cats that i want novellas for by Moonfrost

Moonfrost lists some cats they think should get the chance to tell their own stories.

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

1. Bumblestripe I think a novella for Bumblestripe would be super interesting mainly because most people dislike him or think he trys to force Dovewing into a relationship with him. but i think yes maybe he did but Dovewing did not make it very clear that she did not want to be in a relationship and she often enjoyed his company. now to why I actually think a novella for him would be good i would want the novella to take place in the time period to be in between the start of a vision of shadows and when Dovewing leaves thunderclan to have her kits then we would not only get to see thunderclan when Dovewing is gone and missing and how the clan managed did they send out search parties was Bunblestripe upset etc we get a look at how Bumblestripe gets over Dovewings rejection if he ever thinks he will be able to move on. i guess i think it would be nice to see how Bumblestripe handled his emotions for Dovewing from his pov.

2. Ferncloud i want Ferncloud to have a super novella mainly because i want to find out more about her life in the nursery and caring for kits this might make for boring novella but it’s warriors so probably not. if Ferncloud got a novella i would want it to take place somewhere during the power of three and omen of the stars then we would get to see during the power of three part her taking care of lionkit/blaze hollykit/leaf jaykit/feather and icekit/cloud and foxkit/leap we would also get to see how the cats in the nursery do things witch i think would be a nice way to see a different part of clan life.

3. Hawkfrost I feel like he is a very undeveloped villan and that I novella would help with that if he got a novella I would want it to take place during the time period of twilight and sunset I think this would be a good time period because the clans won’t be traveling and it’s before he dies. It would show how riverclan is coping Hawkfrost trying to become deputy and him plotting with Tigerstar. I would also like a bit more of why he turned evil and I think a novella or maybe even a super edition would be a great way to show that.

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  • Hawkfrost would be nice, but I disagree on Bumblestripe’s. We’ve seen enough of the events that happened in Bumblestripe’s life.

    • I agree, imo he is not that important plot wise and we already know enough about him and Dovewing so something about the romance also is not needed. If his character was a little less developed then I think it could work.

      • Yeah, tbh he’s really not that important to the stories anyway, he was just another rejected mate. Kind of surprised he didn’t become Ashfur Junior though.

        • I wish he did to be fair. Still time left for that though! Perhaps in “A Starless Clan” if it will happen. Likely not though.

          • Yeah, most likely not, still it would be a decent plot twist if he went loco and started killing cats

  • hey! some more…

    I think good candidates for a novella would be:


    (And maybe for super editions:

    • Yeah! I love Mousefur. I also want SOMETHING to explain why Mistystar is so old! Fun Fact: Mistystar and Mousefur are the SAME AGE!

  • Has anyone ever noticed how similar Hawkfrost and Leafpool look? They both are brown with darker stripes, with white paws, muzzle, chest, and tail tip. I know its just a coincidence, but still. They are not even closely related!

    • That would be so great! I also feel that since I love the Rootspring/Bristlfrost ship, maybe a novella for one of the 2 so that we can see something else between them. Idk, it may just be me so yeah…

      • I think that would be a good idea if both of them didn’t have their own POV’s in the main series. btw i like ur name

  • Hawkfrost is my favorite Warriors villain, so I’d love it if he got his own book! <3

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