My thoughts on Crowfeather and his relationships by Oceanfrost

Oceanfrost shares their opinion on Crowfeather’s relationships.

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Hello! I’m Oceanfrost and this is my first article on BlogClan. Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on FeatherXCrow, LeafXCrow, and NightXCrow. I will be referencing many Crowfeather’s Trial and I do mention spoilers for the Darkness Within including information about Bramblestar’s impostor. So don’t read this article if you haven’t read those!

Let’s start with the first ship, FeatherXCrow. I think this ship is okay. Out of all of Crowfeather’s romantic relationships this one is my favorite. Mainly because I think it’s the cutest and it was the first ship, (the first ship is always my favorite.) Feathertail was the first to see past Crowfeather’s hard exterior. They grew really close on their journey to the sun-drown place and Feathertail was the one cat Crowfeather was actually “gentle” to. (He was kind to Leafpool but at first he was a little harsh.) After her tragic death Crowfeather grieved for many, many moons even after he’d fallen in love with Leafpool.

Okay, let’s move onto our next ship, LeafXCrow. Unpopular opinion: I don’t like this ship. It is my least favorite out of all of them. I just find it very unrealistic and a bit rushed. When I read it, it honestly just felt like FeatherXCrow2.0. I think the reason he fell in love with Leafpool was because she reminded him of Feathertail. Though, I think this ship was the best for Crowfeather because they are BOTH adults and have developed their personalities and they’re older and can make better decisions. Versus FeatherXCrow was more of a high school crush kind of thing.

Finally we’re onto our last ship, NightXCrow. I have very mixed feelings for this one. I used to strongly hate it but after reading Crowfeather’s Trial (CT), I honestly just felt really bad for Nightcloud because how she had to play the mother and father for Breezepelt. I don’t think this ship was very healthy because Crowfeather just wanted to be her mate to prove that he was loyal to WindClan. He basically just lead her on and then when they had kits he just kind of forgot about her and she had to just watch him wish for Feathertail and Leafpool when she was right there. Can you really blame her for being jealous, if I was in that situation I would be jealous too. I think if Crowfeather put more into it, it could’ve been cute but I don’t really like it since it was a very one sided

Lastly I’m going to discuss the very heavily debated topic of who will Crowfeather choose in StarClan. I will use the process of elimination starting with Nightcloud. After reading CT I feel like there is potential for this ship. He felt jealous when she was with Pickle and he was very determined to find her after the stoat attack, he also really felt bad once he realized how he treated Nightcloud when they were mates. Crowfeather even suggested becoming mates again. It’s clear that they both have a bit of feelings for each other but they both knew their better off as friends so that’s why I’m eliminating Nightcloud from being his mate in StarClan. Next I want eliminate Leafpool. I think this ship could’ve worked out nicely but they were in different clans and Leafpool was a medicine cat so it didn’t. In CT he said he respected her more than anything and we can tell that their old feelings had faded. If they were given some time alone to rekindle their relationship old feelings would spark but that’s obviously not going to happen. So the final cat is Feathertail. I’m going to explain why I think he’ll chose her in StarClan. In CT we can see he still holds her dear in his heart and still looks forward to seeing her when he dies. Also he doesn’t have as strong feelings for Leafpool anymore so she would be the obvious option. I’m not sure how well their relationship would work since Feathertail is with the Tribes of Endless Hunting, but I have a feeling that he would go join her in the Tribe and Fethertail can still visit StarClan. We don’t even know if there will be a StarClan by the end of this because of all the havoc Ashfur has created but if everything ends up being find he’ll most likely choose Feathertail. Plus Kate also believes that he’ll be with Feathertail and she’s most in control of the series right now.

This is just my opinion so don’t take anything too seriously. Please give me feedback since this is my first post. Tell me your opinion about all of these ships in the comments. Until next time, bye!!

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