What If Squirrelflight Chose Ashfur? by Nightwish

Nightwish wonders if Squirrelflight would have found a better match in Ashfur instead.

Art by warriorcatsunite

Hi, everyone! This is Nightpaw/wish, and today I’m going to be writing about what would’ve happened if Squirrelflight chose Ashfur as her mate instead of Brambleclaw.

As we all know, both Brambleclaw and Ashfur had feelings for Squirrelflight, and she had to make the hard decision of who to choose as her mate. When she was quarreling with Brambleclaw, she’d hang out with Ashfur, and vice versa. However, she ultimately chose Brambleclaw when she realized she needed someone to match her strength and carefreeness.

What if she chose Ashfur? First, let’s compare their personalities and normal reactions to start.

Ashfur is calm, steady, and very loyal. If Squirrelflight had chosen Ashfur, I believe that Ashfur would’ve matched Squirrelflight’s energy with calmness and would’ve supported her greatly. However, Ashfur also tends to hold grudges, and is not quick to forgive at all.

Brambleclaw also has tons of energy like Squirrelflight. He’s active, loyal, and a good leader. He always calms scared and hurt cats and has a connection to a lot of cats in the Clans. He was one of the cats chosen to go on the Great Journey, during which Squirrelflight got closer to him. He also is pretty slow to forgive, though much less than Ashfur.

Now let’s see the major events that happened in Squirrelflight’s life. Ah, yes, she took in Leafpool’s kits as her own! Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit grew up knowing that Squirrelflight was their mother, and Brambleclaw was their father. Even Brambleclaw didn’t know, and when the truth finally came out, he was hurt and furious at Squirrelflight. We do know that Brambleclaw ultimately forgave Squirrelflight, though. We also know that Ashfur is slower to forgive than Brambleclaw. Due to these facts, I believe that Ashfur would’ve found it harder to forgive Squirrelflight than Brambleclaw.

There are good sides to Ashfur being Squirrelflight’s mate, though. Since Brambleclaw forgave Squirrelflight’s lie, he might’ve forgiven her if she chose Ashfur as her mate instead. Ashfur would’ve stayed as Squirrelflight’s mate, and everything might’ve gone peacefully. Hollyleaf wouldn’t have killed Ashfur, and Ashfur might’ve not taken Brambleclaw (now Bramblestar)’s body and harmed the Clans.

In conclusion, if Squirrelflight chose Ashfur, Squirrelflight might have been less happy since he does not have as much energy as Brambleclaw, there might’ve been less trouble in the Clans. But yet, I still like SquirrelxBramble as well . . . if Squirrelflight had chosen Ashfur, there would’ve been no interesting Broken Code series, and there would’ve been no suspenseful drama in Power of Three and Omen of the Stars!

Thank you for reading! This is Nightwish, signing off now 🙂

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  • Great Article!

    Though I hate Ashfur too much to ever ship him with my girl Squirrelflight(She’s legit the best) I do have a few words to say about Bramblestar.

    As talented as he can be and everything, Squirrelflight had to bear so much burden when she took on Bramblestar as her mate. From the fact that he ignored her the entire OOTS(Omen of the Stars) and then in his special got googly eyed for a stinkin kittypet Jessy-face(Sorry, hate her) it gave Squirrelflight some struggling loneliness.

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