The Top 5 Best Best Warrior Cat Villains by Tansypool

Tansypool lists some of the best villains from the series.

Art by Romashik-arts

Okay, so all the heroes in Warrior Cats, Firestar, Bluestar, Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, Shadowsight, Rootspring, Bristlefrost, mostly leaders/prophecy cats and deputy/med-cats- are all great. But there are some pretty epic villains too.
1. Mapleshade
Mapleshade was a murderer and gruesome cat, but she had horrifying moments before she went to the Dark Forest: Her mate dumped her when she needed him most
+ had been cheating on her, all three of her kits died, and their father acted like the selfish mouse-brain he was, and let them die. Also, she was banished from her clan for falling in love!
2. Darktail
In his attempt to take over the clans, we were told the Onestar is Darktail’s father, his mother, a kittypet named Smoke. After Onestar, Onewhisker at the time, left her, she taught her son to hate the wild cats. When he tore the clans apart, he truly did show his hate. In the end, Darktail earns his place as the second most epic villain in warriors, again, my opinion.
3. Hawkfrost
Everyone knows Hawkfrost is an awesome name, but he also has some cool history.
Tigerstar and Sasha’s son, Mothwing’s brother. Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt’s half-brother, this guy had a lot of relatives. Hawkfrost earned his “evil” reputation when he was about to shred Leafpool and when he threatened Mothwing he would tell RiverClan that her omen (which he made up) was a fake. In the Dark Forest, after being killed (probably for the better) by Brambleclaw. He later trained Ivypool to be a Dark Forest warrior. Ooof, Hawkfrost History goes really deep.

4. Brokenstar
The horrible son of Yellowfang, Brokenstar’s anger started when he was a kit. Yellowfang, decided she cared more about staying a med-cat in ShadowClan then her only living son, talk about rude! Brokenkit instead stayed with a queen who hated him, he hung out with Yellowfang for a while. But after his “brothers and sisters” started teasing him and calling him a med-cat. The mother-son friendship abruptly ended. When he became a paw, apprenticed to Nightpelt, and then Raggedstar, his emotional problems just got worse. All he wanted to do was fight. He hated Yellowfang, and almost everyone around him. Later when he own father made him deputy, Brokentail had a ton of power in his paws. He never had a mate or kits. Brokentail was extreme ambition. He wanted to become leader so badly, he killed his own father and blamed it on WindClan. Brokenstar was evil, but I feel bad for him.

5. (last one) Ashfur
Honestly, to me, Ashfur’s first impression was BAD. I mean, he was falling head over heels because of Squirrelflight, and he really had no reason to be evil. He was a selfish cat who decided the best way to get revenge on a she-cat the mated with a different tom was to try and kill her “kits.” Dude, grow up! Though I have to say, taking over Bramblestar’s body was pretty cool… Ashkit was born to Brindleface, along with his siblings, he had no problems in his entire life except Squirrelflight. (I hear you warrior sister, he was a weird mouse-brain.) Ashfur could have been a GREAT edition to the Dark Forest. But no, he got to go to peaceful StarClan, and Ivypool, and innocent cat got sent their instead. He tried to kill Shadowsight, man, why? My best guess is that Shadowsight is Dovewing’s son, who is Ivypool’s sister. Also, he’s a med-cat who was stop at nothing to get in touch with StarClan. Rootspring was probably in trouble too. He was Bristlefrost’s love, Bristlefrost was guess who’s daughter? Ivypool! It all makes sense, but anyway, this all goes to show that Ashfur earned his place as Warrior Cat’s
5th best villain!
Comment your thoughts and questions!
~ Tansypool

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  • I don’t get the Ivypool talk. Ash fur tried to kill Shadowsight because he was having doubts and I still don’t get how Ivypool relates to this.

  • Great article (but I don’t like the name “Hawkfrost” it’s overrated. Hawks don’t have frosts. How about Hawkclaw? Hawkfeather? Hawkwing wait it’s taken meh there’s two Tigerstars, two Ashfurs, two Frecklewishes, so yeah? Or Hawkcloud, like a cloud the shape of a hawk? There are better names like Firestar, Sandstorm, Jayfeather, Ivypool, Dovewing, Hollyleaf etc)!
    My top 5 villains:
    1. Scourge
    2. Hawkfrost
    3. Tigerstar
    4. Ashfur
    5. Mapleshade
    My least fave villains:
    1. Breezepelt (c’mon, he kinda is!)
    2. Bone
    3. Hawkheart (I hate him, he’s in my Top Twenty Worst Warriors, but he’s a bit boring)
    4. Blackstar (he kinda is)
    5. Darkstripe

  • 🍁Mapleshine🌟 has so many friends!!! (Well, she thinks so.) Also, you can call me Cheetahpaw/song, or Dragonclaw! says:

    Great article! Here are my top five villains:
    1. MAPLESHADE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unlike most villains, she became evil bc of love. She loved her kits so much, and her mate, but terrible things happened to her, idk why, she did not deserve them. Plus SC didn’t even help her out! Rude SC! Anyways, when she was in the DF, she started to give me Bellatrix vibes, which I LOVE. All in all, she is just plain awesome.
    2. Clear Sky. Okay, he is pretty amazing. His personality is interesting, and he has a very different perspective. He is one of the coolest villains EVER!
    3. Mudclaw. Okay, he might not be THAT cool, but overall I really do like him. I mean, he wanted to be leader SO BAD, and then all the sudden, Onewhisker and Firestar announce that he can’t be. Like, WHAT?! Plus, Onestar didn’t even appoint him as deputy! He could have at least done that! How rude! -Me being Stephanie Tanner.
    4. Sleekwhisker. I like her attitude, and how she stands up for the rogues. I mean, it doesn’t make since why the Clan cats are so special that they get too keep the forest. Sleekwhisker may not be the coolest villain, but she is pretty interesting.
    5. Scourge. Okay, I’m not certain that I like him yet, but he is honestly kind of awesome. Like, he killed Tigerstar! With one blow! And, like him, I HATE Tigerstar! He is terrible!

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