Defense article for Dovewing by Creekkit

Creekkit defends Dovewing.

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Hello, this is Creekkit here and if you hate or dislike Dovewing, it is my job to try and change your mind, because today, I am writing a defense article for Dovewing because I think that she is one of the cats most argued about or seen as plain annoying in the Warriors fandom. And I used to hate her too until I re-read OoTS and changed my mind on her. Now, she is ranked…
*checks in progress list of fave characters* 4th or something.


Dovewing was born to Whitewing and Birchfall, along with her sister Ivypool.
At a very young age, she goes on a quest to stop the beavers because it was in fact she who knew about the beavers. This quest is where she met Tigerheart.
Ivypool is jealous that she goes on the quest.
Dovewing is told she is a prophecy cat and Lionblaze is mean to her. Meanie.
Dovewing feels that, because she needs to save everyone someday, she should save everyone, no matter the clan. She really is a super sweet cat and she never gives up.

Now, Tigerheart.
Dovewing is being bullied by Lionblaze, (meanie) and thinks she should save everyone and always worries about the prophecy and DF and her sister and everything else, but none of that matters when she is with Tigerheartstar, with him, she can be free.
After a while, it becomes more than this and she learns she is carrying his kits so they leave the clans because she doesn’t want her kits to be punished and she knows what happened to the three and Leafpool and Squirrelflight.

Her ex-mate who she never even loved.
It isn’t her fault he loved her and it’s not his fault she didn’t. The only time when she snapped at him was probably for a few reasons.
1.She had just had enough of him.
2.She felt guilty about loving Tigerstar 2 instead
3.She was just worried about the things going on in her life and she had every right to be.

The last thing is Ivypool.
People say she did more use against the DF and I seriously can’t argue against that. However, she did save all the clans from dying of thirst and she warned everyone about the tree.
All in all, I think she is a great cat.

If you disagree, feel free to say so in the comments, I respect your opinion.
Creekkit out,

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  • YES! DOVEWING IS THE BEST! (I love Dovewing and Ivypool the same, I will NOT pick sides) Also, WOF IS THE BEST!!!!!!!! (I can’t wait for book 15!)

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