why I love Mapleshade and why she shouldn’t be in the dark forest by Ocean-reed

Ocean-reed shares their opinion on Mapleshade.

Art by DrakynWyrm

hi! Ocean-reed here! I am new and this is my first post!
so, the reason I love Mapleshade and think that she shouldn’t be in the dark forest is…
1. She only did bad things because she was driven by grief
2. She will have been heartbroken so many times. Firstly, she gets driven away from her birth clan, then she tries to find her mate, but her kits drown in the process and everyone blames her for the kit’s death. SERIOUSLY! WHAT ELSE COULD SHE HAVE DONE??? She had to go to her mate! He’s got to support her! Nope. That’s wrong. Her mate has lied to her and has taken another mate, and had kits with them, while going out with Mapleshade.
3. SO MANY CATS BETRAY HER! Like seriously! Frecklewish and ravenwing, this is aimed at you! Do you not want then kits to be safe? Do you want to drive a queen and her helpless kits out into the forest?
4. Oakstar is mad at her because she was saying that his son was her mate and the father to the kits. NO! she never said that! All that other cats said that, she never said that ._.
5. Yes, I know she killed cats, but them cats betray her and caused the deaths of her kits! He could have kept it a secret and given their clan 3 new warriors, who one day could become leaders/medicine cats! They would serve their clan well and it wouldn’t matter that they were half clan! ONE OF THEM COULD HAVE EVEN BEEN MED AFTER RAVENWING!

~breathes deeply~ ok, calm down Ocean-reed. Get a hold of yourself!

But yeah, I think I have proven a pretty valid point. And let me point this out, what she did when she was in the dark forest, made her deserve her place their, but she wasn’t that bad when she was alive.
In conclusion, I love Mapleshade and she didn’t deserve the dark forest, she deserved to live in the afterlife with her kits somewhere, as everything she did was to avenge their deaths, and in the end, she can’t even see them. But yeah, I think she had unfair treatment for what she did.

That’s all!
Thanks for reading! :3

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  • MAPLE SHADE GOES TO THE DARK FOREST BUT WHAT ABOUT ASH FUR?! JUST BC HIS PLAN DIDNT WORK OUT DOESNT MEAN ITS OK???? and the ashfur thing only happened bc “he loved too much” UMMMMM WHAT SO DID MAPLE???!!!! i do not condone murder its just horrendous that ashfur gets to live happily in starclan while maple rots
    i apologize for my ranting, anyways