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Warrior Cats designs- A look at Firestar by Redblaze

Redblaze takes a look at the different interpretations of the longtime Warriors protagonist, Firestar.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

With the amount of people in this fandom, there are going to be different ideas about how each character looks. In this article, I’m going to look at Firestar and the different designs he’s been given- both official and unofficial.


Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Firestar on the cover of Into the Wild by Wayne Mcloughlin
This was definitely the first design for Firestar and is one of the simplest. It depicts Firestar as he’s described in the allegiances- a flame coloured tabby tom with green eyes. Particular emphasis is given to the sun shining off of his pelt in this artwork which is likely a reference to his name. I don’t think this is a very popular design- probably because the simplicity makes it a little boring.


Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Firestar in The Ultimate Guide and Cats of the Clans by Wayne Mcloughlin.
In this artwork, Firestar is shown as a tabby. He keeps his green eyes but his ginger fur is a lot darker and he’s shown to have a white muzzle. I think most people imagine his fur lighter as it isn’t exactly “flame coloured” in this picture. However, I think this was the first time he was shown with tabby stripes and these are present in a lot of people’s descriptions. This design is used again (although with less stripes) on the cover of The Last Hope and on the cover of Firestar’s quest.


Official art by James L. Barry

Firestar in the manga by James L. Barry. Like all designs, Firestar keeps his green eyes in this. He is shown to be darker than the original Into the Wild cover but is lighter than in Cats of the Clans. His muzzle is shown to be paler than the rest of his body but not white. He has no tabby stripes except for on his forehead. Although, this could be to simplify the design. This is definitely similar to what I (and I expect quite a few others?) see Firestar as- although in my case perhaps with a few more stripes and a bit lighter and more “flame coloured”.


Art by Sagutoyas-designs

Firestar design by Sagutoyas
Here, Firestar is ginger with a stripe down his back and green eyes as well as a lighter muzzle, chest, belly and front paws. I quite like this design as it is definitely. Firestar. He has his trademark green eyes and ginger fur. Because this design is for animation, his stripes have been toned down to just one down his back. He isn’t as flame coloured as some of the other designs out there but this doesn’t make him any less recognisable.


Art by ClimbToTheStars

Firestar design by Climbtothestars
This is very similar to the previous design I Just looked at. Some differences include all four paws being white, stripes on his tail and more stripes on the forehead. Again, it is lacking in tabby stripes and is quite dark. This is very similar I think to the Cats of The Clans design. He seems very regal and elegant here which means it’s probably depicting him during his late leadership. Like the other one, this is definitely recognisable as Firestar or at least one of his close kin.


Art by SEGAmastergirl

Firestar by SEGAmastergirl. . I really like this one- it’s similar to the other two with the stripe down the back and white around the muzzle and chest but has several other details. In this, Firestar has a flame pattern down his side which makes him instantly recognisable as him and absolutely no-one else. He’s just slightly lighter than the other two as well, making him definitely flame coloured. He keeps his green eyes and head stripes and has markings on his face similar to the Cats of The Clans design.


Art by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff

Last (but definitely not least) this design by the blog’s Jayfrost!
Unlike the others, this shows Firestar as a proper tabby. He still has a paler muzzle and chest but is lighter than most of the other designs. I really like this one and it’s similar to how I picture Firestar. As ever, he has green eyes but the artist added a nice touch by putting stars in them. Unlike the other designs, Firestar has lots of scars from previous battles and I like this attention to detail!

It doesn’t matter how you view Firestar! All of this variation just goes to show how diverse our community is. I hope you enjoyed this article!

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  • I liked the first one the most, only for the fact that the rest of the depictions were too brown/dark.

  • i think he is a light flame colour with darker muzzle and belly with one darker stripe on his back and a darker tail tip and stripes on his head. small ears and and elagant herioc look. dark emerald eyes mosts like Sagutoyas or Climbtothestars

  • Turtle’s kinda proud of xemself because xe now knows all the words to Guns And Ships|Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢 says:

    Nice article! It’s so cool that there are so many ways to draw Firestar! 🧡
    A Winter’s Ball

  • Amazing article! It’s written very well, and I love how colorful and beautiful your article is! 😀

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