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Five Reasons Dawn of the Clans is the best Warriors arc (and four why it’s not) by Skyfeather

Skyfeather shares their opinion on Dawn of the Clans.

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This is my first article, it might not be the best, but here we go…

1: This might not be a real reason, but I just like seeing Clans being created. 😁

1: It takes the focus off ThunderClan.

DotC FINALLY, I repeat, FINALLY, takes the focus off ThunderClan. Sure, one of the protagonists was the founder of ThunderClan, but at least there are two others. Nice job, Erins!

3: It shows the history of the Clans.

I love seeing the history of the Clans, whether it’s in Super Editions, early books like Into the Wild, or, in this case, Dawn of the Clans. I think DotC does a great job of explaining how the Clans were formed.

4: Gray Wing.

Gray Wing was such a lovable, relatable character! He was just trying to keep the peace, but Clear Sky had to ruin it for everyone! He died with Slate and his kits (I don’t remember their names) beside him, and his legacy will live on in the Clans forever.

5: Great villains!

I love how Slash kidnapped Star Flower (I mean, I don’t love it, obviously, it just adds so much good stuff to the final book!) When Clear Sky pleaded the other leaders for help, he tried to redeem himself, but no one trusted him! 🤣 it was hilariously sad!

And now for the stuff I don’t like so much…

There isn’t much I don’t like, but I’m sure I can find five facts!

1: Clear Sky
What… a… FOX-HEART! Sorry, outburst over. I just can’t believe he had three mates. THREE! Ok, Crowfeather did too, but we’re not talking about Crowfeather. We’re talking about Clear Sky… THAT FOX— calm down, Skyfeather.

2: Clear Sky x Bright Stream.
Let’s talk about Bright Stream. Bright Stream might have been the only cat Clear Sky truly loved. He was actually sad when she died!

3: Clear Sky x Storm
Next, there was Storm. Storm was Clear Sky’s second mate, and he forced her to live with him, stay in the nursery all the time… Eventually Storm ran away and died. Clear Sky rejected his only son, Thunder, and then tried to TAKE HIM BACK! Argh, I hate Clear Sky.

4: Clear Sky x Star Flower
Clear Sky saw Star Flower, and it was like all memories of Storm were just… gone! I don’t know what else to say!

Anyway, Skyfeather out. ✌🏼

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  • Nice article! Though, I don’t agree at all. DotC is actually my #1 least favorite arc. I only read to chapter 2 in the first book and it was SO boring. SO, I made a promise to never read DotC. But I still respect your opinion! 😉

    (The Prophecy Begins is my 2nd least favorite arc.)

    I think MY favorite arc is probably either TNP or PoT. OotS was a little boring because the main thing was about the PoT prophecy and the Dark forest but still, pretty good!

  • Turtle’s kinda proud of xemself because xe now knows all the words to Guns And Ships|Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢 says:

    DotC is my ultimate favorite arc because Turtle Tail and Gray Wing are in it, and they’re my favorite characters in Warriors!
    A Winter’s Ball

  • I agree and disagree with this article.
    Clear Sky and Star Flower are the absolute worst and shouldn’t have existed, (Well, they were both necessary for the plot to move forward, but that’s not my point)
    Gray Wing is the best and Turtle Tail gets the Most Devoted Mate prize after Crookedstar.
    DotC is an essential part of understanding how the Clans came to be and foreshadows SkyClan leaving in the future, which I appreciate.
    I didn’t enjoy the villains as characters as much as many others did. I just never really thought Slash was that well thought out as a whole and was kinda useless, Star Flower makes me want to tear my fur out, and One Eye was just kinda there to further villainize Clear Sky. Tom was okay, but he’s one of my least favorites because he killed Bumble and emotionally wounded Turtle Tail. (And also indirectly caused her death)
    I thought the ClearXStorm arc was actually interesting, not only because it drove the plot forward, but because it was a good reality check for Gray Wing and set up some of the later drama between.
    Anyway, thanks for listening to my TedTalk.

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