SOME of Firestar’s Relatives! by Jaypaw

Jaypaw lists some of the cats Firestar is related to.

Art by Romashik Arts

Hi, Jaypaw here, and I’m going to do an article on some of the cats that Firestar are related to! Everyone knows that this flame-coloured tom is virtually related to EVERYONE. But how far does it go? Well, depending on how many people like this article, this may be the first in a series of them, trying to trace Firestar back all the way to Thunder or one of the other original leaders.

Scourge –
We can’t go too far here, I may try to go deeper another time, but for now, here –

Firestar’s father was Jake who’s mate was Quince whose son was Scourge.

Now I’ll start the real family tree – (I’ll be zig-zagging a lot though)

Firestar’s mate was Sandstorm whose father was Redtail whose mate was Brindleface whose other mate was Whitestorm whose mother was Snowfur whose sister was Bluestar whose mate was Oakheart whose brother was Crookedstar whose mate was Willowshine shoes daughter was Silverstream whose mate was Graystripe whose daughter was Feathertail whose brother was Stormfur whose mate was Brook whose kits are Pine and Lark.

We’re going to zig-zag a bit here, start back at Graystripe.

Graystripe’s other mate was Millie whose daughter was Briarlight whose brother was Bumblestripe whose mate was Dovewing (not for long) whose other mate was Tigerheart whose mother was Tawnypelt whose brother was Brambleclaw whose mother was Goldenflower whose mate was Tigerclaw (star) whose other mate was Sasha whose son was Hawkfrost whose sister was Mothwing.

Another zigzag –
Firestar’s mate was Sandstorm whose daughter is Leafpool whose mate was Crowfeather whose other mate was Nightcloud whose son was Breezepelt whose mate was Heathertail whose mother was Whitetail whose mate was Onestar whose other mate was Smoke whose son was Darktail.

Yet another zig-zag here – Start at Tigerstar (TPB)

Tigerstar’s father was Pinestar whose mate was Leopardfoot whose mother was Swiftbreeze whose mate was Adderfang whose daughter was Spottedleaf.

Annnd another – Start at Crookedstar

Crookedstar’s mother is Rainflower whose mate was Shellheart whose mother is Willownose whose mother is Reedshine whose mate is Appledusk whose other mate was Mapleshade

Yes. another. – Start at Pinestar

Pinestar’s half brother was Birchface whose father was Oakstar whose daughter was Frecklewish.

LAST ONE – Start at Jake

Firestar’s father was Jake whose (canon, yes) mate was Tallstar whose mother was Palebird whose other mate was Woolytail whose kit was Wrenflight whose mate was Stagleap.

Rowanclaw (Tawnypelt’s mate)
Flametail (Tawnypelt’s son)
Dawncloud (Tawnypelt’s daughter)

There you have it! All of these cats are related through Firestar. There ARE more, but I’m too lazy to go on xD.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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