’t, and Plumwillow and him were perfect together I think. Then Sandynose had to ruin it, oh well.. I really liked Pebbleshine too though.

2nd: Bluestar & Oakheart!!
Their relationship was so romantic, and it was so sad when Mosskit died! So this ship scored for 2nd place.

3rd: *Drumroll* Jayfeather & Briarlighttt!
Even though they never told each other if they had feelings, I still think it’s a good ship. Jayfeather was always taking care of Briarlight, and even though he was grumpy with her, you could see how much he cared for her, and that he would miss her if she died. (Which she does…)

4th: Crookedstar & Willowbreeze
I thought their feelings were adorable, and Willowbreeze was a pretty great character. It was sad that she died so soon.

Now let’s move on to my least favorite ships…

1st: Stormtail & Dappletail
Stormtail started getting together with Dappletail even before Moonflower died. He didn’t even ACT like he cared when he saw Moonflower was dead! It was irritating when Stormtail was there to help Dappletail but wasn’t there to save Moonflower. Who was his mate! The mother of his kit’s! I don’t think Stormtail ever even loved her. And then he went after a young, pretty she-cat who has just become a warrior.

2nd: Dovewing & Bumblestripe
This ship has a lot of ye’s and nay’s, and I’m a nay person.
Bumblestripe was an alright cat, but he was too pressuring to Dovewing. He also let jealousy overtake his sense. When Dovewing went to ShadowClan to be with Tigerheart(star), he was angry and branded her as a traitor. He even became one of Bramblestar’s (the imposter Bramblestar), strongest followers. So he might have been a likable cat before he was mates with Dovewing, but now he’s not very likable in my opinion. I’m not a very big fan of his father Graystripe, either.

3rd: Moonflower & Stormtail
Stormtail was such a bad father to Bluestar & Snowfur, and a bad mate to Moonflower. Sunstar would have been better for her.

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