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My top favorite and least favorite cats by Rowanfire

Rowanfire lists their favourite and least favourite cats from the series.

Art by meow286

Hi, it’s Rowanfire! I’m new to Blogclan, but have been reading Warriors since I was a little kid and have read every book! A little about me is I’m a girl, I’m 13, and I live in the US! These are my top 10 favorite cats, and my top 10 least favorite cats!

Least Favorites

10.Rowanclaw/ Rowanstar
I personally don’t like his personality because he is stubborn and wouldn’t listen to the other clans when they could have actually helped him, such as when Darktail took over his clan. He also doesn’t have enough strength mentally, he didn’t do much about the horrible apprentices in Shadowclan and just let Darktail take over his clan. He also resigned as leader which he should not have done even if he was mentally not strong enough. He chose Tigerheart to be leader which I also think was terrible choice.

She blamed Jayfeather for Flametail’s death, even though he tried to save him. She then began threatening Thunderclan such as stepping over the border and causing border fights. After that, she threatened Jayfeather at a gathering which caused a huge mess there. Because of the gathering Jayfeather could not go to the moonpool or attend the half-moon medicine cat meetings until everything could be sorted out with Flametail. This may seem like something pretty small that she did, but it overall ruined her character for me.

He used to bully other cats back when Blackstar was Blackfoot. He also was loyal to Brokenstar and was even his deputy! I disliked him from back then when he followed a very evil cat, because it wasn’t right in my point of view. Blackstar also stopped believing in starclan and made a lot of his clanmates stopped believing in starclan too. I think that even though Sol caused a lot of it, a loyal warrior or leader would never stop believing in starclan. So, I think he was not a good leader at all.

Pinestar abandoned his clan which I think is terrible and he should have been punished for that by his clan mates or starclan. Not only did he abandon his clan, but he also became a kittypet! That made him look weak, which I think he is a very weak cat. He also left all of his clanmates, including his mate and kits. Leaving his kit, Tigerkit or now known as Tigerstar, caused him to hate all kittypets and to hate Firestar. It also caused for some of Tigerstar’s evil doings.

6.Skystar/Clear Sky
He was a terrible father and mistreated his kit ,Thunder or now known as Thunderstar, and he abandoned him and Gray Wing took him in.He also was a terrible brother to Gray Wing. Skystar became enemies with all of his friends. Not to mention Skystar became mates with Starflower, who was also a terrible cat. Overall, Skystar was just a very cruel and terrible cat.

Starflower used Thunderstar and faked her love for him just to get information. She then betrayed him. This completely broke Thunderstar. She then mated with Skystar, which made Thunderstar hate both of them even more. Starflower is a horrible and back stabbing cat.

She did not take a warrior name which I don’t like and hold aganist all cats who don’t take warrior names because I believe that ever cat should have a warrior or clan cat name to show their commitment to the clans. I believe Millie basically stole Graystripe from Silverstream because he should have waited until he died and he would have been with Silverstream but now that might not happen because Millie is there now. Millie is also a very bad mother because when Briarlight was paralyzed, she ignored her other kits and was terrible towards them.

Nightcloud hates Leafpool, even though she did nothing to her, and her attitude towards Leafpool, makes me dislike her a lot. Nightcloud also hates Crowfeather, but someone can’t just fake loving another forever. She also made Breezepelt hate Crowfeather. She also made Breezepelt hate Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. which led to Breezepelt trying to kill Lionblaze and him attacking Jayfeather.

I hate Tigerstar. I feel like he acts like the old Tigerstar a lot, which makes me dislike him even more. He mated with Dovewing and I hate their realtionship with a burning passion. He made her leave Bumblestripe, who cared for her so much. Him and Dovewing also went on a journey in the worst time possible, when Darktail took over Shadowclan and Riverclan, and they couldv’e helped the clans a lot if they had just stayed, maybe even preventing some deaths. I also think that he should not have been brought back from the dead because I believe he is one of the worst leaders ever in the Warriors books.

I 100% believe she should not have had powers. Hollyleaf should have had them. Also, the way she acts, makes it look like she thinks she is better than everyone else. She caused so much pain for her sister Ivypool. Dovewing is complete and utterly, a Mary Sue. I hated her in the beginning and I hate her even more after she completely abandoned Thunderclan, Bumblestripe, and Ivypool. Bumblestripe cared deeply about her, but she kept pushing him away. Dovewing is my least favorite cat and she makes my blood boil.


Runner Up 4. Mapleshade
I feel so sorry for Maplshade, she got exiled from Thunderclan and her kits died. she is also a very powerful character, and I like that. I like a few bad cats here and there. I also think that she was not truly evil, she was just broken and sad. I would be pretty broken and mad if my kits died, my clan exiled me, and I would never get to see them again. if you actually put yourself where Mapleshade was, you would probably agree.

Runner Up 3.Firestar/Fireheart
Firestar basically started the series and brought the series a long way. He has helped every clan. He also has defeated some of the most evil cats in the clans such as Scourge and Tigerstar. Firestar was also a great leader, and friend. He was a great father and mate too.

Runner Up 2.Bramblestar/Brambleclaw
Bramblestar is very loyal even though he could have been just as evil as his father, Tigerstar, easily. He also is a great leader who cares for his friends and clanmates.
He was a great father to kits that weren’t even his and acted just as an actual father would. He is a great father to his actual kits and he is a very loving and caring mate.

