[in a painted artstyle, Crookedstar stands on one of the Stepping Stones with his tail raised]

Changing and giving warrior names by Whisperpaw

Whisperpaw gives names to those who didn’t get full names and changes some pre-existing names.

Artist unknown

Hi! Whisperpaw is back! I wanted to look at some cats that did not get warriors names and change some warrior names that I thought were…interesting. So let’s get into this!


Crookedjaw(star)- I hate Rainflower. Period. I hate her. How could she do that to Crookedkit?????????????????????????????? Anyways, I think if we were to keep his prefix then he would be either Stormjaw(horrible) or Stromriver. I like Stormriver because it fits his original prefix and his jaw as he broke it in a river(I think). But if we were to keep the prefix Crooked, I would like him to be Crookedfang. It’s fiercer than Crookedjaw and I think it would make Cookedstar feel better about himself.

Harrybrook- I see a lot of hate for this name. I don’t see how it’s so bad but if people want to change it…I see him as Harrypelt or Harryleaf. I think that’s the best I can do for him.

Twigbranch- Not feeling it. I know that her name was all special and stuff but i don’t see her as a “branch” I like Twigfire or Twigspark. But I also think Twigpool fits her too. She seems more mellow and ferocious than calm and cool or overly aggressive. I really like Twigheart to.

Sneezecloud- Really? What? As much as I think this name is adorable, what is the inspiration???????? I think she could have been either Graycloud or Mistcloud. Maybe Hazecloud. I love them all!!!!!!!!

Deadfoot- Hopfoot. Not much more to say.

Berrynose- Either Berrystumpytail or Berrytail. His tail looks like a berry. Not much more to say.

Sparkpelt- SPARKFIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks like Firestar and she deserves a better name. What were you thinking Brambleclaw(I don’t refer to him as a leader)???????? It’s your daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sparkpelt should have been Sparkfire. If not I think she could have been Sparklily. I like it but it doesn’t sound like her.


Swiftpaw- I see a lot of Swift claws but personally, I think he should have been Swiftfire. I like the idea but knowing Bluestar, as much as I love her, he would get a name like Swiftwind or something.

Daisy- I think Firestar would keep Daisy as a prefix but give her a soft and pretty suffix. I like either Daisytuft or Daisysong for her.

Mille- Jerkmother. Not even joking. But if I were, she would be Slatemist. That’s all I got.

Ravenpaw- Everyone wants him to be Ravenwing but I think he should have been Ravenleap. He took a lot of leaps of faith and hope in his life and I truly think he should have earned this name.

Mosskit- Mosslily is cute to me but I also like Mosswhisper since then we’re both whispers! She seems like the kind of cat I could get along with!

Snowkit- I like either Snowfox or Snowhawk. Snowkawk is ironic and Snowfox just sounds adorable!!!!!!! 😀

Shrewpaw- Either Shrewnose, Shrewsnout, or Shrewclaw. They all fit him to me and I think they express his personality!!!!!!

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it!!!! Remember, I may be a whisper, but I have a lot to say!!!! So long everybody! Whisperpaw out!

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  • Great article! 😀
    Here are my opinions:
    Crookedstar- I like Stormriver! Though maybe Stormstone instead? Or Stormflight- I like that, I don’t know why! But Stormheart would be great too, because of his brother, and Crookedstar has a great heart. You’re right! If his name were Crookedfang it would have probably made him very happy!
    Harrybrook- Harrybrook is okay I guess. It just doesn’t make much sense if you think about it 😛
    Twigbranch- I love Twigspark! That would have suited her very well!
    Sneezecloud- This name is also kind of cruel, like Crookedjaw. I love both Mistcloud and Greycloud! 😀
    Deadfoot- I know!!! What was the point of changing Hopkit’s name to Deadpaw??? His paw wasn’t even dead! It was just twisted. And Hoppaw is so cute. Plus, if Deadfoot would have become leader, then his name would have been Deadstar. :/
    Berrynose- I like the name Berrynose. I think it’s cute. 🙂
    Sparkpelt- I agree!!! Sparkfire is so much better then Sparkpelt!
    Swiftpaw- Swiftstrike, maybe?
    Daisy- Maybe Daisyheart? For her kindness? Or Daisycloud? But I also love both Daisytuft and Daisysong!
    Millie- Yeah, Slatemist is good!
    Ravenpaw- I think Ravenflight might suit him better? But I like Ravenleap too! Maybe Ravenheart? It would have been funny if his name were Ravenclaw though, because of the Harry Potter house! 😛
    Mosskit- Mosslily is adorable! <3
    Snowkit- Snowfox and Snowhawk are beautiful! Though I think it might have been Snowflight or Snowfeather, because of the hawk.
    Shrewpaw- I think either Shrewheart, for his kindness, or Shrewfeather, because he would have caught that huge pheasant.

    Amazing article, once again! 😀 You came up with great names! <3

  • Millie for me would be totalsuperjerkdinkle-shplatmom. Take I from that pig in the movie Sing, he agrees!

  • Cookedstar is the best leader lol
    Not Crookedstar, C O O K E D S T A R

  • All will bow to the mighty BERRYSTUMPYTAIL (I love that name)
    Also, Mapleshade deserves the name greatcat (just kidding; I love the name Mapleshade)

    P.S Not saying that Mapleshade is not a great cat. She is not only a great cat she is the greatest cat.

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