Trailing Stars Graphic Novel: SIGN-UPS OPEN

HI FOLKS! It’s been a long time since you heard about this, huh? ;P
I hope you’re excited! For the first time in over two years, the opportunity to participate in TSGN is OPEN! C:

Kat TSGN part
TSGN Part Five by Kat!

As you may know, Trailing Stars is a collaborative story project that has been worked on across BlogClan! The first chapter was written way back in 2013 and has been active so far for EIGHT YEARS!
TSGN stands for the Trailing Stars Graphic Novel, which is a comic-book-style adaption of Trailing Stars. It, too, is a collaborative project! Instead of writing, the medium is art. People can work together or alone on a part and once it’s all put together, it will be added to our collection of TSGN pages!
The ultimate goal is fully adapting the entire Trailing Stars story, and Trailing Stars has nearly come to a close. That means lots and lots of pages, so let’s get crackin! ;D

So how are we getting to work on these pages? To keep it short and simple, each page will either be done by one artist or by a collaborative team.
One Artist: This person is in charge of all aspects of their page. This includes composition, lineart, coloring, background, and the shading/lighting of characters and background.
Collaborative Team: There are THREE people involved in each team. One person controls composition and lineart, one person controls coloring the characters and creating the background, and the final person does the shading and lighting for the characters and background. If your team has something different in mind, please let me know! As long as everyone agrees on it, it should be fine. C:

Deadlines: Each part should take no longer than three weeks to complete.
If you’re in a Collaborative Team, each person gets a one-week time limit to work their magic before sending it off to the next person.
If you’re a sole artist, I will be checking in for a Work-In-Progress update at the end of each week to make sure everything’s going well! C:

Art: Follow the basic guidelines! For example, if you are assigned to be the composition and lineart person, don’t start coloring it. Just be a kind and considerate person, as you are in all other ways.
Additionally, try to stay on model. Each character will have a reference sheet, which is a fancy way of saying “a little drawing explaining how to draw this character consistently.” It’s okay to adapt to your own style; just make sure you’re following most of it so that the viewers can easily recognize the characters!
For example, it would be super strange if Dawnmist were suddenly changed to a ginger tabby for one panel! ;D

Storyline: As you might expect, the graphic novel should depict the story of Trailing Stars. Stick to your part’s instructions. If your part says Copperclaw stares up at the night sky contemplatively, she shouldn’t be drawn having a fancy dinner in a medieval castle. 😉

Dropping A Part: It’s okay to drop a part if you find yourself unable to complete it in the time allotted! I just need to know as soon as possible. I completely understand needing to drop, and there’s always unpredictable factors that can affect us.
To make sure the delay on the part is as small as possible, just let me know as soon as you realize that it can’t be done in the time limit. There’s a TON of parts that will be created in the future, so dropping it won’t affect your chances of getting to do one later. C:

Exports: On the more technical side of things, exporting your parts has to be done cleanly. If you’re the lineart person, for example, you’ll need to export it as a PNG format so that the coloring person can actually work with it.
If you’ve been assigned to a group where all of you have the same art program, feel free to export through those files to make the process even easier! [For example, a Clip Studio Paint group can just export through .csp files and keep the layers intact.]

So far, I will be conducting sign-ups for the first four parts. A comprehensive sign-up form will be listed below!
[Click here for that form!]Make sure to fill out each section honestly and accurately! There’s going to be lots and lots of parts to sign up for as this goes on, so listing accurate preferences won’t reduce your chances of getting a part. There’s more than enough content to make sure everybody gets a chance to do what they’d like!
The contact information aspects are for the purposes of team building and outreach; it’s much easier to coordinate this stuff via messaging or group chats than it is to check in individually with each person on the Blog through mod edits.
Sign-ups for this batch of parts will conclude in one week and the assignments will be announced through another post! ^^

If you have any questions about the project, comment below! Address your question comment to Viperfrost so I’m sure to see it. C:

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