How to make your own Warrior Cat OC by Fallenfeather

Fallenfeather shares how to make a Warriors original character.

Hello, how’s it going everybody? It’s Fallenfeather…. again 😛
Are you having trouble creating a warrior cat of your own?? Well if so, this is
the article for you! In this article I will be explaining in detail how to create your own warrior. Now, I have a lot experience with creating warrior cat OCs
because I have made about 80 of them so far 😅 (I KNOW I’M INSANE)
Throughout the article I will be giving an example of an OC I made up
on the spot, and their name will be…. Flowertail. Okay, let’s get into it!

A name is what makes the cat who they are.
Not just in Warriors, but in everything! In the Warrior Cats series, cats are often
named after their features, such as their fur color. For example, Firestar was named after his flame colored pelt, and Smallear was named after his small ears.
But they aren’t always named after how they look. Sometimes, their named after their personalities, or just because the person giving the name likes it.
Genders important also 😛
So, I chose the name Flowertail because it is a pretty name in my opinion, and I like it.
Choose a name for your cat, and think about why you want your OC
to be named that. Remember, the name doesn’t have to be very unique. It can be as simple as Blackfur, and as unique as Sparklefoot.

Think of the name, or you can even think of your cat’s appearance before you
create the name. Don’t make your cat identical to a warrior from the actual series.
You want to make it your own and not a copy of another cat. Flowertail with be a
fluffy white she-cat with grey splotches and green eyes.
So say your cat is named Greyspots, you would want to make your cat grey with some spots somewhere on their body. Make the name make sense!! You don’t want to have your cat named that and have it be all white, do you?? If you want, give your cat
some unique features, such as shredded ears or battle scars.

Give your cat their own personality. Will your OC be fierce and ambitious like Tigerstar I,
or will they be kind and have a good sense of humor like Graystripe? You choose!!
Try to avoid giving your OC a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu personality.
If your OC is one of those it means they are free of weaknesses or worries.
(like Dovewing 😜)
You want to make your character as interesting as possible, and a warrior without
weaknesses is no warrior. So let’s see, Flowertail will be kind and enthusiastic,
with a bit of sass in there.

Don’t just give your cat a specific rank because you think that rank is cool.
I’m not saying you can’t make your OC a clan leader, I’m just saying that
you should ease into it. Why did the former leader make your cat their deputy in the
first place? Did they believe they could make the clan stronger, or was it
because they trusted your OC more than any other cat?? Do you want your cat
to be a warrior or a medicine cat? Well, think of the qualifications your cat
would have to have to be one of those two things. If your cat is a good hunter and
fighter, make it a warrior. If your cat is a bit more shy or likes to keep the peace and not fight, make them a medicine cat. I will make Flowertail a warrior, because
she likes to serve her clan by going on hunting patrols, and will fight any enemy that
comes in her clan’s way.

Is your OC a kit? An apprentice? Warrior? Well, if you’ve made a kit OC, you would
want to make is younger than 6 moons/months old because that’s the limit for
a kit’s age before they are apprenticed. If you’ve made a apprentice, it would
most likely have to be between 6-10 moons/months old. Your warrior can really be
any age, as long as it’s before 7 years, which is when a warrior usually retires to the elder’s den. If you have made a young warrior, the age would be between 1-4 years old.
A senior warrior would be between 5-7 years. I’ll say that Flowertail will be 2 years old,
because why not? 😝 Here’s the age chart if you want to make it easier for ya:

Kit: less than 6 moons old
Apprentice: 6-10 moons old
Young Warrior: 1-4 years old
Senior Warrior: 5-7 years old

Don’t just make your cat a RiverClan cat because that’s your favorite clan.
Give your cat a clan that fits them, you can pick the clan based on their looks or
even their personalities. For example, If you want your OC to be fast and look lithe,
make it a WindClan cat. If your cat likes to climb trees and catch birds, make them
a SkyClan cat. If your cat loves to swim and is quite fluffy, make them a cat
of RiverClan!! (THEY GET THE POINT FALLEN, JEEZ) I think I will make Flowertail
a warrior of SkyClan, because I can imagine her climbing through trees and
leaping from branch to branch.

Unless your cat is starting out from when they are born as a kit, you want to give your
cat a interesting backstory. Did they get bullied by the other apprentices when they
were younger? Did they have trouble picking a clan to live in because they
are half-clan? Make it interesting, and don’t make them have a perfect life.
My backstory for Flowertail is, she got bullied when she was younger by her “friends”
because they made fun of her weak fighting tactics, but she eventually proved
that she was a strong and loyal SkyClan warrior that can serve her clan well.

Sorry for all the writing, I want to be a author when I’m older lol.
Did this article help you make your very own warrior cat OC?
I sure hope so, and thanks for helping me create my own warrior OC too, Flowertail!!
Bye friends 🙂 ~Fallen

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  • My cat is Thundercloud. Thundercloud is a she-cat, and she is black with orangeish-redish spots on her back. She is kind, but you would want to try not to cross her line. Father:Firestar. Mother:Sandstorm. Sister:Leafpool, Squirrelflight. Brother:None whatsoever. Daughter:Shadowfoot. Son:Mosspelt. (Also, she likes Spiderleg!!!)

  • Can you help me pick a clan for Hawkwing? He is fast, is intelligent, still improves his fighting tactics, and doesn’t give up fast. 🙂

  • My cat’s name is Violetpaw(song). He is a medicine cat and was chosen because he always tried to find peaceful solutions as a warrior apprentice. He is half-clan, his mother being of RiverClan and his father of SkyClan. Though he had some trouble figuring out where to live he chose RiverClan and is now the best medicine cat they’ve had in generations! He is very kind and caring, though he can get very snappish with you. If he’s really anxious/tired, then he’ll bring out his full-blown frustration. I wouldn’t advise approaching him during one of his moods.

  • Hi! I need help deciding on a clan status for my Gray she-cat with some dark yellow-orange stripes(sounds odd but it’s very pretty) her name is RiverSong. My brother(irl brother’s cat) is a medicine cat and thunderclan.

  • Bro, thanks a lot! This really helped me make my wc oc! I was having trouble choosing between a black cat named Ravenfeather and a white cat named Snow foot (or patch.) BTW these are for when they become warriors.Thanks for all your help!!!I will remember to mention you to my friend who is warrior cats LOVER! She’ll be happy to come to you! Thanks again Fallen!Never won’t let me submit my comment!I can’t say anything to you!!*gasp!*NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😱😠💀😑

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