Runner Up 1.Sandstorm
I personally love Sandstorm’s personality, she was sharp-tongued, feisty, and stubborn at times, but was also caring and loving. She cared about all of her clanmates and would risk her life for each one. She also was a great warrior. she was a very loving and caring mate and mother too.

I feel bad for Hollyleaf because her brothes were part of the 3, while she wasn’t. She still tried to be the best warrior possible. which I respect. I undersrand and agree with her about how she was mad when she found out Leafpool was her real mother. Even though she was very angry, in the end she forgave everyone. She sacraficed herself for her clan and that’s what makes her such a great warrior and cat.

Ferncloud lost so much yet still kept going and cared for kits and clanmates. She set cats straight as well as cared for them. She was a great mother to every single one of her kits. Ferncloud was one the most devoted queens in the entire Warriors series and sacrificed herself for a fellow queen and kits.

Hawkfrost was a very powerful cat, but I also think he was just broken and trying to live up to his father’s legacy. He saw what his father did and didn’t think it was bad. That was really the only role model he had. I also think he was a good mentor. He also added some fun to the books.

Bluestar brought Firestar into the clans which was probably the biggest choice in the whole series. She also sacrificed her kits to save her clan from Thistleclaw and become deputy then leader. She was also a very great leader that will go down in history. In the end she sacrificed herself for her clan, how every great leader wants to end their life.

He was a very good and devoted warrior. Ashfur also added some spice to Bramblestar/claw and Squirrelflight’s relationship. I also understand why he hated Squirrelflight in the end, he loved her, then she picked another cat and had kits with him. I would be pretty mad too. Ashfur is overall a pretty good character.

Crowfeather is also a very good warrior. I personally loved his and Leafpool’s realtionship and it was my favorite. He had to show his clan his loyalty after he came back from running away with Leafpool. It would be really hard to take a mate that you don’t love. I love Crowfeather’s character and he is my favorite tomcat in the entire series.

Leafpool is the most loyal medicine cat and had to give up so much. She had to give up her kits and her mate because she was such a loyal medicine cat. She never stopped loving her kits, even when they hated her. I can’t imagine how much pain she went through, giving up her mate, her kits, then watching them grow up as nothing more than their mother’s sister. Not to mention, her kits hating her when they found out the truth.

3. Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt is my favorite medicine cat. She is very inspiring because she never gave up when things got hard and she inspires me so much. She was forced to become a medicine cat, even though she wanted to be a warrior. Eventually, she found her true meaning to be a medicine cat and loved being one. She helped every cat she could and died honorably.

Squirrelflight was a great sister. She took her sister’s kits in even if she wasn’t ready and loved them just as if they were her own. She was a great mother, not only to her sister’s kits but to her own too. she went through a lot too, cats she raised hated her, her mate hating her also. Eventually, she was forgiven and had kits of her own and a loving mate. Her personality is much like her mother’s and sometimes I even act like Squirrelflight too.

Ivypool is my favorite character. Seeing her sister being special made her furious and angry. She trained in the Dark forest to become the best warrior she could be, and if I were her I would have trained in the Dark forest too. She is a loyal warrior and fought with the clans in the end. I also can relate to her sometimes too.

Fan Articles


  • Rowanstar, in my opinion, was not a good clan leader. He cannot control the chaos in his own clan in which he was supposed to make sure they wouldn’t start chaos. Pretty much all of his apprentices turned on him and that is kinda on him. He argues for absolutely no reason and doesn’t think before he speaks. He argues a lot and seems like he has a hard time agreeing with the other clan leaders.

  • Let me tell you that I love Squirrelflight. She is just awesome. Also, Ivypool is great, too. To be completly honest, she gets soooooo underrated while her beautiful sister with those ‘oh my goodness so amazing’ green eyes gets puffed up with her boyfriend Tigerheart/star all the while having kits with him and totally forgetting the whole relationship that she had with her sisttttttter. So, yeah. No thanks Dovewing.

  • Rowanstar- I don’t like him
    Dawnpelt- neutral
    Blackstar- meh he’s ok
    Pinestar- I don’t like him
    Clear Sky- I hate him
    Star Flower- I hate her
    Millie- I don’t like her
    Nightcloud- I hate her
    Tigerheart- I don’t like him
    Dovewing- I love her so much! She’s so overhated and she’s not a Mary Sue
    Mapleshade- I hate her
    Firestar- meh he’s ok
    Bramblestar- I HATE HIM SO MUCH JUST NO
    Sandstorm- I like her!
    Hollyleaf- I love her so much
    Ferncloud- I like her
    Hawkfrost- I hate him
    Bluestar- neutral/like
    Ashfur- I HATE HIM
    Crowfeather- I don’t like him a lot/he’s ok
    Leafpool- I love her! Def in my top 5s
    Cinderpelt- meh she’s ok, kinda overrated
    Squirrelflight- she’s my favourite character!
    Ivypool- I love her so much!!

  • I don’t like Mapleshade, Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw and I like Dovewing, but we all have our own opinions! Great article, Rowanfire (great name, too!). Since on all my top tens I have a lot of ties, so I’m going to do my top 5.
    Top 5:
    1. Jayfeather
    2. Firestar & Sandstorm
    3. Hollyleaf, Ivypool and Dovewing
    4. Brightheart & Cloudtail
    5. Cinderpelt
    Bottom 5:
    1. Brambleclaw & Tigerclaw (they don’t deserve ‘star)
    2. Rainflower and Tornear
    3. Millie, Daisy & Thistleclaw
    4. Bristlefrost, Blackstar, Russetfur & Hawkfrost
    5. Mapleshade
    Bye, have a great day!

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