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Why Medicine Cats and Female Leaders Can’t Have Mates and Kits by Scorchflower

Scorchflower shares their opinion on why medicine cats and female leaders can’t have mates or kits.

Art by Silverzoul

Scorchie McScorchington of the Mcdonald’s how may I take your order? I’m just kidding. It’s your favorite weirdo, Scorchie! Today I will be talking about exactly WHY female leaders and medics can’t have mates and kits. And why I think this is a DUMB rule.

Ok so the warrior code clearly says that medics and female leaders can’t have mates and kits. Why? Because of one simple reason: They wouldn’t be able to do their jobs! Some of you may know this some of you may not but I’m here to explain why I think they can’t have mates and kits and why I think it’s a dumb rule. Let’s call them M and K because I’m tired of typing Mates and Kits. Ok so a medic heals cats, right? If there’s a cat they love and they have kits, they would feel like they have to abandon all other patients because they care about their loved ones more. And what if a medic gets pregnant? They will be unable to help. Unless they have an apprentice to help, but don’t forget that after birth, a medic cat still wouldn’t be able to help unless some other queen helped feed the kits. What if there’s no queens and no apprentices? Think about tat for a while.

Now onto why I think it’s a DUMB rule. It’s just dumb. If there’s a cat in the clan that the medic likes, wouldn’t they just wanna help them first anyway? Kinda seems pointless. If a female medic is pregnant there are always LOTS of cats to help! Like when Brightheart helped the medics (even though she wasn’t med, med apprentice, and she had kits!) So if a medic gets pregnant or sick there are plenty of cats to help and after birth or whatever the kits can be fed by a she-cat willing to help. Why can’t female leaders have mates and kits? Sure they’d be laying down with a big round pregnant belly but this is what deputies are for! To take the place as leader in the future so why can’t they help? You think Bluestar was a lot of help after discovering Tigerstar was plotting to kill her? No! She just sat in her den all day and did nothing like she would have done if she were pregnant at the moment. Like a duck sitting on an egg. Without the egg. Just a sitting duck. Overall I think this rule is dumb and pointless and no one ever follows it! (Ex: Bluestar, Leafpool, Yellowfang, etc)

Thanksss for listening to my rant about the rule about medics and female leaders not being able to haves mates and kits. Hope you enjoy and look forward to my next article! Scorchie out! (Scorchie drops mic and gets loud feedback) MY EARS!

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  • I so agree! I was just playing WCUE earlier on Roblox and I was the leader. But. through rp I fell in love with a cat and i asked him to be my mate and he was like out of rp: Bruh. That’s against the freaking Warrior Code and I’m like: Bruh. It is so dumb tho anyway so whatever! Then I just left the game :). I am so glad you made this blog, again, I SO AGREE WITH YOU! Hope y’all have a nice day!

  • I agree. My warriors OC is a strong willed, smart, small, independent she leader named hazel star. I shipped her with pebble splash (another one of my ocs) and they had kits, I want them to be together, in the same clan and hazel star still gets to keep her leadership. Is that so wrong? Erin Hunter should demolish that meds, and she leaders cant have kits.

  • Female leaders can have mates and kits. I’ve looked at the code many times and there is no where that says female leaders are not allowed to have kits. Only medics are banned from having mates and kits. The reason Bluestar gave up her kits was because she couldn’t become DEPUTY if she was nursing.

  • SUCH A STUPID RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thistleclaw in response to “There’s no rule about female leaders. Bluestar just couldn’t become deputy and stop (oh no I forgot his name…) because he’s evil. If she was stuck in the nursery she couldn’t do any deputy stuff so if she wanted to stop her sister’s mate, she couldn’t have kits.”

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