Giving Warrior Names to Cats Who Don’t Have One by Sunpaw

Sunpaw gives full names to those who never received one.

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Warning: there will be spoilers for a lot of books.

Hello, wonderful people of BlogClan! I’m Sunpaw, but you can call me Sunnie, and this will be my first article! Today I will be giving warrior names to cats who don’t have one, as you can see in the title. I know other people have done this, but I thought I would do it too. Here are some snacks for you to eat while reading this 🍔🧁🍕🍟🍿🍪🍩

Now, let’s get started!

Snowkit and Mistlekit: These two kits are Speckletail and Smallear’s second litter. We don’t know what happened to Mistlekit, and Snowkit got carried away by a hawk. I think Mistlekit would have the name Mistleheart, or Mistleleaf (*moment of realization* what if her name was mistletoe?!). Snowkit would be Snowbreeze, in my opinion. I don’t know why he would be called Snowbreeze, I just feel like it fits him. Or maybe Snowfeather. One of those.

Seedpaw: Lilyheart’s littermate died trying to fetch the Stick of the Fallen. I think her name would’ve been Seedblossom, because a seed turns into a blossom.

Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit: Mapleshade’s kits drowned trying to cross the river. I think Larchkit would’ve been Larchbark, because larch is a tree and trees…have…bark. Now, onto sweet Patchkit. I think his name would’ve been Patchheart, for his kindness, or Patchwhisker.

Shrewpaw: Shrewpaw was Ferncloud and Dustpelt’s son, who died by a monster. I think his name would be Shrewclaw (I know that’s canon already but there are two Shimmerpelt’s and two Mintfur’s). He died trying to save his Clan, and I think the name Shrewclaw represents that.

Larchkit and Hollykit: Now, you might be thinking, “Sunnie, you already did Larchkit” but there’s another Larchkit. Daughter of Ferncloud and Dustpelt, who died of hunger alongside her sister, Hollykit. I think Larchkit’s name would be Larchleaf, and Hollykit’s name would be Hollyclaw. In Midnight, she led her littermates up to Ravenpaw, and she seemed like a natural leader (is that just me tho?)

Mosskit: Poor Mosskit! Bluestar’s daughter died of cold while journeying to RiverClan. She was so young! I think her name would’ve been Mossfur or Mossheart. Mossheart because she had a good heart, and Mossfur because it sounds good.

Swiftpaw: As soon as I thought of him, my brain immediately said Swiftclaw, because he was tackling those dogs.

Sweetpaw: Sweetheart. Do I really need to explain?

Dandelionkit and Juniperkit: Lost kits of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. I think Dandelionkit’s name would’ve been Dandelionstem, and Juniperkit’s would’ve been Juniperfoot.

Let me know in the comments if you like these names or tell me your own!

Alright, thats all for today! May StarClan light everycat’s path. Sunnie out!

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  • Great article! 😀 Here are my opinions:
    Mistlekit- I agree
    Snowkit- I think Snowflight, because when he got carried off by the hawk, he technically “flew”.
    Seedpaw- I agree
    Patchkit- I like Patchheart!
    Petalkit- Maybe Petalpool?
    Shrewpaw- I think he would be called Shrewfeather, because the prey he was trying to catch was a pheasant.
    Mosskit- I think Mossspots? Because she was speckled black?
    Great article, once again! I agree with all the rest! <3

  • Shrewclaw was a WindClan warrior under Heatherstar’s leadership. Sort of a bad version of Dustpelt, mean to Talltail/star all the time of course, but also fighting him claws unsheathed in training and stuff.

  • Turtle’s kinda proud of xemself because xe now knows all the words to Guns And Ships|Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢 says:

    Nice article!
    I think that Patchkit’s warrior name would have been Patchshade, because of his close bond with his mother, Mapleshade.
    A Winter’s Ball

  • Awesome article! I like how you described the characters a bit and then gave them their names.

  • For me:
    Mistlekit: Mistlebird
    Snowkit: Snowshade (because when I think of him, I imagine him standing in a dark, snowy street)
    Seedpaw: agree
    Patchkit: Patchbright (because he is kind enough to fix situations and make them bright)
    Petalkit: Petalflurry
    Larchkit: Larchleap
    Shrewpaw: Shrewrunner
    Larchkit 2: Larchbranch
    Hollykit: Hollyheart
    Mosskit: Mosstuft (floofy)
    Swiftpaw: Swiftclaw
    Sweetpaw: 100% agree
    Dandelionkit: Dandelionleaf
    Juniperkit: Junipergleam
    Wishkit (Yellowfang lost kit 1): Wishcloud
    Hopekit (Yellowfang lost kit 2): Hopesky
    Ravenpaw: Ravenflight (because he started nervous and very low and took flight up into bravery)

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