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ranking evil cat’s backstory by Creekkit

Creekkit ranks the backstories of some of the villains from the series.

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Hi, In this article I will be ranking all the evil cat’s backstories THAT I KNOW, some backstories I don’t know. Sol, I don’t really know and Mapleshade, I’m not too sure on. This list won’t include Rainflower, either.
This list will not include cats who were only evil for a small amount of time, or cats who are just sidekicks for a bigger villain. 5 is worst backstory on this list and 1 is best. This list is just my opinion.

5. Hawkfrost. His father just kind of got into his mind and made him evil, he was ambitious but we already got ambitious from Tigerstar. One of my least favourite backstories so don’t ask why I even put it on this list.

4. Darktail. His father abandons him, his mother teaches him to hate the clans.

3. Ashfur. He loves Squilf SOO much, she kind of forgets he exists, it is an alright backstory, so I’m giving him a three, pretty good.

2. Tigerstar. He has a rather good backstory, his father became a kittypet, he hates kittypets now, he wants to be leader, a kittypet steals all his leader’s attention, he kills cats, the kittypet(Firestar) finds out and then becomes leader. He also had Thistleclaw as a mentor.

1.Scourge. He is abused by his siblings, runs into the forest, almost gets killed by a clan cat when he is just a kitty. Gains the respect of the twolegplace strays, gets revenge on the clans. This is a good backstory and I like it, it is such a great twist when he kills Tigerstar all lives at once.

Honourable mentions:

Breezepelt: His mother and Father fight all the time, his father doesn’t love his mother, his father loves his ex mates more than Nightcloud, his father is so mean to him and really nice to the three, I really like Breezepelt and defend Nightcloud.

For me, the most memorable scene in the Outcast, or maybe the whole power of three is when Breezepelt catches a MASSIVE rabbit and Lionblaze catches, like, a mouse or something and Crowfeather says to Lionblaze, “Great catch,” and totally ignores Breezepelt.
I don’t hate Crowfeather, but he is not a great father, but that is for another article.

Creekkit out,

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