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Why to not like Pinestar and Thistleclaw by Silverclaw48

Silverclaw48 shares why you shouldn’t like Pinestar or Thistleclaw.

Art by Lithestep

Hello Silverclaw48 here this is a article about evil Thistleclaw and well not evil Pinestar. This will talk about each of them clearly from my point of view here. People I will go crazy if I miss spell something. Do not hate this article.

First Pinestar you act fine for like half of the book. Then you start disappearing all the time and do not care about getting in battle of Sunning-Rocks. When Bluepaw was chasing a rabbit she went to the Two-leg place on accident you are some there when she was talking to Jake the kittypet and if you did not know Jake is Firestar’s father. This is all takes place in Bluestar’s prophecy. Later when Bluepaw is Bluefur which you can guess is her Warrior name. She knew that Lionpaw knew something and asked him he said nothing. When Lionpaw was out he had followed Pinestar and caught him but Pinestar just said “I am tricking the Kittypets to stay out of our territory.” Lionpaw asked wheres the Kittypet. Then Pinestar spilled there is no Kittypet I am the only one. I plan to spend my1 final life as a Kittypet. Lionpaw convinced him to tell the clan himself. Something Something Something Something. First bad thing about Pinestar he left to spend his final life as a Kittypet. Second he went to Starclan. WHY? Makes sense but no sense. Third abandoned his only living kit Tigerkit at the time and grew up to be Tigerstar partly blaim him and the other part the cat I will talk about next.2 Fourth and last why did he mate with such a young cat Leopardfoot was at least 40 moons younger probably 50. That is all. Thistleclaw’s will be much more mad than this one.

Now here is my least favorite Warriors ever Thistleclaw. This one will be more complaints about him than writing. First Thistleclaw is a plain old show off and bully I will say when Bluepaw was going to her first gathering Thistleclaw was trying to go to because “HE WAS AS BIG AS BLUEPAW”. Show off part there. Next lets see. Oh yeah WHY DID SNOWFUR MATE WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly I think it would of been funny as Thistlepaw because he probably had a Thistle in his paw. Now this I would always agree with Thistleclaw was partly the reason Tigerstar was evil he mentored him. At the end of the day Tigerstar go what he deserved since when Tigerstar was an apprentice he almost killed Scourge who was a kit and a Kittypet his name was Tiny back then.

PS, Do not care if you do hate comments do not have any social life will not hurt.

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  • YES!!! Thistleclaw is the worst! I don’t like Pinestar either. Fantastic article Silverclaw!

    • Agreed! Thistle claw is the best warrior name Thistlepaw could get! Now, instead of a thistle in his paw, it’s in his claw! Pinestar is stupid and doesn’t deserve to go to StarClan! He deserves to go to Kittypet Death Place!

  • I hate Thistleclaw. But still, Pinestar had a reason. StarClan and Goosefeather were freaking him out: “TigErkIT iS eViL!”
    He wasn’t happy being Clan leader, so he left, with a wonderful replacement.

  • I personally like Pinestar. Clan life just wasn’t for him. I don’t see why the fact that he left to be a kitty pet should be any reason to hate him.
    I also despise Thistleclaw. He’s just a terrible cat.
    Right Hand Man

  • Pinestar left because he was told that his son was going to be really evil so kill him bruh! That’s sorta hard to do. Like, just go and kill your son right after his two sisters died.

  • Great article ! I mean, who likes Thistleclaw ???

  • Have you read Pinestar’s choice? If you haven’t, read it because it makes you see Pinestar in a very very different light! Great article tho!

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