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Tigerpaw gives awards to characters from the series.

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Hey guys! I’m Tigerpaw, and today, I’m going to give awards to the warrior cats! I was inspired by Snowpaw doing the same thing. I thought I could try to do as many as possible. So here we go!
Tigerstar: Evilest cat
It started when Tigerstar’s dad became a kittypet, thus fueling his hatred of them. Tigerstar tried to kill young Scourge, or as he was known then, Tiny. Much later, he killed Redtail, and some (like me) suspect he killed Lionheart as well. But he was caught when he tried to kill Bluestar and exiled. As most of you know, he came back as leader of ShadowClan, tried to kill ThunderClan with dogs, murdered Gorsepaw, Brindleface and probably a few others I don’t remember, brought BloodClan into the forest, and then died at the paws of a rouge. BloodClan then tried to kill everyone, but the Clans, now rid of Tigerstar, allied together and drove out BloodClan. He came back later, but that’s too much spoiling, so I won’t go any further.
Brokenstar: Most deaths caused by one cat
No need to really explain here. Marigoldkit, Mintkit, Raggedstar, Mosspaw, Volepaw, Badgerfang, Swampkit, Blossomkit, Antpelt, Beetlewhisker, and Ferncloud. He also indirectly caused the death of Clawface (his follower) and everyone Firestar killed.
Firestar: Noblest cat
Again, no need to explain. He’s kind of a Gary Stu. He only killed bad guys, aside from Whitethroat, who he thought was a bad guy. However, he tried hard to keep the peace and make everyone happy. He saved Bramblekit from a fire. He gave Yellowfang shelter and happiness. The kits of his daughters were important characters. And in Omen Of The Stars…… I’m not gonna spoil it. More prophecies involving fire.
Appledusk: Worst mate
Appledusk was Mapleshade’s mate when she was alive. Not only did he trick her into thinking he loved her, he cheated on her and blamed her for the kits’ deaths, and convinced Darkstar to keep her out of RiverClan.
Rainflower: Worst mother
Unless you haven’t read Crookedstar’s Promise, this one’s obvious. Before Stormkit broke his jaw, Rainflower was a great mother, caring for and loving Oakkit and Stormkit with all her heart. But she didn’t care about their personalities- only their looks. And when Stormkit broke his jaw, she stopped caring about him, not letting him sleep in the same nest as her, insisting on hating him to the point that Shellheart broke up with her, and even changing his name to Crookedkit. Therefore, she is the worst Warrior Cats mother.
Spiderleg: Worst father
Again, you knew it was coming. Spiderleg never meant to be a dad, Toadkit and Rosekit were accidents. But he soon found himself the father of a son and daughter, and he just didn’t know how to be a parent. Can you blame him for avoiding them?
Mothwing: Fluffiest cat
Hollyleaf, Honeyfern: Tie for saddest death (In my opinion)
Hollyleaf died after saving Ivypool from Hawkfrost in Oots. Honeyfern died saving Briarkit, future Briarlight, from a snake. Both deaths nearly made me and many others cry. Honeyfern was pregnant, it also killed her unborn kits. And Hollyleaf died a noble death saving Ivypool’s life. She never really had a purpose, dying too soon for accomplishing anything that lasted very long.
Rock: Most mysterious cat
Rock has only a small chunk of his history known, yet he plays a large role in the life of warriors across the lake- and in Jayfeather’s dreams.
Midnight: Most friendly badger
It started when the four- along with two extra- went to the sun-drown-place to listen to midnight, only to find out Midnight was a badger. Since then, she has been helping catkind over her own kin.
Badgerfang: Youngest warrior
Badgerfang was born in a bad time- Right when Brokenstar was leading ShadowClan. He was apprenticed at two moons old to Flintfang. One thing leads to another, and after only a moon, he was dying on the battlefield. Fintfang let him pick a warrior name to live with in StarClan, and he chose Badgerfang, after his mentor. He died and ascended to StarClan as Badgerfang. He later gave Tigerstar 1 one of his nine lives.
Crookedstar: Best mate
Crookedstar and Willowbreeze: best ship ever? By how much Crookedstar mourned, he loved Willowbreeze very much. And Willowbreeze loved him back, calling him “My love.” when he entered StarClan, and when she was dying, she told him, “You will be a wonderful father.”
Ferncloud: Best mother
Ferncloud may have only really raised background characters, but she was a good mother, as evidenced in her grief at losing Shrewpaw, Hollykit and Larchkit and her ride in her other kits. She also helped Daisy with raising Toadkit and Rosekit.
Thrushpelt: Best father (Kind of, the kits weren’t his)
I am a big shipper of ThrushxBlue. Bluestar deserved better than Oakheart. He was a great adoptive father to her kits.
That’s it! Hope you liked it! I’ll do a continuation if you suggest awards.

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  • I agree with all but saddest death, for me [DO NOT READ ON UNLESS U WANT BIG SPOILER FOR CAT WHO DIES IN DAWN OF THE CLANS!], Saddest death was grey wing :'(

  • 🖤Turtle loves ‘Walk Without The Stars’ by Blixemi🖤 (Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢) says:

    Honeyfern being pregnant when she died is actually just a fan head canon, it’s not actually canon despite popular belief of the Warriors fandom!

    Yes, Rainflower is definitely the worst mother! She was TEEEEERRRRRIBLLLLE.

    A Winter’s Ball

  • I love the the Warrior Cat books. Even though i’m on the sixth book. Page 65. It’s a pretty interesting book seriors. I would be done with the Warrior cats book, if i didn’t have so many other books to read. For me it’s hard to stick to one book. I really love cats, that’s why I started reading the Warrior Cats books. Iv’e been reading the Warrior Cats book about one year or two years ago. I didn’t know it would be really sad, and violent. I’m used to violence though, but reading calmed me down. I used to be violent because of a video game I used to play. My three favorite cats: Snowkit, I kinda liked Longtail, and Brightheart. I don’t really know if the real design of Longtail is tan, with these cool black stripes, but if it is, then, well, ithink Longtail looks pretty cool. Snowkit looks REALLY cute to me, that’s why I like Snowkit, I also like Snowkit because he’s deaf. When I heard that Snowkit is deaf he instantly became my FAVORITE cat\kit.

    • I agree with everything BUT the saddest death. (Me being a big Feather x Crow supported AND having my #1 warrior cat being her, I have to say this)… I think it was Feathertail’s! I mean, she was so young (she was, like, four moons above apprenticeship and she never even had an apprentice). And she and Crowpaw were so excited about their future together in the Clans that they were practically mates and THEN Feathertail had to die. What’s even worse is that only a few moons after Feathertail died, even after she gave him her message through Leafpaw/pool, he runs away with Leaf and doesn’t even THINK about Feathertail. And then he has a kit with Nightcloud. It’s like he did the things that Feathertail REALLY, REALLY wanted to do with other cats!!!

      Sorry if that was a bit of a rant (:
      Streamkit out.

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