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Who will cats choose in StarClan? by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm wonders who cats will choose as their loving mates in StarClan.

Art by lokidrawz

Hello elders, kits, queens, warriors, apprentices!
I’m sure we have all wondered which cats warriors will chose in StarClan. Feathertail, or Leafpool? Cloudtail, or Swiftpaw? Silverstream, or Millie? Bramblestar, or Ashfur? Sasha, or Goldenflower, if he could. Spottedleaf, or Sandstorm, if he could. Lionblaze, or Breezepelt? Reedfeather, or no one? Well this is the article for your questions. But before we start, let me tell you that the questions we do not know the answers to, have a ending written in our hearts, and our minds. Each ending is different, depending on who the person favors. I am writing down the ending my mind wrote, the one seeming more logical to me. But that does not mean yours should change. Your story remains untouched.
So, all I’m trying to say is, it’s my opinion, yours might be different, just do not be too mad!
Lets start with the most popular one.
Feathertail, or Leafpool?
Crowfeather has a tough choice to make!
First, lets kick Nightcloud out of this trial, since Crowfeather never really loved her. Lets analyze Leafpool first. This she-cat is kind, caring, and gentle. She is the perfect medicine cat for her clan, and the best sister for Squirrelflight. She ran away with Crowfeather….but she came back. Sure, I completely understand her reasons, but she came back. All the same. And she did take out her anger that she could not get rid of her kits on Crowfeather, hurting his feelings. And when Crowfeather saved Leafpool, all he saw was Feathertail falling again. It shows it clearly on all the animations, articles, etc. And, also, I think it was really rushed. Leafpool does not even notice Crowfeather, then they run away together, and then its over. Yes, its over. If you look at a warriors wiki page, there is a list of mates who broke up. And yes, Leafpool and Crowfeather are on it. Now, lets look at Feathertail. She was the only one who saw through Crowfeather’s hard outside, to his soft, gentle heart. She never said a bad word to him, she cared for him. Some people argue that it was only a high school crush. I am still an apprentice, so I have no idea…but are high school crushes that intense? So intense you give your life for another? While I was reading about them, it defiantly seemed more then a high school crush. Second is that Feathertail was too old for Crowfeather. Well, In “A shadow in RiverClan”, Feathertail gets her warrior name at the end of Green-leaf. The book spans over 3 seasons, ending at the beginning of Green-leaf. When they started the journey, Crowpaw was just about to be made a warrior. So Feathertail is approximately 10 moons older then him, less then a year. Now, Bramblestar was made a warrior more then two months before Squirrelflight was even born. And yet they are mates. Or Pinestar, who was older then both Leopardfoot’s parents. And they were mates too. So Feathertail is not too old for Crowfeather. And I watched a Feathertail facts video, where it said that it was confirmed Crowfeather was more likely to chose Feathertail over Leafpool, because he says first love always wins. So, the winner is………
(I think it might have been possible that Jayfeather’s pelt is silver because of some connection to Feathertail)
Anyways! Next up is Cloudtail, or Swiftpaw?
Now we all know Brightheart and Swiftpaw had a crush on each other as apprentices. So…who will she chose? The cat she loved her whole life, was mates with, had kits with, survived everything together with….or a kithood crush? The winner is…
But I believe Brightheart will always be there for Swiftpaw, and Swiftpaw will be happy with that, even though she has a different mate.
Next is….Millie, or Silverstream?
Greystripe has a tough choice to make too!
Silverstream, he loved with all his heart, risking everything, even his friendship with Fireheart to be with her. Silverstream saved him….but thought she would not get in trouble just because her father was leader. It was a bit selfish of her…was it not? Millie, on the other paw helped Greystripe regain who he was, helped him stand again. I think Greystripe will love them both equally. He will be a StarClan cat with two mates! But if you really want a answer, I think he would chose Silverstream, though that is not likely, and he will just love them both.
Next is Bramblestar, or Ashfur?
Now, Brambleclaw was a good mate…but Bramblestar??? He is horrible to Squirrelflight, treating her like fresh-kill, tossing her around like a puppet with no feelings. But then…Ashfur tried to kill her kin. I believe Squirrelflight will chose neither. She deserves someone better. Maybe she will find a good mate yet, or a mate in StarClan who really loves her without trying to kill her kin, or treat her like trash.
Next is Sasha or Goldenflower?
Now, we know that Tigerstar cannot chose, because he is in the Dark forest, and Sasha would not be in StarClan anyways. But if he could…which one would it be? Tigerstar liked Goldenflower, but I do not think he loved her. He just really wanted off springs in his Clan, cats that would be just like him and he could control to do his bidding. And he thought Goldenflower was the best she-cat in the clan for the job. But I think he did love Sasha. So the winner is…
Next is Spottedleaf or Sandstrom?
Firestar cannot chose either. But if he could, which one would it be?
Firestar really loved Spottedleaf. But he really loved Sandstorm too, making it clear multiple times. He had kits with her, did the journey to rebuild SkyClan with her at his side..and much more. He loved both, but lived his life with his true mate. So the winner would be… Santstorm!
Next is Lionblaze, or Breezepelt?
Heatherpaw and Lionpaw had a big crush on each other. But when Lionpaw thought Heatherpaw told WindClan about the tunnels, he nearly killed Crowfeather, as he stepped in front of his apprentice. That means he would have killed Heatherpaw. Then later he dreams about killing Heatherpaw, and he is happy and satisfied, and joyous about doing so. While Breezepelt did horrible things, I actually like him. The strongest cats are the ones who can climb out of their mistakes before it is too late, and start treading on the path of goodness and light once more. True, those are even stronger who never walk the path of darkness, but Breezepelt was still stronger then Thistleclaw, or Tigerstar, or Hawkfrost. So yes, the winner is……Breezepelt!
Last is Reedfeather or no one. (Great StarClan, I hope this article is not too long!)
It may sound silly. Fallowtail of RiverClan and Reedfeather of WindClan met in secret, and even had kits. But Reedfeather took them away from Fallowtail. And the greatest fear of a queen is having her kits taken away from her. Could she ever forgive Reedfeather for such a thing? I think the short answer is no. So Reedfeather and Fallowtail will not be mates again, not even in StarClan.
Alright, thank you for reading, have a wonderful day, and may StarClan light your path!

