What if warrior cats stayed in the forest territory? by Kestrelfeather

Kestrelfeather wonders what would’ve happened if the Clans had stayed in the forest territories.

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Hellllooooo so I’ve got a question today, what if warrior cats stayed in the first territory?

One things for sure no more new prophecy whoooooo, uh ehem so yeah but really though?

So a lot of cats wouldn’t have died, shrewpaw dappledtail frostfur loudbelly speckledtail smokepaw tallstar(maybe) hollykit and larchkit and most of all feathertail! Though that’s another thing with crowfeather! I’ll get to that. (Also marsh kit he just disappeared Rip)


So without feathertail or the great journey happening crowfeather would have never met feathertail nor leafpool and even if he did meet feathertail she wouldn’t die! So the 3 couldn’t be born! (Also most of crow feathers suffering would go away) that would be a big issue in the plot! If that happened the darkforest would have won! Making a entirely different archs!

Firestar lives and no bramblestar

Ok so this earases the broken code unless firestar and graystripe die another way, graystripe never meets Millie or gets taken so we get a gray star…. interesting and firestar would have possibly lived longer and maybe skyclan could have been saved sooner?

Another thing would riverclan and thunderclan eventually kill each other over sunning rocks? And shadowclan would still tear the others to pieces and be super edgy?

Hawk frost

Would this some how effect hawkfrost? Theirs no fox trap so he’d have to kill firestar a different way? And brambleclaw never became deputy so could he turn evil?
I mean in my eyes he is (how dare he treat squirrelflight like that!) but be actually evil? That would be a whole mother crazy thing which might not happen either?

So that’s a lot! Of drama to go by, also no tribe either. Wait that means no jayfeather so how would the ancient cats get to the mountains to make the clans!!!!

So without moving to the lake the clans wouldn’t even exist! Wowowowowo that’s just wow, you know I started making this just for an idea and then I realized that the clans wouldn’t exist! 😱 blogclan wouldn’t exist! Or warrior cats!

So the next time you wish they could have stayed in the old forest, think again!

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