June Gathering: Team Organization + Guest-Hosted Contests!

Hey, everyone! In case you haven’t heard, BlogClan’s next Gathering will be held on June 5th and 6th ⭐️ We’re going to have a very eventful summer this year, with the Gathering in June and elections coming up in July–it’s all very exciting and I hope that everyone has a blast (I know I will 😀 )

Let’s jump right into the teams for this Gathering!

Omnipotent Orcas

Cantankerous Clownfish

Dignified Dolphins

Heroic Hermit Crabs

Thank you Riverfrost for the amazing team name ideas 💙

Since there are four teams, in the comment section below you’ll list which team you want to be in from most preferred to least preferred! We’ll try to put you in your top choice, but we will be moving a few people around in order to have even teams 🙂 Remember that there’s no deadline to being sorted into a team (we can even have you put on a team after the official list comes out–we want everyone to be able to have the opportunity to participate), and you can join one even if you won’t be able to attend the actual Gathering! We’ll try to have the official list of teams out by May 29th if we manage to stay organized for that long 😛

Here you can also sign up to host a Guest-Hosted Contest! Guest-Hosted Contests are when a member of BlogClan gets to host their own game on BlogChat 😀 We’ll be having four Guest-Hosted contests each day, so eight of you will be able to host a game! Each contest should last about 30 minutes each. The Guest-Hosted Contests usually last from around 2-4 PM EST and generally involve asking questions and awarding points to the team of the person who first got it right. For example: Name That Apprentice, Guess that Quote, Warriors Trivia, etc.

You may submit multiple forms if you have multiple game ideas and there is a chance you will be asked to host more than one game if you did so. We’ll try to have the schedule out by around May 22nd, so make sure to have your form(s) submitted by then if you want to host a game 😀 If you have a scheduling conflict and can only be available for a specific amount of time, let us know and we can adjust accordingly!

CHEETAH EDIT JUNE 3RD: Sign ups are now closed! 🙂

If you have any other questions about the Gathering or about life in general, feel free to ask! See you all soon for the next post 💙

✨ Cheetahspark ✨



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