Why I think Jayfeather should have been a warrior by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm argues why Jayfeather should have become a warrior.

Art by Kiwi207

Hello elders, warriors, kits, apprentices!
Now we all know that medicine cats are a very important part of clan life. Wise, and kind, they treat their patients with care and soothing words. But are all cats fit for medicine cats?
I like Jayfeather, he is one of my favorite characters in the warriors books. But as I read about StarClan and Leafpool pushing him to become a medicine cat when he obviously did not want to, made my heart twist with his pain. First lets look back when he was a kit. Jaykit always wanted to be a warrior from the moment he could think and speak. Like almost every kit, he wanted to serve his clan loyally, and fight beside his littermates. When he became an apprentice, he was assigned to Brightheart. Jaypaw was Brightheart’s first apprentice. Firestar gave Jaypaw to her, hoping she could teach him to be a good warrior despite his blindness. But Jaypaw had a very bad first battle. I heard a spoiler that his first battle would be disastrous before I read the book. When I first read it, I honestly thought that his bad battle was yet to come. But no, that was the bad battle. After I read about what was going on his head, and then I realized why. But I think Jaypaw still had hope. He could still have worked on his other senses, using them to his advantage when it came to battle. Keep in mind the battle that went wrong for him was only his first battle. He did not even have any battle training. If he would have had moons and moons of training, he might have been good at fighting.
So, that is my first reason. Number two…
StarClan had Jaypaw’s future planned out for him. I am not saying anything about StarClan, they are great, and caring, but it kind of felt like Jaypaw was a puppet for them to toss around, force him into a destiny he would HATE. They could have looked into the future, seeing that Jaypaw would die at his second battle or something, but can StarClan do that? Spottedleaf said they cannot control the weather. But then how do they shift the clouds over the moons at the gatherings, or send the lighting bolt to kill Mudclaw? So can they really tell what will happen? Were they doing the best for Jayfeather…or the worst?
Ok, third reason.
Jaypaw really hated being a medicine cat, at least as an apprentice. He felt really forced into the role of a medicine cat. It is stated that a medicine cat has to show curiosity, or want to be a medicine cat to be one. Well, Jaypaw showed those traits to the role of a warrior. Poor Jaypaw!
Fourth reason.
Poor Brightheart! Leafpool sort of pushed Jaypaw too to become a medicine cat, but Brightheart just felt as if she had failed Jaypaw. Let him down. She lost her first apprentice, and just thought that she was such a bad mentor Jaypaw even preferred being a medicine cat over her. Poor Brightheart!
Fifth reason.
A grumpy, rude warrior is ok. Look at Dustpelt. But a grumpy, rude medicine cat…?
Sick or hurt cats need caring, kind, soothing cats to take care of them. To calm their nerves, to ease their pain. Jayfeather is a great character…..but…
Image you were in a battle. Your leg was so injured you could hardly limp in pain and agony. In the same battle, you just found out your sister was brutally killed by a friend in a different clan. You are shocked. You are in pain. You want to yowl in your grief, or just never wake up.
Now imagen Cinderpelt walks up to you, presses her pelt against yours, and aids you to her den. She gives you soothing herbs, likes your fur, and mutters words to you that ease your pain. She will always watch over you. She will always be with you, in heart, in spirit, everything will be ok. Etc.
Now, imagine Jayfeather yelling at you to pick up your paws and come into his den. He will press herbs to your mouth, grunting to you to eat. Muttering words to you like: Eh, we are better off without her anyway. She always talked my ear off. Eat the herbs you mouse-brain! It will help! Am I a medicine cat to stuff herbs down cat’s throats or what?
Jayfeather is great, with a rich personality. But…which cat would you chose?
These are the reasons I think Jayfeather should have been a warrior. It would give hope and inspire readers that reaching your dreams are possible, that no one control’s your path but you. I think Jayfeather would have been a wonderful warrior. What do you think?
(Also, please note that I have only read up to The sight in the warrior’s books, plus spoilers and super editions, mangas, short stories, etc. So sorry if some of my states are outdated!)

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