My 10 favorite Warriors by Snowcloud

Snowcloud lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by ColacatintheHat

Hello it’s Snowcloud and this is my first artical I am making! I hope you enjoy any way and this is only my opinion, and this is till the clans are made (I forgot the name) any way.

Ok Thunder he has such a hard, inspiring life, I have a very big place in my heart that is for cats who have a hard life, so after he got rejected from Clearsky, and Graywing said that he was his father, I felt tears in my eyes, and the more his life goes, the more I love him.

Jayfeather also has kind of the hard life like Thunder, he is blind and can’t be warrior just because of his disability, and when he gets chosen to be one of the three, and enters Firestar’s dream, I felt that he was so over whelmed and happy he was, and then when he had to leave Half Moon, I cried about a hour, I think they were so adorable.

Oh boy here comes the pressure, ok in this case I have litterly no idea why I love her, the only thing I know is that I love how loyal she is and how she loves her brother no matter what.

I am still reading the books and I am in the apprentice quest, so I haven’t reed Bluestars prophecy, but in the first series, I loved her,she is so kind to every cat, like when sheo let Rusty/Fire/paw/heart/star, in the clan, even if he was a kittypet, and plus, he proved himself by fighting Gray/paw/stripe, and she was so loyal to her clan, when she was in her den with her kits, and at the end she gave them to Oakheart (that was all in the first series when she was explaining herself to Firestar) just to the leader of the clan, maybe she went insane, but I think it was because she was so confused and tired, and missed her kits.

I adore Feathertail, she is so kind to every cat, she reminds me of Bluestar, she should have been the leader of RI

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