The Warrior Code: What should be changed? by Shadowfire

Shadowfire wonders what should be changed in the warrior code.

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi everyone (everycat?) today I’m going to be debating what needs to be changed about the warrior code. If you disagree just tell me your opinion in the comments

1) Defend your clan even with you life you may have friendships in other clans but you’r loyalty must remain with your clan:
I don’t have a problem with this code but I think that a warriors loyalty should stay where it’s home is even if that home is not their clan.

2) Do not hunt or trespass on an other clans territory: This one is reasonable though I think it could be changed too- Fo not hunt or trespass on another clans land without express permission from their leader

3) Elders queens sick cats and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Apprentices can only eat after the Elders have eaten: This code makes perfect sense to me of course the cats with most need for food eat first although it is a little unfair on those brand new apprentices

4) Prey is killed only to be eaten five thanks to Starclan for its life: This code is actually useless in my opinion dead prey could be used for kits to practice with or used as bait to lure out a fox or badger. But I do think that Starclan deserve thanks

5) A kit must be six moons old to be on an apprentice: This is the faultless rule on the list and any cat that breaks it is Dark Forest all the way in my view.

6) Newly appointed warriors must keep a silent vigil after there warrior ceremony:I have problems with this one, It takes away rest from the warriors leaving them to tired to properly defend their clan it also gives the ones likely to betray there clan an opportunity to cause trouble.

7) A cat can not be made deputy without mentoring at least one apprentice: In most circumstances this would be ok but if there was only one good cat that could do the job and had’t mentored a cat and the rest of the options where sorta evil what would you choose?

8) A deputy will become leader when the current leader dies retires or is exiled: This code is fine but it should be added that when a leader goes crazy (cough cough Bluestar) or is unfit to lead the deputy can take over


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  • I think the best rule of the warrior code is the one about always helping kits in danger, even if they’re not from your Clan. I mean, kits are adorable! Everybody should help them if they need help!
    Right Hand Man

    • Yeah. I think Russetfur and her crew of Shadowclan warriors actually broke this rule when they saw Berrynose(kit at the time) stuck in that fox trap but didn’t do anything

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