Did Jayfeather Actually Love His Stick? By Nightpaw

Nightpaw takes a closer look at the joke ship between Jayfeather and The Stick.

Art by Puddincat7

Henlo, fellow warriors! My name is Nightpaw and today I will be talking about everyone’s favorite ship. . . JayxStick!

As pointed out by a lot of people, Jayfeather did act like he loved his stick. He would use it to meet the ancient cats, along with Rock, and protected it with his life. As we all remember, when the stick fell in the lake Jayfeather risked his life and dove into the water, saving the stick and his connection with the ancient cats. And according to the book “Fading Echoes”, when he destroyed the stick out of rage, he regretted it and did everything he could to bring his connection back. Even other cats, such as Lionblaze, knew about Jayfeather’s connection with the stick and was shocked when he destroyed it. Yes, he did care for the stick and protected it, but did he really love it?

Let’s compare Jayfeather’s actions to Stick with a real couple’s actions to each other. I’m going to be using Crowfeather and Leafpool as an example. When they ran off, they spent a lot of time gazing at each other, playing games, and of course sharing prey and grooming each other. Now, I hate to admit this, but Jayfeather never “groomed” Stick or played games with it. And of course he didn’t share prey, Stick can’t eat anything. It’s complicated in a way, Jayfeather can’t really do anything to show his “love” (if he does love Stick) to Stick like a normal cat. But in a way, he didn’t spend all day gazing lovingly at it although he studied it. This is one of the main reasons why I- *sniff sniff* don’t think JayxStick is real.

We also must point out that Stick isn’t really a “character” or “living thing” in Warriors, however. Stick is just for visiting ancient cats and learning more about how the cats actually became Clan cats. He did sleep besides Stick once, which made me think that was adorable and started loving the ship, but this was just to walk in the ancient cat’s world, as Jay’s Wing. We can obviously see here that Stick isn’t a real character but just a connection that let him walk in the ancient world. Therefore and unfortunately, Stick isn’t lovable, although their connection is.

In conclusion, Jayfeather did act like he loved Stick and cared and protected it, but this turned out to be to save the only connection with the ancient cats. Stick actually is just a connection to the ancient cats along with Rock and Half Moon, and he only cared for it because it was the only connection to them. Jayfeather didn’t love Stick, he just loved his connection with the other cats. Yes, I’m disappointed, I know you are too, but at least we have Half Moon x Jayfeather to keep us company ;).

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