The problems with StarClan, The Dark Forest and ‘Villainy’ by Jaypaw

Jaypaw takes a look at villainy’s place in the series.

Artwork by MossclawArt

Hello, Jaypaw here. I will be discussing a little bit on the problems with villiany in Warrior Cats, along with a little about the DF and StarClan.

First of all, what’s the point of cat hell and cat heaven if you can just die a second time, or fade away because you’re not remembered? Seriously, fading away is just depressing. You die a second time because everyone’s forgotten about you. Little harsh in my opinion.
Second about this is about the Dark Forest. You are a villain, you die, and you’re able to come back for REVENGE??? How is THAT helpful??

Now the issues with ‘villainy’.
90% of the cats in the Dark Forest are there for murder, correct? Well, what determines if the murder you’ve done is Dark Forest worthy? For example, Tigerstar. He killed two cats directly I think (Brindleface & Redtail), and a few indirect or attempted murders. But say he had no attempted or indirect murders. There’s just two kills. So then compare that to Hollyleaf. (Seriously i HATE this cat. I will rant if I find out she’s in SC). She killed Ashfur. Tigerstar killed Redtail & Brindleface. Why would Hollyleaf go to StarClan, and Tigerstar go to the Dark Forest? Why should a murderer go to StarClan? It doesn’t matter how many cats you killed. If you kill one, you’re no less of a murderer than someone who killed four. (Just less of a Serial Killer).

On the killing note, (wow that sounds dark), what makes you a murderer if you kill a cat from your own Clan, rather than another? Cats are cats, lives are lives, no matter what Clan they’re from, anyone agree? I don’t think that killing a cat from another Clan is any more justifiable than one from your own. Killing is killing.

Now to sum it up….
Tigerstar, Brokentail & Mapleshade did have more than one kill. But is that any worse than having one? Like I previously said: taking a life, is taking a life. Attempted murder is attempted murder. So, Hollyleaf should be in the Dark Forest, Ivypool is debatable (I’m on her side, she was fighting for Star Clan), Ashfur… he’s also debatable as no one ACTUALLY got hurt (but still attempted murder), Breezepelt NEEDS to go to the Dark Forest (I like Breezy, but I gotta say I still defend Jayfeather).

Here are a few cats that SHOULDN’T be in the Dark Forest:
None. Sorry kitties. I love villains, but I do admit the ones there are goo choices. Just a few that aren’t should be.

Cats that should be in Star Clan but aren’t:
Scourge. I know he didn’t believe in Star Clan, but he got rid of Tigerstar, so….. he needs a reward.

Thanks for reading! Hope you like my opinions!.

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