Criticizing Bramblestar & Firestar by Stormpaw

Stormpaw takes a look at Bramblestar and Firestar as ThunderClan cats.

Art by RiverSpirit456

ThunderClan cat’s are said to be bossy and nosy, and I have to say that I agree. Well.. not all cat’s, but with Bramblestar and Firestar.
In Darkest Night, Bramblestar was trying to tell Mistystar what to do when an argument had broken out and Mistystar had said that it was time for them to leave. But Bramblestar kept pushing her. “Is that wise?” He questioned her, and had looked at the RiverClan cat’s who had been held captive under Darktail. So he wasn’t only trying to get her to do what he wanted and stay for a little longer, but he was saying that leaving wouldn’t be the right choice. But I disagree. I think it would have been good if RiverClan left, judging by how tense ThunderClan was with them in camp. Everyone would have been a lot more relaxed the sooner RiverClan left.
Firestar was always trying to help other clan’s when they didn’t want his help. Sure, he might have been doing it just to help, but that’s not how the other clan’s would see it. They would see that he was getting in business that wasn’t his own and taking charge of the situation. And that’s usually what he did when he tried helping someone. Another example is Bramblestar.
In Crowfeather’s Trial, Bramblestar helped WindClan with the stoat’s, the badger’s and the kittypet’s for them. And of course it was because Tawnypelt asked him for help, but after Bramblestar first helped Rowanstar, Rowanstar told him to back off and they didn’t need his help. Bramblestar agreed and said that they would suffer the consequences, and he should have left it at that! But instead he kept getting involved in Rowanstar’s battles. I know that Bramblestar was only being a good brother, but what about a good leader? He should have said no, and let Rowanstar deal with the consequences and see that he was being way too proud. Then, after Rowanstar realized that, then he could have done all he could to help. But instead he took charge of another clan’s enemy’s without even being asked to. How stuck up does that sound? “Hey, look at how easily we can fight your enemy’s off. You’re so weak that your mate had to beg for our help because she thought you would lose the battle!” That’s what it looks like to Rowanstar at least.
In Squirrelflight’s Hope, Bramblestar was so wrapped up in making sure that SkyClan, ONE CLAN, wasn’t being ordered around. He wanted to make sure that it was SkyClan’s decision to move. And how does THAT sound? Bramblestar would rather risk the clan’s at war then making sure that SkyClan’s feelings weren’t hurt. I really liked the Sister’s and I didn’t want them to get chased off their territory, but the sooner SkyClan moved, the better it would be for the clan’s. And Bramblestar didn’t care about what would be best for the clan’s, or what the Sister’s wanted, he only cared about SkyClan. That’s stupid if you ask me. And even Dovewing noticed how ridiculous ThunderClan was being, and she used to be one of them. But since she wasn’t a ThunderClan warrior anymore, she had the chance to realize their errors.
ThunderClan is the most likable clan since the view is most always on them, but I started to lose my favoritism in them when Firestar and Bramblestar became leaders.
Sticking your nose in another clan’s business causes problems, so I think Bramblestar should pay more attention to his own clan than others. Same went with Firestar, but he was dead a while before Bramblestar, so his mistakes don’t matter as much.

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  • It’s true, but it’s part of their character that acts that way. Firestar and Bramblestar are being helpful, and they can’t stick up their pride and wait for ShadowClan to beg and their feet and cry. It’s far too dangerous for that.

    • Yes, but ShadowClan is right up against ThunderClan’s border, it wouldn’t have helped ThunderClan if Bramblestar made enemy’s with Rowanstar unnecessarily.
      Bramblestar should have waited and let Rowanstar realizing how foolish he was being after he told him to back off.

      • Everyone has their own weaknesses and mistakes. There is already a subsection of fans claiming that Firestar is a mary sue (something I don’t agree with) and this is one of his weaknesses that shows he isn’t. Do you want Firestar to be a perfect leader, or a leader with actual personality?

        I hate Bramblestar though

    • Thanku! I think I was feeling pretty strongly about this article when I wrote it 😶 and yes, I think they were trying to do what’s right, but still- they should have thought a little more about what would be best for their clan before some other clan

  • I respectfully disagree. First of all, Firestar and Bramblestar have been the leaders of Thunderclan for pretty much all the arcs, so you’re saying that you never liked Thunderclan. And about skyclan; Bramblestar wanted to make sure that they weren’t being driven out of their territory without their consent like before, which is perfectly reasonable. And plus, can you blame Firestar and Bramblestar for helping other clans? Without them, Windclan would probably have died out, Scourge might have taken control of the forest, and a whole slew of other bad things mmight have happened.

  • 🖤Turtle loves ‘Walk Without The Stars’ by Blixemi🖤 (Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢) says:

    I like Firestar as a leader, but not Bramblestar, because in my opinion, when he became leader he got annoying.
    A Winter’s Ball

  • Great article! 😀
    I agree with Bramblestar… and with Firetstar a bit too, though he wasn’t as bad as Bramblestar, in my opinion! <3
    It was very fun to read your article! 😀

  • I think the problem is not moreso that ThunderClan is too bossy, but the fact that they’re always right. Perhaps they should be wrong for a change and let another Clan swoop in to show them how things are done.

  • Firestar: Always getting into another’s business without their consent.
    Bramblestar: Very doubtful. He is very stubborn about the Sisters, thinking they held his mate and deputy hostage.

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