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Top 5 favorite cats, and least favorite by Fur of the Howling Wolf

Fur of the Howling Wolf lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by cavyvillage (Reddit)

There are PLENTY of cats in Warriors, but I have a few I like the best! So im just gonna explain why I love this character and there flaws. And also the cats I hold grudges against. Im going to start with my favorites!
Number 5. Spiresight, I love this funky little guy! I love how sweet and kind he is to Blaze and how he has some connection to the dead. I like that he got along with TigerHeart, and I dont have anything bad to say about him really…
Number 4. SquirrelFlight, she is so brave for standing up to BrambleClaw/star, and when she left to go help the sisters? She had the courage to face 3 angry clans, her mate, and Starclan! Sometimes shes a bit to hyper…. but thats all!
Number 3. Gremlin, I love this she cat. She was brave enough to face Bloodclan, and had enough sympathy to care for her brother, her kits, and Thunderclan. I wish she hadn’t died the way she did.
Number 2. Rootspring, just his name makes me love him! I love his powers and BristleRoot? I really hate it not gonna lie. I like ShadowRoot better. I like how he just like “Ugh dad why do you have to be a bush all the time?”.
Number 1. MapleShade! I feel sorry for her. Her mate left her for some tyrant, her kits drowned, her clan turned against her. She has a horrible life! She didn’t deserve what she got.

Now my least favorites!
5. Berrystumpytail(Berrynose) he is rude, annoying, overprotective, snooty, should I go on?
4. Scorchfur? I think thats his name, I hate him for the same reason I hate Berrynose.
3. Lionblaze. I hate the way he treats every cat like hes SOOOOO important even after he losses his powers. And the Way he treats CinderHeart????? He makes me angry.
2. Appledusk and Reedshine. I hate these horrible cats. I know many people like them but I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE them!
1. Bramblestar. This cat disgusts me the way he treats SquirrelFLight like she is useless and her opinion doesn’t matter. And that she HAS to agree with every little thing he does.
Welp thats all I guess??

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  • I would agree with most of these except the Mapleshade one. I don’t think I can forgive her for hurting Crookedstar, who is one of my favorite characters.

    • same my opinions have changed i love mapleshade because she is evil before i sympathized her which wasnt right she deserved what she got.

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