Why DotC is the WORST series by Ferntail

Ferntail shares their opinion on Dawn of the Clans.

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Hello people I am FernTail and I will be teaching you why DotC (Dawn of the Clans) also please don’t hate me for this…(also i have never read Moth Flights something…) also there is spoilers…

Number 1
Why did they start putting 2 letters together like BristleFrost or FireHeart.

Number 2
How did apprentices start getting paw at the end of their name or kits start getting uh kit at the end of their name like basically any warrior you can think of EXCEPT THE ONES IN DOTC!!!!

Number 3
How did they discover the MoonStone? I am sure that is a big Question for every person who has never read Moth Flights something…

Number 4
Grey Wing died… Grey Wing was my favorite character in the whole DotC and I was devastated when he died and after I was done with the book I threw it and didn’t pick it up (until I was forced to…) I might talk about this for a while like why did they kill him off? did one of you people ask them to? well did you! DID YOU!! sorry about that I don’t believe any of you would ask of that I am just mad he died he was one of my favorite characters. he also was probably forgotten and is faded now (sigh)

Number 5
What happened to slash I mean we never knew what happened to him after he ran away…like a coward…with his followers…and into the marshes where tall Shadows camp is…wait i think i can imagine what happened to him…

Number 6
what happened NEXT?
what happened to them I know how they established the code and how SkyClan was driven out but what did they do how did they adapt? I have not read Moth Flights Something yet but still what is they gonna do?

Well i hope you take all this in and remember Grey Wing and NICE COMMENTS ONLY PLEASE!!! wait i forgot Number 7 oops

Number 7
What happened to the mountain cats? LIke how did they survive all we know is they lived long enough for those cats who went through the mountains.

well i already said this but HELPFUL AND KIND comments only byeeeee

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  • Can we please not go around trashing other people’s opinions? I completely respect yours, and also very much disagree, but there was no reason to go write a hate article.

  • 1. I assume it changed over many years
    2. I imagine leaders eventually thought that apprentices should get their own last name
    3. Maybe read it, It’s a pretty good book
    4. That death was the best well written and I actually cried at that, so I kind of loved it (he was also a favorite of mine)
    5. That’s fair, maybe it will be solved in a super edition or Novella, but I would’ve enjoyed some closure
    6. They weren’t gonna write the 12 books that probably needed in a few years
    7. The summer brought food and they survived until the main series, I assume.
    It’s funny that you think it’s the worst, I think it’s the best written arc and it’s my second favorite after the first. My least favorite is probably #5

  • 1. It probably just evolved over time
    2. I imagine it was a way to show growth among apprentices that was created over time.
    3. You should read Moth Flight’s Vision, it’s a pretty good book.
    4. Gray Wing was also my favorite of the main characters but his death was so well written that I loved it.
    5. That’s a fair criticism, none of the rogue bad guys were great and I would’ve wanted some closure.
    6. They can’t tell the entire history of the clans in a few books right after they came out, Also the fact that you want to know what happens next, makes me think you don’t dislike it as much as you might believe
    7. They survived
    It’s funny that you think DOTC is the worst, when I think it’s the most well written of the series and is my second favorite.

  • Shadowstar appears in one of the AVoS books’ prologue, so I guess Thunderstar does too. He wouldn’t forget his adopted father or Gray Wing so maybe he hasn’t faded?

  • Ummmm XD i thought this was about TBC (I assumed it was a typo) because everyone is like “oh my gosh, TBC is the worst” or “What the heck, I hate how they’re constantly focusing on Bristlefrost and Rootspring.” . Well, to those people, WTHECK IS WRONG WITH YOU MY FAV SHIP IS BRISTLE AND ROOT SO JUST SHUT IT!

    Anyway, yes I was sad when Gray Wing died, but……. still, honestly I could not name the worst series as being this one. (I couldn’t name any of them as horrible XD).

    Slap a comment below if you love Bristle and Root.

  • P.S. Sorry for posting twice and different, I thought the first one was deleted and so I wrote a second one.

  • Well, I have to say DotC was my favorite arc. Even though you have your opinion I have mine. So let’s start.

    1. It was probably simpler that way, and anyways cats don’t really know how to write so…um…idk about that.

    2. Well, it probably represented that as an apprentice you have grown out of kit-hood, but you still learning.

    3. It’s in Moth Flight’s Vision. At the end of the DotC arc it mentioned it. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m going to.

    4. All cats have to die at some point. Yes, we will miss them, but we have to move on. It was a beautiful ending to the series, and I will cry every time I read that book again.

    5. Slash probably died, and his clan mates may have joined ShadowClan or another clan after his death or something like that, I don’t really know much, but that’s an idea.

    6. MOTH FLIGHT’S VISION. just read it.

    7. Well, from the visions Gray Wing had of the mountain cats, it seemed as though they were thriving. But also, there might be a mention to the mountain cats in Moth Flight’s Vision, but I’m not sure.

    Please, just read Moth Flight’s Vision. It solves some of the problems you had with DotC.

  • I have never forgotten Gray Wing, I cried when Gray Wing died(I cry at every sad part. Don’t ask).