Comparing Young Justice characters to some of my favorite Warriors characters by Whisperpaw

Whisperpaw compares characters from Warriors to characters from the young superhero show, Young Justice.

Hi! Whisperpaw here! This is my first article so bear with me! In this article I will be comparing Young Justice characters to some of my favorite characters in Warriors. May I please note that sadly, Jayfeather, Bluestar, and Leafpool will not be used in this article. No one in the series really fits their personalities!!!!!!! It’s a disgrace!!!!! Moving on…


Kid Flash/ Wally West = Firestar/ Graystripe- I had to start with these guys. They are some of my favorite characters and I truly feel like I can relate them to each other! Let’s start with Graystripe and Wally. Both characters are goofballs with huge hearts! They are both extremely loyal to their friends/clans/team members. And let’s not forget their appetites! Graystripe and Wally will pretty much eat anything! All in all, they are both a friend you want on your side. Okay, now for Firestar. I personally think I can relate Kid Flash to Firestar more than Firestar to Wally. Kid Flash acts more mature than Wally but is still able to crack a joke. He is determined and loyal but also brave and kind. Constantly thinking of a plan for the good in life, it’s hard not to see why they are so similar. And they’re both red heads.

Superboy/Conner Kent = Lionblaze- This one was hard. In the beginning I wanted to use Lionheart but I found that Lionblaze suits hard headed Superboy way better. They both are very brave and work hard-well semi hard for Conner-to be the best they can be. They have a bit of a temper and can be intense but are also loyal, brave, and true to their teammates. In my mind, Lionblaze worked hard to prove himself to both his dads-Bramblestar and Crowfeather-just like how Superboy has to constantly fight for Superman’s attention. And they both have super strength and are invincible!

Robin = Ravenpaw- I didn’t just do these two because they’re both birds. They were both a little similar in my opinion though it’s a little difficult to really describe the similarities. However, I did find that both Robin and Ravenpaw wanted something they were not destined for/couldn’t have. Robin wanted to lead the team and later become Batman while Ravenpaw wanted to be a great warrior. Both realized that they couldn’t have what they wanted; Robin realized that Aqualad was the best person to lead the team and that he could never be the leader his friends needed while Ravenpaw realized he was never destined for the life of a clan cat. That would be the biggest similarity between the two though.

Aqualad = Whitestorm- This is the oldest of all of them which kinda fits. I believe that Aqualad is the oldest of the team as well as the leader. I really had to think about who Aqualad would be before coming to the conclusion that Whitestorm was the best option. Both are serious and wise but it takes a while for them to be recognized for their leadership abilities. I feel like they are both wonderful characters who would get along great!

Red Arrow/ Roy Harper = Dustpelt- I really wanted to do Dustpelt for this character. These two both take a while to trust and trust others. They are very independent and loyal. They’ve also both served the wrong side and regretted it later.

Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz/Meagan Morse = Cinderpelt/Cinderheart- Okay, this is complicated. Cinderheart and Cinderpelt are the same cat so I kinda have to treat them as two different cats as well as the same cat. Super hard. But anywho, all of these characters are skilled warriors as well as healers. They often doubt themselves and think they are less than they actually are. But in the end, you’ve got to love these girls.

Zatanna = Squirrelflight- My feelings for Zatanna and Squirrelflight are very different. I absolutely despise Zatanna and love Squirrel with my whole heart. But, sniff, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities. Both girls hate being told what to do and can’t stand being held back from what they think is fun. However, they love their family and when they lose a family member they mourn. No matter how much I hate Zatanna, I have to admit that my least favorite character in Young Justice and my favorite character of all time in warriors-other than Jayfeather because Jay is best character to ever exist- are very similar.

And finally…

Artemis Crock = SANDSTORM- These are two of my favorite characters in the series. Both Artemis and Sandstorm are very independent, do not trust easily, and are very fierce. Artemis is more secretive than Sandstorm but both take a while to warm up to our main characters and rather stay distant before seeing the true person inside. They hate being told what to do and worry about the people they love.

Tell me what you thought about my first EVER article!!!!!!! I really hoped you liked it! Bye! Wait, I probably need something cool to say when I sign off. Alright, I got it. Thanks for reading, remember, I might be a whisper, but I have a lot to say! Bye!

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