Ivypool vs. Dovewing by Silverpaw

Silverpaw weighs in on the debate of which sister is better.

Art by Silverpaw

Hi, everybody! Silver here!


So, let’s start with Ivypool! Ivypool used to be my favorite cat… until Omen of the Stars ended and she just became a normal cat. (Has anyone else noticed the way important and cool cats are slowly phased out until they are just sort of… there?)
Anyway, in Omen of the Stars, she’s shown to be brave, truthful (later on), and loyal. But she does have some downsides: she can be jealous and hurtful by extension.
She keeps going back to the Dark Forest to spy for the Clans, showing that she’s brave and loyal. She even tells Dovepaw, “‘Tell Jayfeather and Lionblaze that I’ll go back. I’ll pretend I’m still one of them, and I’ll find out everything I can about their plans,’” on page 272 of “Night Whispers”. (English class has trained me to show my evidence, so here I am looking through the whole of “Omen of the Stars”.)
Remember the incident with the fox invading the area over the hollow because of Ivypool’s idea to keep the rabbits away? (If you don’t, check page 67-68 of “The Forgotten Warrior”.) Well, that shows she’s truthful because she stands up and tells everyone that it was her fault that the foxes nearly ate Molepaw and Cherrypaw even though she might get in trouble.
Now, I’ve told you all how awesome she is, but it’s time to look at her downsides.
When she tries to tell Dovepaw about Hawkfrost and Lionblaze calls her away, she gets jealous of the “special treatment” that Dovepaw is getting and decides that she doesn’t want to tell her sister about him and ends up making her situation worse. Dovepaw later shows that she is hurt by Ivypaw’s decision to push her away.

Time to talk about Dovewing! Dovewing also used to be one of my favorites, but, like Ivypool, she loses her coolness in later books. I despise her! Sure, she’s kind, brave, and determined to do what’s right, but she’s just not relatable (yes, I know she’s a cat and I’m not, but you know what I mean)!
Dovewing is just too perfect! Think about it! She barely ever does anything wrong and those are almost always with good intentions! The only bad thing she does is fall in love with Tigerstar, but that gave us Shadowsight!
I feel like she completely broke Bumblestripe’s heart! I know some people think he’s just a creep, but the two of them would have been really good together if she hadn’t had to have Tigerstar of all the cats in the forest!

So yeah, I bet you know what I’m about to tell you. Ivypool is definitely the better character! Thank you for reading my article!

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  • I get mixed up with Ivytail and Ivypool. which one is the elder and which one is the med cat?

    • Um, IvyTAIL is a ShadowClan cat. She is a black, white, and tortoiseshell she-cat, according to the Allegiances. She was mentored by Rowanclaw, and she later received an apprentice, Dawnpaw, who, not long after, became Dawnpelt. Ivytail soon retired to become an elder and, sadly, died. She is considered a minor character in Warriors, and she was just there to… be there.

      IvyPOOL is a ThunderClan cat. She is a silver and white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes, according to the Allegiances. She was mentored by Cinderheart, who is Lionblaze’s mate and also the mother of Fernsong, Sorrelstripe, Flywhisker, Snaptooth, Spotfur, and Hollytuft. Ivypool was also formerly the mentor of Twigbranch when she was in ThunderClan. She (Ivypool) is considered a major character, as she is Dovewing’s sister, Twigbranch’s mentor, and also the protagonist of Omen of the Stars. And… Dovewing and Twigbranch are also protagonists.

      So, actually, none of them are medicine cats… both are warriors. Ivytail was an elder before she died.

      – Mistheart