BlogClanner in the Spotlight: Frostfire

Welcome back to BITS! For this month’s edition, we’ll look into the mind of Frosto!

(BITS shall be brought to you henceforth by Rainie, btw 😉 )

I decided to interview Frostfire because they’ve coincidentally recently won the blog’s official NTA, and because she’s been on the blog for ages! Frosto’s also super duper cool and a senior warrior as well. So without further adieu, presenting: Frostfire!

Q: How did you discover BlogClan?

I originally found it in 2017, when I was probably the most into the series. I started the books the year before, and now I was hooked on them. Around November of that year, I had just gotten caught up with all the books, and was anxiously awaiting the next book, Darkest Night, which was coming out soon. I was on the Warriors Wiki a lot, eagerly hunting for new information about the book or a preview of it. I started looking on other websites for discussion about it and came across a page called Ask Jaysnow. I immediately started reading all of the comments and quickly found the Darkest Night discussion page, where I did find a preview. I stalked the site for a while after that before joining.

Q: Which Warrior Cats character do you think is the most like you?

Gosh, unfortunately it has been a long time since I’ve read the books, so I’ve forgotten a lot of characters, but probably Leafpool or Alderheart. Both of them are kind of quiet and shy, which is a lot like me. I’d also probably be a medicine cat, because I’d enjoy healing more than fighting. Leafpool can also be stubborn, from what I remember, which I definitely am, and Alderheart is nervous/stressed a lot, which I also am.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of the blog?

I love reading, which I’m sure most of us do. I also really like to write, and I sing, though not for school anymore. I watch lots and lots of TV, mostly Netflix. I also do volleyball and occasionally draw, but not much because my drawing aren’t the best and I refuse to practice to make them better.

Rainie note: art isn’t about if it looks good… we should make art for the sake of making art! I think that’s how the saying goes? But I guess fair enough if you don’t like the sake of art 😛

Q: Favourite: colour, snack, book, song?

Color: purple! It’s pretty much always been my favorite, though it doesn’t hold any sentimental value 😛 I always thought people just chose a favorite color based on which one looked the nicest, but I later learned not? So that was interesting, and odd considering I usually choose things based on sentimentality. I am a fan of lots of snacks, mostly unhealthy. My favorite is probably cheddar flavored potato chips, from any brand because cheese. My favorite book changes a lot and I usually have a few, but Mockingjay will probably always be one of my ultimate favorites, though it is quite heartwrenchingly sad. My favorite song also changes a lot too, but right now it’s probably Heavy in Your Arms by Florence + The Machine – it has a great beat and good notes, so I suggest listening to it if you’ve never heard it 😀

Q: How did you choose your warrior name?

I wanted to find a name that sounded nice and was picturable. I remember always liking the Frost prefix, and I never went back and forth on a name. I was also inspired by the name of one of the species of dragon from a game I played. I think it was called Dragonvale? I just really liked how Frostfire sounded.

Q: What has been your favourite BlogClan memory so far?

I’d say probably the gift exchange of 2018. Seeing all the beautiful drawings and kind words was really heartwarming, and everyone sort of came together and it was nice and wholesome. My other favorites are all probably group events. I love when all of the blog interacts together. 😀

Q: What’s your favourite warrior ship?

I remember never really liking the canon ships much in the first few arcs, so I think my favorite is Jayfeather and Briarlight. I always liked how they were able to bond over how they were sometimes outcasted by the Clan and how they felt less worthy with each other, and they had good chemistry. I think I also used to be one of those annoying Squirrelflight and Ashfur shippers, but I sort of stopped after incidents in the third arc 😛

Q: Is Pluto a planet?

Honestly I forgot it existed 😛 but yes it is and I will not be taking criticism

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Somewhere cold! I live in the tropics, which is very nice, but the humidity is not, especially during the summer. 😛 I’d probably choose somewhere in Canada, since a lot of places there are scenic and have nice weather. I’ve been once before and it was very enjoyable. The geese were understandably aggressive.

Rainie note: oh, the horrors of the Canadian Geese…. but yes other than that it’s very nice here, hopefully we can all do some travelling soon 😀

Q: And lastly, a genie has granted you 3 wishes. What are they?

Ahh I am so indecisive maybe one of my wishes can be to fix that 😛 The first would probably be to be able to live near all friends (that’s Y’ALL) and relatives, and be able to spend time with them. The second would probably be the cheesy save-the-world one where everyone’s healthy and the earth has healed but it would be very nice! And the third would definitely be the ability to eat whatever food I wanted whenever 😛

And this has been another edition of BITS! Big thanks to Frosto for responding to so many questions this in depth, that was super fun! And huge thanks to Kat as well for the wonderful art!! Tune in next month for another the next BlogClanner in the Spotlight, and take care!

Rainshine 🌸 Rainie


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