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Who Is The Best Out Of The ORIGINAL Three? by Jaypaw

Jaypaw wonders who was the best cat from the original Three in Power of Three.

Art by ClimbToTheStars

Hi, Jaypaw here, and if you clicked this article, you are either interested in my opinion, or haven’t read PoT but want to hear it anyway, or you have no idea what this is. Or maybe you are planning to read PoT in which case I advise you to LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!!!
Spoilers ahead for PoT, sorry for the long intro 😋.

Anyway, most of you know (unless you fit into any of the categories above except for the first one), that the original Three are Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. While it’s no secret that I love Jayfeather, and despise Hollyleaf, I will be reviewing the actual facts, although this is strictly an opinion.
I will be doing this article as if Hollyleaf was part of the Three, so keep that in mind.

First up – Lionblaze
Lionblaze is an interesting character, we don’t see many like him, though we don’t see many like any of the Three, really. So Lionblaze is the invincible cat, and the strongman.. er.. cat, in the Clans.
One thing I don’t like about Lionblaze, is he seemed kind of indignant to Cinderheart. I get that he liked her and all that stuff, but people put down Bumblestripe for the same reason. If she says no, get over it and move on, she’ll come to you when and if she’s ready. I understand that he did get rid of CinderPELT from Cinderheart’s spirit, but he kind of did that for himself, and didn’t really show much sympathy for her.
Another thing is he killed Russetfur. It was an accident so I don’t hate him for it, but I loved Russetfur. R.I.P Russet. (Fun Fact: Russet is a kind of potato, so her name is Potato-fur, or so my mother says).
Lionblaze is also a little bit of a show-off.
Now for the good parts:
He is willing to go into any battle for his Clan, even after he lost his powers, and is a kind father to his kits (I think, correct me if I’m wrong, I mix up him and Spiderleg occasionally). He DID help Cinderheart, so I’ll give him that, and he is always worried about Jayfeather, and kind and helpful to him even when Jayfeather snaps at him.
This was the parts of his normal life, so now I’ll go into how much he contributed to the Three. (This will be a long article, my apologies).
Lionblaze, as mentioned, was the invincible one, always willing to jump into battle. He helped Dovewing with her powers, and was a big help with the Great Battle, but that’s all. He didn’t have elaborate powers like Jayfeather, or senses like Dovewing (though I’m not going into her). So he was honestly not the HUGEST help to the chosen three cats.
He was kind, yes, strong, yes, but helpful with the Three? At the start no, at the end, YES.

Next up – Hollyleaf (This will pretty much be a rant, soooo)

I hate this cat. No offence to those who DO like her, you’re entiltled to your opinion, and I to mine. I really hate her because first of all, hypocrite and a murderer. Plus, she tried to make LEAFPOOL eat DEATHBERRIES. WHAT THE HECK?!!!! She ruined Leafpool’s life, almost ruined Crowfeather’s. KILLED Ashfur, had Brambleclaw break up with Squirrelflight, and almost let SOL TAKE THE BLAME FOR THE MURDER. Like, OH MY GOSH WHYYYYYYYYYY. And after it all? She was still like, “Oh, always obey the Warrior code I’m sooooo much better than you and yah even tho i killed Ashfur, y’know…”
-.- why. just.. why.
I’ll tell you the whole thing.
So Ashfur threatened to kill the kits, Squirrel blurted that they weren’t hers, and Ash threatened to reveal it at a Gathering. Here is where I start to hate Holly. If she had just killed Ash, I wouldn’t like her, but I would understand where she was coming from. But the fact that: She killed him, then went and REVEALED IT HERSELF SO HE DIED FOR NO REASON. Then, she found out Leafpool was her mother, that made Bramble angy, he broke up with Squirrel, and then Hollyleaf tried to make Leafpool eat DEATHBERRIES. Then, they went looking for Sol, tried to blame HIM for the murder when he was innocent, (well, innocent for THAT), and then she ran away, and made everyone worry about her. Seriously, WHY IS SHE IN STARCLAN I MEAN, SHE IS JUST AS BAD AS MAPLESHADE AND TIGERSTAR. AHHHHHHH *slams head on desk and takes a breath*
My rant is done, thank you for listening.

Next – Jayfeather.
I don’t need to go into this I love this guy. First, he’s ADORABLE (though it’s no secret that my OC has a crush on Hawkfrost <3) seriously I want a cat that is a gray tabby. Anyway, he has the most benificial power, the ability to find tings out from StarClan, read minds, and walk in other cat’s dreams whenever he wants to. That’s how he helped cure the greencough epidemic, he walked in the WC med app’s dream, and found their catmint. He’s also sarcastic and grumpy, ehich some don’t like, but i find it cute and unique. So, all in all, Jayfeather is the most benificial to the Three, but Lionblaze is definately the best in life.

There you have it! I’ll probably (maybe) do an article on whether Firestar should’ve been the fourth or not. Tyty for reading, bye! (Help. me. I am not usually perky.) <3

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