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Fidgetsplash shares why they don’t like Ashfur.

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Hello! I’m Fidgetsplash and welcome to my first article! I hope I do well, and with that said, let’s just jump right in!

So, Ashfur. He did some questionable things, but still made it into StarClan.

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t too happy about that. Ashfur is one of my least favorite characters, so today, I’ll be telling you why!

1. His obsession with Squirrelflight

We all know that Ashfur wanted Squirrelflight to be his mate, right? Yeah. And Squilf wanted Brambleclaw. So she got Brambleclaw. And Ashfur was not happy. He held a grudge. I can get if he was heart-broken for, like, a few moons or so. But he held onto that grudge for SO LONG! It kind of annoyed me. He was a warrior and I get it. The cat of his dreams rejected him. But he didn’t have to go and try to kill Firestar, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather. It was selfish. He wanted Squirrelflight to feel his pain, but he should’ve understood that Squirrelflight didn’t love him. (even though Brambleclaw/star isn’t much better, but we’ll save him for another article) I never understood how he didn’t get that through his thick skull. He doesn’t own Squirrelflight.

2. The plan with Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost and Ashfur. The dynamic duo. These two plotted to kill Firestar. Hawkfrost wanted Brambleclaw to be leader. Ashfur wanted Squirrelflight to feel his pain. Again, I feel like Ashfur was being selfish. He wanted his love interest’s father (who, mind you, is also his Clan leader) to die, just because she didn’t return his feelings. What kind of level of simp is this?? Of course, the plan backfired because Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost and saved Firestar. Ashfur really thought killing his own Clan leader would make things better. Great decision, Ashfur, you’re a real role model!

3. The Fire Scene

Pretty much #2, but he gets another way to make Squirrelflight depressed: making her “kits” hate her and her sister and threatening to reveal the secret that Leafpool is their mom. Ashfur. What a guy! Really was glad when Hollyleaf killed him.

I’m not including anything from the Broken Code in this article only because I haven’t read the Broken Code yet, but really excited to get those books when they’re finished and in a 6-book pack.

So, yeah, Ashfur. Life started out alright, but went downhill so fast. He had potential, I’ll give him that.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying Ashfur is evil or anything like that, I just simply dislike him.

I would be interested in an Ashfur super-edition though. Get to see things in his point-of-view. Maybe then I’ll understand him better. But for now, he sucks in my eyes.

There are good things to him (one thing being we’re allowed to draw him with his beautiful golden locks), but the bad outweighs the good.

Thank you for reading my first article and I hope you enjoyed it! Bye!

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    • yep. Ashfur is evil. That’s the only thing I disagree with you, Fidgetsplash.

      Your article was amazing!

  • Great article! I SOOOOOOO agree! I very much dislike Ashfur. No, I hate him. I also hate Ash X Squirrel. Great job for your first article! And it’s okay to say Ashfur’s evil – I’d still totally agree. 🙂

  • Nice article! I totally agree- he’s my least favorite character!
    When he was the impostor, he caused a lot of deaths, like Berrynose’s, Willowshine’s, and Stemleaf’s for example. He did all of that for a simple crush.

  • Awesome article!!
    I always hated Ashfur too, even before TBC came out!

  • I despise Ashfur SO MUCH!
    Right Hand Man

  • Ashfur is my favorite character, and this article makes me want to defend him.

    1. His Obsession With Squirrelflight
    This is one of the reasons I really like Ashfur. He seems like the realist character. He shows jealousy, anger towards Bramble and Squirrelflight, emotions that cats in Warriors don’t usually show. Bristlefrost, for example, was in almost the exact same situation. But when Stemleaf chose Spotfur over her, she moved on rather quickly, which I feel like wouldn’t happen in real life.

    2. The Plan With Hawkfrost
    Ashfur was in a fragile state of mind, and was extremely susceptible to manipulative Hawfrost. What I think happened, and there’s no way to prove this did or didn’t happen, was this: Ashfur and Hawkfrost laid the trap for Firestar, then Ashfur lured him to the trap. Hawkfrost waited for Brambleclaw to get there, and the scene from Sunset happened. Ashfur isn’t a murderer. He has never killed a cat, even though he had plenty of chances. He chickened out, and ran to go get help.

    3. The Fire Scene
    This comment has already got really long, so I’ll keep this brief. Would you hate Cloudtail if he was the one who found out Squirrelflight’s secret and tried to reveal it? What about Sandstorm? Or Brambleclaw? You can’t be mad at Ashfur for following the Warrior Code.

    • No. Ashfur warned Squilf & Leaf of Firestar’s fox-trapping. He did this because he only wanted them to witness the death of one life, not all. I say this because Firestar’s death would mean the start of Brambleclaw(star)’s leadership, and Bramblestar is Ashfur’s rival.

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