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  • I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool, because Feathertail gived her blessing to their love, and Crowfeather spent much more time with Leafpool than with Feathertail, and even though Feathertail was still able to walk in StarClan, she was most of the time in the Tribe Of Endless Huntig, watching over Stormfur. These are my arguments 🙂 (I am also a LeafxCrow shipper)

    • The only thing Feathertail said about Leaf x Crow, is that Leafpool makes Crowfeather happy. She didn’t say it smiling, or purring, or anything. She just said it like she didn’t like it, but at least her love is happy. I don’t know where people get the part that Feathertail gave them her blessing. Could you please explain to me? 🙂
      Crowfeather was actually together longer with Feathertail. For two moons, they never left each other’s sides. While Crowfeather and Leafpool met five times, then ran away for a day- and that’s it.
      I don’t know about Feathertail…why would she be sent to give a message to Mothwing, when there are thousands of other cats in StarClan who could do it. Why send a Tribe cat? I don’t get it. Plus, all her family and friends are in StarClan. I think Feathertail spends more time in StarClan. Maybe she will join StarClan completely to be with Crowfeather. Or Crowfeather could join the Tribe of endless hunting. I’m sure they’d find a way to be together, if that’s the only thing keeping them apart. (Plus, I’m a Feather x Crow shipper!)
      You had some great points!
      Thanks for reading! <3

      • Exactly! I’m on the love side of Crowfeather and Feathertail! In general… I would like (list)
        Feathertail, but not Leafpool or Nightcloud. I do not know why.
        I can’t decide on Swiftpaw and Cloudtail. But probably already Swiftpaw! Yes, Cloudtail helped Brightheart / Lostface recover, but Swiftpaw gave his life trying to save him! And Cloudtail hurt him deeply by loving Daisy.
        I choose Silverstream over Millie. Silverstream loved him dearly, but Millie? Kittypet, who cruelly interrupted his mourning for Silverstream. Ashfur, but not Bramblestar. And if Squirrelflight reciprocated Ashfur’s feelings, maybe he would reform and stop being evil. I’ll think like Feathertail who found the good in Crowpaw. She then discovered that Crowpaw was lonely and misunderstood. Did no one really think that Ashfur turned evil because he was abandoned, lonely, sad and heartbroken? Clearly he wanted revenge on Bramblestar! Another of my choices – Goldenflower, Spottedleaf, Reedfeather.

  • I was waiting for someone to agree with me about crowfeather choosing feathertail!😉 (this may sound weird but i HATE leaf×crow, like why did crowfeather just like completely forget about feathertail?) I LOVE feather×crow😛

    • Thank you!! <3
      Same here! I dislike Leaf x Crow but Feather x Crow is certainly awesome in my book! 🙂

    • I mean, he never forgot about Feather’Tail, as when he was saving leaf’pool, he was reminded of Feather’Tail and also says something along the lines of, Don’t you know how i feel about you Leaf’Pool? And how much i hate feeling this way for another cat so soon after Feather’Tails death? but i do think he will choose Feather’Tail because he never stopped thinkinv about her even when he was mates with Leaf’Pool, also, they had a much better and non toxic relationship but that’s just my opinion!🙂

  • Great article! You know, this was the first article I ever read, and that’s why I joined BlogClan! I don’t agree with all of your things, but nice article! Also why can’t Firestar choose Sandstorm? They’re both in StarClan!

  • Reedfeather sucks. Someone had 2 say it. I totally agree, but I think Graystripe’s gonna choose Millie. Even if both of them are a bit trash, and Silverstream’s a bit better, in my opinion, but he’s definetly choosing Millie. His super edition confirmed it. Also, u forgot Berrynose with Honeyfern or Poppyfrost, but I’m not trying 2 hate at all about that. I think he’ll chose Poppyfrost or both, cuz he had kits with Poppyfrost, or he could just chose both. But they’re like… sisters. Which would make it weird.

  • I agree with most, but i have to definitely say that as a crowXleaf shipper, (i ship em because i love em both. And they produced my sweet jayfeather) i hope they would be together forever. And with silverstream or millie, i hope he either chooses silverstream or has millie and her as mates in starclan, but favours silverstream more. If i was a warrior cat, i would stick with one mate and one mate only. It would get awkward having to explain why i have two…

  • All I think are correct, except for Crow x Feather because ‘A Light in the Mist’ basically confirmed Crow x Leaf (you can also say Gray x Millie was also confirmed in that book.)

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