Who is the Dark Forest leader? by Jaypaw

Jaypaw wonders who could be the leader of the Dark Forest.

Artwork by MossclawArt

Hello! Jaypaw here, and I’ll be discussing who I think the DF leader is.

Theory One:
If I’m being honest here, I think it’s Mapleshade, and not just because I like her. At first, it was a tie between Tigerstar and Mapleshade for me. But then I read Omen of the Stars where Ivypool is hanging around the Dark Forest. I can’t quote exactly, but a few times the books mentioned how a lot of the other Dark Forest cats seemed terrified of Mapleshade, including Tigerstar. Plus, at one point, when the Dark Forest senior warriros had a meeting, Mapleshade sat up the highest, which might mean she’s of a higher status than the others. Tigerstar told her what to do a few times, and she listened, but I still think she is the leader.

Theory Two:
Maybe it could be Tigerstar. He seems the most vicious and ruthless out of all the Dark Forest cats. He is willing to kill if a cat even LOOKS at him the wrong way. Hawkfrost obeys without question, and Brokenstar seems to almost worship him. So does Darkstripe, but that isn’t really new.

Theory Three:
Mapleshade might be the leader of the Dark Forest, but she’s old, right? Like, she’s literally fading away, she’s almost transparent. So possibly, Mapleshade IS the current leader, and the reason she sometimes obeys Tigerstar is to have him gain authority. And for the same reason, the others are terrified of him. Maybe Tigerstar is…. well, a deputy of sorts. Once Mapleshade fades away completely, he might take over.

Theory Four:
Maybe Tigerstar and Mapleshade are joint leaders. They rule together, and occasionally obey one another. They seem to be the strongest Dark Forest cats, so they probably joined together in a truce of some sort, and used their cleverness, strength and intimidation to rule the cats through fear. Probably the only reason they two are still alive are a) they are the strongest cats in the Dark Forest, b) they have a truce, and c) the other would probably kill any cat who laid a claw on one of them. (Plus, they’re all probably too sacred to try anyway).

There’s my four theories on whether its Mapleshade or Tigerstar who rules the Dark Forest! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • Nice Theory! But there is the possibility that the DF has no leader but others are just more respected than others.

    • I agree. In The Place of No Stars, Mapleshade seems to.. talk about Ashfur like he’s leader?(SPOILER ALERT!)

    • Yeah. I also kinda think that Brokenstar could be the leader because when he got killed by Yellowfang in the Great Battle, everyone, even Thistleclaw, got soooo scared and ran away.

      Nice article, Jaypaw!

  • Mapleshade isnt old you dont age in the dark forest but after a long time cats start to forget you so you start to fade

    • So, the dark forest is basically the dark allyways of Cocoa, where people fade. And starclan is the highlife.(sorry, just comparing.)

  • Personally, I think the Dark Forest doesn’t have a leader. I’m pretty sure Mapleshade and Tigerclaw are the equivalent of senior warriors, while cats like Darkstripe seem to be like junior ones.

  • Amazing article! 😀
    I think it’s most likely Tigerstar, because he always seems to give orders, even to Mapleshade, but maybe Mapleshade was leader before he came. I love all your theories! <3 Keep writing! 😀

  • I agree with the others that the df doesn’t have a leader, but this was a great article! Nice job!

  • Great theories!
    Right Hand Man