top five she-cats by Night fluff

Night fluff lists their top favourite she-cats from the series.

Art by latte-paws

Hi everyone, my name is Night fluff and this is my first-ever post. (I’m a little nervous) Hope you guys like it! (also there with be spoilers)

So today I’m going to talk about the top 5 she-cats( in my opinion),

Needletail is my fifth favorite because she helped find twigbranch (who will bring back skyclan) and violetshine(who will be a spy/helper to defeat Darktail). After that, she sacrificed her life to save violetshine’s.

Before Bluestar was the leader of thunderclan she had kits, Mosskit, Stonekit, and Mistykit, which was holding her back from being deputy. And if she wasn’t the deputy then leader, dangerous Thistleclaw would, and thunderclan would be in big danger. so for her beloved clan, Bluestar gave her kits to Oakheart of riverclan (the father of her kits) and claimed that a badger took her kits. it was the only way to save her clan from Thistleclaw, and then she did become leader. that reason is why Bluestar is one of top 5 she-cats.

Violetshine is my third favorite because of how brave she was to spy and secretly help cats that are in Darktail’s kin, she did a risk she knew if she was caught it would mean she will be no more. And with her help, the clans defeated Darktail and his kin, which wraps it up for violetshine.

Similar to violetshine Ivypool was a spy, she risked her life every night to spy on the dark forest cats. Like violetshine, she knew if she was caught she would be no more, she then helped her clan defeat the dark forest cats. that’s it for why ivypool is second best she-cat

squirrelflight is my most favorite because she would go behind her leader’s back and do what she thinks is right ( and most of the time she is) and she helped find the four clans’ new home, and found thunderclan’s new lake territory camp, she even took care of Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather and loved them like they were her own. And I don’t think she deserved to be hated by brambleclaw, lionblaze, jayfeather, and hollyleaf, because she took care of them as kits.

That is it for top 5 she-cats( in my opinion), hope you guys liked it! (also I might do a “is graystripe bad?” Post one day.) Night fluff out.

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