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Giving Percy Jackson Characters Warrior Names by Silverfeather

Silverfeather gives Warrior Cats names to characters from the popular book series written by Rick Riodan.

Hello everyone! It’s Silvy here and this is my very first article 😃
Today I’m going to give Percy Jackson characters warrior names. I originally posted this on the “Warrior Names” page but someone suggested I should make an article about this, so that’s what I’m doing,

1. Percy Jackson – Stormwater
Percy the main character of this series and known as one the “best heroes” of his time. He is the son of Poseidon, which means he has water related powers.
I named him “Storm” because of his iconic hurricanes and little storms he creates and because he is brave and will do anything to protect his freinds. And “water” because his power is basically water.

2. Annabeth Chase – Mistygaze
Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and is considered one of he smartest. She has no powers, but is still a tough opponent in battle. I gave her “Misty” as her prefix because it described her tough character but also described her troubles. For her suffix, I gave her “gaze” because she usually is the one making all the plans and cracking codes with her knowledge and she knows nearly everything about greek history.

3. Grover Underwood – Twistedsong
Grover is a sweet and clumsy satyr still in the process of learning his powers. Despite that, he’s very brave and even became Lord of the Wild after the battle between the gods and the titans.
I gave him the prefix “Twisted”, because it reminded me of vines/nature and “song” because his music helped the heroes quite a lot in the books.

4. Jason Grace – Skyflight
Jason is the son of Zeus, often described as the “perfect” boy. I gave him the name “Sky” because he’s the son of Zeus (obviously) and also because it kind of describes his perfect look and “flight” in honour of when everyone found out children of Zeus could fly and because it’s iconic to Jason.

5. Thaila Grace – Lightningthorn
Thaila is the daughter of Zeus, also Jason’s sister. She’s a bit of a tomboy and really tough.
I chose “Lightning” becasue her main source of power was from lightning, especially since she was too scared to fly. Also, I chose “thorn” because it matches her whole look and personality.

6. Leo Valdez – Fireburst
Leo is the son of Hephaestus, and he is one of many, because he has a special power to control and make fire. He’s also very good at building things and also makes a lot of jokes and is sarcastic a lot of the times.
I chose “Fire” because of his rare gift and “burst” because he often bursts into flames when he is excited or angry and because of his fun personality.

7. Nico Di Angelo – Darkspirit
Nico had a pretty tough childhood, which made him from a fun and energetic kid to a dark and moody person. He is the son of Hades and he can control the dead and do other underworld related stuff.
I gave him “Dark” because of his looks and personality and his past and “spirit” because it describes his power.

8. Piper McLean – Thunderlily
Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, but different from all her half-blood siblings. She’s beautiful, like all daughters of Aphrodite, but tries to hide it and is quite tough.
I gave her “Thunder” because of her personality and her strength and because she can manipulate people and “lily” because of her looks.

9. Coach Hedge – Barkfoot
Coach Hedge is a very interesting and unique statyr. He tends to love violence, unlike satyrs but is also very brave. I gave him “Bark” because it fit his personality perfectly and “foot” kind of describes his hooves and his love of violence

10. Frank Zhang – Stickheart
Frank is a large, clumsy, goofy roman son of Apollo. He originally thought he was the son of Mars and also had a huge growth spurt in the middle of one of the books. He can change into any type of animal he wants, but his life depends on a small wooden stick.
I chose “Stick” because of his fate and “heart” because of his kindness and his big heart.

11. Hazel Levesque – Juniperhollow
Hazel is the daughter of Pluto, and she can pull jewels and gems from under the ground and navigate her way underground. She is also a sorceress and anybody who touches the jewls and gems she summons will be cursed.
I chose “Juniper” just because it gave me Hazel vibes and “hollow because it reminded me of the underground.

12. Chiron – Stargallop
Chiron is a wise old immortal centaur that has taught heroes from the start. He has trained many famous and great heroes and is kind hearted.
I chose “Star” because it just seems really mystical, wise and it also suits his him and describes his age well and I chose “gallop” because he’s a centaur.

13. Apollo – Ripplesun
Apollo is the god of practically everything, (including music, poetry, art, prophecy, truth, archery, plague, healing, sun and light, etc:) He is ignorant, confident and self absorbed but is slowly becoming better after he turned into a human.
I chose “Ripple” because it fit him well and his personality, and “sun” becuase he’s the goddess of the sun and it was what the third series was about.

14. Will Solace – Bumbleeye
Will is the son of Apollo and also in a relationship with Nico. He is known for his healing skills.
For his prefix, I chose “Bumble” because it just matched Will really well and “drop” because of his healing skills and his archery.

15. Clarisse La Rue – Boulderstripe
Clarisse is the daughter Ares and Percy’s “enemy”. She is your normal Ares’ child and is a great hero.
I gave her “Boulder” because it described her strength and her build and was just perfect for her and “stripe” because it reminded me of a tiger and Clarisse was pretty similar to that animal.

16. Calypso – Sweetblossom
Calypso is the daughter of the great Titan Atlas. She got stuck in the island of Ogygia after she lost to the gods when she supported the titans. She also used to have a crush of Percy (due to her curse) but is now in a relationship with Leo.
I chose “Sweet” because she’s just so sweet and “blossom” because she loves flowers.

17. Meg McCaffery – Dasiyclaw
Meg is a tough but unique daughter of Demeter. She has a very strong power and was for a short period of time, the master of Apollo. She loves the nature and so did her father, before she was captured by the Beast.
I named her “Daisy” because of her love for nature and because it described her whole look and “claw” because of her recklessness and her fighting skills.

18. Reyna – Wolfcry
Reyna is the daughter of the roman goddess Bellona, and she is a hunter of Artemis, formerly a praetor of Camp Jupiter.
Firstly, I chose “Wolf” because she has two pet dogs seems to be very loyal and important to her and because she’s a hunter now and also because of Lupa. I chose “cry” as her suffix because she’s a strong fighter snd because of her hard past and responsibilities.

19. Rachel Elizabeth Dare – Stumblesight
Rachel is Camp Half-Blood’s prophet and also a human.
I gave her “Stumble” because Percy ran into her on accident and it kind of suits her well and “sight” because she can see the future.

20. Artemis – Howlingmoon
Artemis is the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation and of chastity and childbirth. She’s vowed to stay a maiden forever and is the leader of the Hunters.
I gave her “Howling” because it matches her personality and “moon” because she’s also the goddess of the moon.

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  • Eh I think that maybe Juniperstone or Junipershine would have fit Hazel better (stone because she can summon stones, and shine because she inherited the ‘riches’ part of Hades’s powers) or also maybe Junipertunnel (because she can create tunnels)

  • What about Lavinia?
    Here’s what I think Lavinia’s warrior name should be: Vixenstrike. Vixen because she is sneaky, sort of like a fox, but strike because she is confident

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